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Thou whom I now adore, be edify'd, Take care that I may often be deny'd. Forget the promis'd hour, or feign fome fright, Make me lie rough on bulks each other night. These are the arts that best secure thy reign, And this the food, that muft my fires maintain. Grofs eafy love does, like grofs diet, pall, In squeafy ftomachs honey turns to gall. Had Danaë not been kept in brazen tow'rs, Jove had not thought her worth his golden


When Juno to a cow turn'd Io's fhape,
The watchman help'd her to a second leap.
Let him who loves an eafy Whetstone whore,
Pluck leaves from trees, and drink the common

The jilting harlot ftrikes the fureft blow,
A truth which I by fad experience know.
The kind poor conftant creature we despise;
Man but pursues the quarry while it flies.

But thou dull husband of a wife too fair,
Stand on thy guard, and watch the precious ware;
If creaking doors, or barking dogs thou hear,
Or windows fcratch'd, fufpect a rival there.
An orange wench would tempt thy wife abroad;
Kick her, for she's a letter-bearing bawd;

In short, be jealous as the devil in hell;
And fet my wit on work to cheat thee well.
The fneaking city-cuckold is my foe,
Ifcorn to ftrike, but when he wards the blow.
Look to thy hits, and leave off thy conniving,
I'll be no drudge to any wittal living;

I have been patient, and forborn thee long,
In hope thou wouldst not pocket up thy wrong:
If no affront can roufe thee, understand

I'll take no more indulgence at thy hand.
What, ne'er to be forbid thy houfe, and wife!
Damn him who loves to lead fo ill a life.
Now I can neither figh, nor whine, nor pray,
All thofe occafions thou haft ta'en away.
Why art thou fo incorrigibly civil?

Do fomewhat I may wish thee at the devil.
For shame be no accomplice in my treason,
A pimping husband is too much in reason.

Once more wear horns, before I quite forfake her, In hopes whereof, I reft thy cuckold-maker.

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