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OLI: or Askewed

Solomons temple.

I. Kings.

The Cherubims. 14 And he sent them to Lebanon, ten thou-ed the floor of the house with planks of fir. fand a muncth by courses : a moneth they were 16 And he built twenty cubits on the fides of in Lebanon, and two moneths at home: and the house, both the floor & the wals with boards * Adoniram was over the levy.

of cedar : he even built them for it within, ever 15 And Solomon had threescore and ten thou-l for the oracle, even for the t moft holy place.

+ Heb. fand that bare burdens, and fourscore thousand 17 And the house, that is the temple betore ita


of holi. hewers in the mountains :

was foriy cubits long. 16 Betides the chief of Solomons officers which 18 And the cedar of the house within was car were over the work, three thousand and three ved with knops, and t open flowers, all wall 01, hundred, which ruled over the people that cedar, there was no stone leen.

gourds. wrought in the work.

19. And the oracle he prepared in the hourd Heb. 17And the king commanded, and they brought within, to let there ihe ark of the covenant of Pioners great stones, cultly 1tones, and hewed stones, to the LORD. lay the foundation of the house.

20 And the oracle in the forepart was twenty 18And Solomons builders,and Hirams builders cnbits in length, and twenty cubits in breadth Gibites, did hew them, and the il stone squarers , lo they and twenty cubits in the height thereof : and he 37.9. prepared timber and stones to build the house. overlaid it with t pure gold: and so covered the Heb. C HA P. VI. altar which was of cedar.

oy beaten 1.The building of Solomons temple. 5T be chambers 21 Su Sulumun overlaid the house within with gold. thereof; 11 Gods promise untoje. 15. Tbe cieling pure gold: and he made a partition by the chains jer.24.6. and adorning of it, 23 Tbe cherubims : 31 T be of gold before the oracle, and he overlaid it with heb.

doors. 36 T be court. 37 T be time of building of it. gold. * 2 Chie 3.1. A fcurricuramento pattern the children are direct guid

, until he had their head and the hotel cuina
were come out of the land of Egypt, in the whole altar that was by the oracle, he overlaid

fourth year of Solomons reign over Israel, in the with gold.
moneth Zif,which is the second moneth,that he 23 And within the oracle he made two che

V 01, + Web.

It began to build the house of the LORD. rubims of i tolive-tree, each ten cubits high. Oily. built.

2 And the house which king Solomon built 24And five cubits was the one wing of the che + Hebr. Windotine for the LORD the length thereof was threescure ruband five cubits the other wing of the cherub: trees of Broad cubits, and the breadth thereof twenty cubits, from the urtermost part of the one wing, untu and the height thereof thirty cubits.

the uttermoft part of the other,pere ten cubits. TOW with 3 And the porch before the temple of the 25 And the other cherub das ten cubits : both

house, twenty cubits was the length thereof, ac- the cherubims were of one measure and one cife.

cording to the breadth of the houle, and ten cii. :26 The height of the one cherub was ten cuand clo bits was the breadth thereof before the house. bits, and so was it of the other cherub. fed.

4 And for the house, he made il windows of H OT,

27. And he let the cherubims within the inner upon, or

* Exod. narrow lights. house, and * I they stretched forth the wings of

25.20. Foyning to 511 And il against the wall of the house he built the cherubims, so that the wing of the one 107, Hebr. chambers round about, against the wals of the touched the one wall, and the wing of the other the che

house round about both of the temple, and of the cherub touched the other wall: and their wings tubims + Hebr. oracle : and he made t chambers round about. touched one another in the midst of the house.

A retened ribs. + Heb.

6 The nethermost chamber was five cubits 28 And he overlaid the cherubims with gold their

broad, and the middle was fix cubits broad, and 29 And he carved all the wals of the house wings. ings, CT the third was leven cubits broad: for without in round about with carved figures of cherubims,

tbe wall of the house he made t narrowed rests and palm-trees, and + open Mowers, within and · Hebo round about, that the beams should not be falten- without.

openings ed in the wals of the house.

30 And the floor of the house he overlaid with of flowers. 7. And the house when it was in building, was gold, within and without. built of stunë, made really before it was brought 31 1 And for the entring of the oracle, he thither : fo that there was neither hammer, nor made doors of olive-tree: the lintel and sideax, nor any tool of iron heard in the house, while posts were si a fifth part of the wall. it was in building.

