A Biographical Index to the Present House of Commons: Corrected to March, 1806

R. Phillips, 1806 - 625 sidor

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Sida vii - III. c. 58.) the knights of the shire shall be chosen of people, whereof every man shall have freehold to the value of forty shillings by the year within the county ; which by subsequent statutes) is to be clear of all charges and deductions, except parliamentary and parochial taxes.
Sida 215 - House, to revise the several bills for the defence of the country, and to consider of such further measures as may be necessary to make that defence more complete and permanent.
Sida 65 - Crewkerne, and is said to have been destined for the Church, and was removed at the age of fifteen to Wadham College with a view to obtain a fellowship ; but after he had resided at the University two years, he became entitled, by the death of a first cousin, to the remaining part of a considerable estate, the whole of which had been once in the possession of his branch of the family. He then relinquished all thought of entering into orders, and in his seventeenth year left Oxford. Having determined...
Sida 210 - He said he was fully convinced, upon consideration of the principles and practice of the constitution, and of the analogy of the common law of the land, that whenever the sovereign, from sickness, infirmity, or other incapacity, was unable to exercise the functions of his high office, the...
Sida 49 - that we have improved our possessions, and that under the hands of the company an insignificant colony has > become a great empire. That we should be deprived of a government, because it has thus flourished under our protection, appears equally unjust and ludicrous. Let us be treated with something like justice, and if we are to be ousted of a farm which we have thus improved, let it be for some better reason than that we have thus improved it.
Sida 180 - ... of particular persons, who might have private interests of their own, separate from those of his majesty and his people.
Sida 486 - He had made it an argument of posts ; and conducted his reasoning upon principles of trigonometry as well as logic. There were certain detached data, like advanced works, to keep the enemy at a distance from the main object in debate. Strong provisions covered the flanks of his assertions. His very queries were in casemates.
Sida 6 - A few days afterwards Mr. Sheridan in the one House, and Lord Holland in the other, discussed the late expedition to Holland, and moved for a Committee of the whole House to inquire into the causes of its failure.
Sida 210 - Fox took occasion to remark, that the conduct of the French soldiers, during the late commotions, tended greatly to remove one of the objections, which he had always entertained against standing armies. That army, by refusing to obey the dictates of the court, had set a glorious example to all the military of Europe, and had shewn, that men, by becoming soldiers, did not cease to be citizens.
Sida 159 - We are going to war for Malta! not for Malta only, but for Egypt! not for Egypt only, but for India! not for India only, but for the integrity and security of the British Empire! for the cause of justice, good, faith, and freedom throughout the civilized world!«.

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