Glaucus: Or, The Wonders of the Shore

Macmillan, 1855 - 165 sidor

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Sida 53 - ... line the glens, where the red cattle are already lounging knee-deep in richest grass, within ten yards of the rocky pebble beach. The shore is silent now, the tide far out : but six hours hence it will be hurling columns of rosy foam high into the sunlight, and sprinkling passengers, and cattle, and trim gardens which hardly know what frost and snow may be, but see the flowers of autumn meet the flowers of spring, and the old year linger smilingly to twine a garland for the new.
Sida 13 - Happy truly is the naturalist. He has no time for melancholy dreams. The earth becomes to him transparent; everywhere he sees significance, harmonies, laws, chains of cause and effect endlessly interlinked, which draw him out of the narrow sphere of self . . . into a pure and wholesome region of joy and wonder.
Sida 48 - In thoughts more elevate, and reason'd high Of providence, foreknowledge, will, and fate, Fix'd fate, freewill, foreknowledge absolute, And found no end in wandering mazes lost...
Sida 115 - Hovered the terns, and the seagulls swept past them on silvery pinions Echoing softly their laughter ; around them the wantoning dolphins Sighed as they plunged, full of love ; and the great seahorses which bore them...
Sida 53 - Irishman, yet Torbay surely has a soft beauty of its own. The rounded hills slope gently to the sea, spotted with squares of emerald grass, and rich red fallow fields, and parks full of stately timber trees. Long lines of tall elms, just flushing green in the spring hedges, run down to the very water's edge, their boughs unwarped by any blast ; and here and there apple orchards are...
Sida 104 - I know one bred from his childhood to zoology by land and sea, and bold in asserting, and honest in feeling, that all without exception is beautiful, who yet cannot, after handling and petting and admiring all day long every uncouth and venomous beast, avoid a paroxysm of horror at the sight of the common house-spider. At all events, whether we were intruding or not, in turning this stone, we must pay a fine for having done so ; for there lies an animal as foul and monstrous to the eye as "hydra,...

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