32 The two II doors allo were of olive-tree, and five, square 8 The door for the middle chamber was in he carved upon them carvings of cherubims and leaves of # Heb.

the right t fide of the houle: and they went up palm-trees and topen Rowers,and overlaid them the doors. woulder. with winding stairs into the middle chamber and with gold, and Ipread gold upon the cherubims, Hebro out of the middle into the third. and upon the palm-trees.


of flowers U OT,

9So he built the houle, and finished it:and cove 33 Su alto marle he for the door of the temple, il or, the vault. red the house li with beams and buards of cedar. bums,

posts of olive-treell a fourth part of the wall. tour 10 'And then he built chambers against all the 34. And the two doors were of fir-tree: the square. Kuidlings house, five cubits high ;, and they refted on the two leaves of the one door dere folding, and the Xith ce house with timber of cedar,

two leaves of the other door dere folding. dar.

u 9 And the word of the LORD came to Su 35 And he carved thereon cherubims, and
lomon, laying,

palm-trees and open flowers : and covered them
12 Concerning this house which thou art in with gold, fitied upon the carved work.
building, if thou wilt walk in my staintes, and 36°? And he built the inner court with
execute my judgements, and keep all my coin three rows of newed itune, and a row of cedar-

mandments to walk in them: then will I per-| beanis.
Lev.16. David thy father.
form my word with thee, * which I fpake unto 37 | In the fourth vear was the foundation of

I! 01, the house of the LORD laid, in the moneth Zit.

with all 13 And I will * dwell among the children of 33 And in the eleventh year, in the moneth the appus. Ifrael, and will not forsake mv people Ifrael. Bul ( which is the eighth moneth) was the houle tenance

14 Su Solomon built the house, and finished it. I finished il throughout all the parts thereof, and thetrof, be houlc, 159 And he built the wals of the l.oile within according to all the fashion of it: so was he le- and with

with boards of cedar, u boh the top of the ven years in building it. **3! Prc. house, and the wals of the cieling, and he co.


thesco debem on the inside with woods and cover: in de curtainig of Solomons bou. 2 Of the bone of



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2 Sim b.13 - Chọ. 22.10.


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Ornaments and utenfils Chap.vii. :

for the Temple. Tebanon. 6 of the porch of pillars.

7 Oftbe porco nates were two hundred, in rows round about of judgement.8of the boule for Pbaraobs daugb- upon the other chapiter. ter. 13. Hirams work of tbe two pillars, 23 of 21* And he set up the pillars in the porch of x 2 Chro.

tbe molten fea, 27 of tbe ten bafes, 38 of tbe ten the temple: and he set up the right pillar, and 3:47: lavers, 40 und all the vessels.

called the name thereofll Jachin : and he fet up That iso Ut Solomon was building his own house the left pillar,and called the name thereofiBuaz esbisch. Сызр.

* thirteen years and he finished all his house 22 And upon the top of the pillars vus lilie- || That isa 7,10 2 He built also the house of the forest of work : fo was the work of the pillars finished.

Lebanon ; the length thereof was a hundred 23 ( And he made a molten fea, ten cubits Orange cubits, and the breadth thereof fifty cubits, and 1 from the one brim to the other: it was round from his the height thereof thirty cubits,upon four rows all about, and his height was five cubits: and a brim to bf cedar-pillars,with cedar beanis upon ý pillars. line of thirty cubits aid compais it round about. bis brim.

3 And it was covered with cedar above upon 24 And under the brim of it round about * 2 Chre. Heb. the t beams, that lay on forty five pillars, fif- there were knops compassing it, ten in a cubit, 4.3. ribs. teen in a row.

cumpasling the lea round about : the knops 4 And there were windows in three rows ; and were cast in two rows, when it was cast. Hob. + light was against light in three ranks.

