Reports by the Juries on the Subjects in the Thirty Classes Into which the Exhibition was Divided

Royal Commission, 1852 - 867 sidor
"A massive volume which prints verbatim the reports by expert panels of jurors on the objects displayed at the Great Exhibition of 1851. Medals were to be given for the best of the exhibits, a larger and more prestigious one for "important novelty of invention or application, either in material, or processes of manufacture, or originality combined with great beauty of design", and a smaller medal for "excellence in production or workmanship", and the jurors who awarded these included such notable individuals as Michael Faraday, Joseph Hooker, George Rennie, Lewis Gruner, J.G.Crace, Panizzi, Cockerell and Pugin. The volume also prints a lengthy and interesting "Supplementary Report on Design" by Richard Redgrave, praising and criticising the general state of contemporary design as evidenced by the exhibits. Copies of it were specifically intended for presentation to exhibitors (hence the words "presentation copy" which appear as part of the volume’s printed title). "--abebooks website.

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