25 It stood upon iwelye oxen, three looking right a And all the II doors and posts were square, toward the north, and three looking toward the

with the windows: and lighi was against light west, and three looking toward the fouth, and
in three ranks.

three looking toward the east: and the sea 6 ? And he made a porch of pillars ; the set above upon theni, and all their hinder paris pillars length thereof was fifty cubits, and the breadth were inward.

thereof thirty cubits:and the purch was !l before 26 And it was an hand-breadth thick, and the Fropea.

them : and the other pillars and the thick beam brim thereof was wrought like the brim of a 101, werell before then.

cup, with flowers of lilies: it contained two iccording 79 Then he made a porch for the throne thousand baths. to them.

where he might judge, even the porch of judges 27 | And he made ten bases of brass, four cu! Or. Iccording ment: and it doas covered with cedarf from bits was the length of one base,Sfour cubits the to them. one side of the floor to the other.

breadth thereof, and three cubits the height of id Heb.

8 And his house where he dwelt, bad ano 28 And the work of the bales was on this

ther court within the porch, which was of the manner : They had borders, and the borders floor like work. Solomon made also an houle for Pha- were between the ledges :

raohs daughter, (* whom he had taken to wife) 29 And on the borders that prere between the 3.1. like unto this porch.

ledges were lions, oxen, and cherubims : and
9 All these were of costly stones according to upon the ledges, tbere was a base above: and
the measures of hewed stones, lawed with laws, beneath the lions and oxen were certain additi-
within and without, even from the foundation ons made of thin work.
unto the coping, and so on the outfide toward 30 And every base had four brazen wheels,
the great court,

and plates of brass, and the four corners there-
10 And the foundation was of coftly stones, of had under-letters: under the laver dere un-
evin great stones , ftones of ten cubits, and der-letters multen, at the fide of every addition.
Itunes of eight cubits.

31 And the mouth of it within the chapiter 11 And above were costly stones ( after the sc above poas a cubit: but the mouth thereut pas measures of lewed stones) and cedars.

round after the work of the bate, a cubit and an 12 And the great court round about , was half : and also upon the mouth of it were grave. with three rows of hewed Itunes, and a row of ings with their borders four.square,not round. cedar beanis, both for the inner court of the 32 And under the borders were four wheels : house of the LORD.S for the purch of the houle and the axle-trees of the wheels were t joyned Heba

13 [ And king Solomon fent and fet Hiram to the base,and the height of a wheel was a cu- in the out of Tyre. bit and half a cubit.

bare 14 He was f a widows fon of the tribe of 33 And the work of the wheels was like the The idou - Naphtali, and his father was a man of Tyre, a work of a chariot-wheel: their axle-trees, and

worker in brals : and he was filled with wisdom their naves, and their felloes, and their ipukes
and understanding, and cunning to work all were all molten.
works in brals; and he came to king Solomun, 34 And there were four under-fetters to the
and wrought allhis work.

four corners of one base : and the under-letters
15 For he t cast two pillars of brass, of eigh- pere of the very bale it felf.

teen cubits high apiece: and a line of twelve 35 And in the top of the base was there a round
cubits did compa's either of them about. kumpals of half a cubit high: and on the top of

16 And he made two chapiters of molten brass, the base, the ledges thereof and the borders
to set upon the tops of the pillars: the height of thereof were of the làme.
the one chapiter doas five cubits, and the height 36 For on the plates of the ledges thereof, and
of the other chapiter was five cubits :

on the borders thereof, he graved cherubims,
17. And ners of checker-work, and wreaths lions,and palm-trees,according to the † propor- 1 Heb.
bf chain-work, for the chapiters which were tion of every one, and additions round about.
upon the top of the pillars : leven for the one 37 After ihis manner he made the ten bates : ncle.
chapiter and leven for the other chapiter. all of them had une catting, one measure, and
18 And he made the pillars, and two rows

one cile.
round about upon the une net-work, to cover 38 Ş Then made he ten lavers of brafs : one
the chapiters that were upon the top, with pome- laver contained forty baths : and every laver
granates : and lo did he for the other chapiter. was four cubits: and upon every one of the ten

19 And the chapiters that were upon the top bales, one laver.
of the pillars, were of lilie-work in the porch, 39. And he put five bases on the right to fide Web
four cubits.

of the houle, and five on the left fide of the shouldeg. 20 And the chapiters upon the two pillars bad house : and he let the fea on the right fide of the pomegranates also above, over against the belly houle eastward, over against the south. which wus by the net-work : and the pomegra 40 | And Hiram made the layers, and the the

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The temple dedicated.

1. Kings

Solomons prayer. vers, and the ballons ? To Hiram made an end of || place before the oracle, and they were not seen doing all the work that he made king Solomon, without , and there they are unto this day. for the houle of the LORD.

9 Tbere was nothing in the ark, * lave the 41 The two pillars, and the tooo bowls of the two tables of stone, which Mofes put there ad 10.5. chapiters that were on the top of the two pil-Horeb, 1) when the LORD made a covenant with 1 OT, Jars : and the two net-works to cover the two the children of Israel,when they came out of the where. bowls of the chapiters,which were upon the top land of Egypt. of the pillars :

10 And it canie to pass when the priests were 43 And four hundred pomegranates for the come out of the holy place that the cloud *filled * Exod. two net-works, even iwo rows of pomegranates the house of the LORD ;

40.3. for one net-work, to cover the two bowls of the ! So that the priests could not stand to mi* Heb.

chapiters that were t upon the pillars : nister, because of the cloud: for the glory of

43 And the ten bales, and ten lavers on the the LORD had filled the house of the LORD. Face of the bales :

* 2 Cho.

12. Then (pake Solomon, The LORD* laid
44 And one fcanand twelve
oxen under the fea: that

he would dwell in the thick darkness.
45 And the puts, and the shovels, and the ba 13 I have surely built thee an house to dwell
fons: and all these vessels which Hiram made to in, a letled place for thee to abide in for ever.

king Solomon for the house of the LORD, were 14. And the king turned his about, and
+ Heb.
of Fbright brals.

blefled all the congregation of Israel ; (and all made 46 In the plain of Jordan did the king cast the congregation of Itrael stoud) Drisht, or them t In the clay ground between Succoth,and .

15 And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of + Heb. Zarthan.

Ifrael, which spake with his mouth unto David
47 And Solomon leftall the vessels unweigbeds my father, and hath with his hand fulfilled it,
chickners + because they were exceeding many: neither laying,

was the weight of the brafs t found out. 16 Since the day that I brought forth my peod
48 And Solomon made all the vessels that pera ple Ifrael out of Egypt, I chofe

no city out of all for the tained unto the house of the LORD: the altar of the tribes of Ilrael to build an houte, that my exceeding gold and the table of gold,whereupon the shew Name might be therein: but I chose * David : Sum. multitude bread was:

7.8. + Heb.

to be over my people Israel: Searcked.

49 And the candlesticks of pure gold, five on 17 And it was in the heart of David my fa-
the right side, and five on the left, before the ther,to build an house for the name of the LORD
oracle, with the flowers, and the lamps, and the God of Ilrael.
tongs of gold.

18 And the LORD said unto David my father,
50 And the bowls,and the suffers, and the ba- whereas it was in thine

heart to build

an houli Hel. fons, and the spoons, and ihe + centers of pure unto my Name, thou didit well that it was in ath-paas gold: and the hinges of gold,botb for the doors thine heart.

of the inner house, the most holy place, and for 19 Ņevertheless,thou shalt not build the house,
the doors of the houle, to wit, of the temple. but thy fon that shall come forth out of thy

si So was ended all the work that king Solo-loins, he shall build the house unto my Name. 4 Heb.

mon made for the house of the LORD: and Solos 20 And the LORD hath + performed his word + Heb. Holy mon brought in the f things * which David his that he spake, and I am risen up in the room of enablished things of father had dedicated, even the filver and the David my father, and fit on the throne of Ifrae!, y Ciro gold, and the vessels did he put among the trea- as the LORD promised, and have built an houfe, fures of the house of the LORD.

for the name of the LORD God of Israel. CHAP. VIII.

21 And I have fet there a place for the ark,
I Tbe feast of the dedication of tbe temple. 12, 54 wherein is the covenant of the LORD, which he

Solomons blessing. 22 Solomons prayer. 62 His made with our fathers, when he brought them
Jacrifice of peace-offerings,

out of the land of Egypt. 'Hen Solomon allembled the elders of IT 22 9 And Solomon food before the altar of + 2 Chro. 4 Heb.

+ chief of the fathers of the children of Israel, on of Israel, and spread forth his hands toward
anto king Sciuton in Jerusalem, that they heaven:
might bring up the ark of the covenant of the 23 And he laid, LORD of Israel there is
LORD, out of the city of David,which is Zion. no god like theee, in heaven above, or on earth

2 And all the men of Ifrael assembled theni- beneath, who keepest covenant and mercy with
felves unto king Solomon at the feast, in the thy servants that walk before thee with all their
moneth Ethanim, which is the leventh noneth, heart.

3 And all the elders of Israel came, and the 24 Who hast kept with thy fervant David my
priests took up the ark.

father that thou promifedtt him: thou fpakelt
4 And they brought up the ark of the LORD, also with thy mouth, and halt tulfilled it with
and the tabernacle of the congregation, and all thine hand, as it is this day.
the holy vessels that were in the tabernacle,even 25 Therefore now, LORD God of Ifrael,keep
thotë did the priests and the Levites bring up. with thy servant David my father that thou

ŞAnd king Sulomon,& all the congregation of promisedat him, saying, ** There shall not fail Chap.
Israel,that were assembled unto him, were with thee a nian in my tight, to fit on the throne of it on

2 fm.7.12
before the ark,facrificing sheep & oxen,that Ifrael, + fo that thy children take heed to their

t Hed. could not be told nor numbred for multitude. way, that they walk before me, as thou haft there tha!! 6 And the priests brought in the ark of the walked before me.

not be cut covenant of the LORD unto his place, into the

26 And now, O God of Israel, let thy word off unto oracle of the houte, to the most holy place, even || I pray thee ) be verifieil, which thou spakelt from my under the wings of the cherubims. unto thy fervant David my father.

righe. 7 For the cherubims fpread forth their two 27 But will God indeed dwell on the earth? 1 Heb. Pelawings over the place of the ark, and the che- behold, the heaven, and heaven of heavens onely if

rubims covered the ark , and the faves thereof cannot contain thee: how much less this houle * Arco above.

that I have built ? 2 ron 1 8. And they drew out the staves, that the 28. Yet have thou respect unto the prayer of

tends of the slaves were fècn out in the holy thy fervan. and to hisólüpplication., O LORD my

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is blessing

Chap.viii. and Tacrifice of peace-offerings. God, to hearken unto the cry, and to the prayer , them, and deliver them to the enemy, fo thay which thy servant prayech before thee to day;. they carry them away captivcs unto the land of

29. That thine eyes may be open toward this the eneniy, tar or near. house night and day, even toward the place of 47 Yet if they shall i bethink themselves in Hobo which thou hast laid, My name shall be there : the land whither they were carried captives and bring, that thou mayeft hearken unto the prayer which repent, and make lupplication unto thee in the their beste thy feryant shall make it towards this place.

land of them that carried them captives, laying 30 And hearken thou to the supplication of We have finned, and have done perversy, we thy fervant, and of thy people Israel, when they have committed wickedness ; Phall pray li towards this place : and hear thou 48 And so return unto thee with all theit in heaven thy dwelling place, and when thou heart, and with all their foul, in the land of hearest ll forgive.

their enemies, which lead them away captive 31.1+ If any man trespass against his neigh- and pray unto thee toward their land, which bor, tand an oath be laid upon him, to cause thou gavelt unto their fathers, the city which him to swear, and the vath come before thine thou haft chofen, and the house which I have altar in this house:

built for thy Name: 32 Then hear thou in heaven,and do,and judge 49 Then hear thou their prayer, and their hy servants, condemning the wicked, to bring supplication in heaven thy dwelling place, and his way upon his head,and justifying {he righte- maintain their i cause. Ous, to give him according to his rightevulness. 50 And forgive thy people that have finned right

33 | When thy people Ifrael be iinitten down againit thee,and all their transgresions wherein Heh. before the enemy, becaule they have finned a- | they

have tranfgressed again't thee, and give him gainst thee,and shall turn again to thee, and con- them companion before them who carried them **P1:3 less thy Name, and pray, and make fupplicati-captive that they may have compassion on them 106.46. on unto thee li in this house:

51 For they be thy people, and thine inheri34 Then hear thou in heaven and forgive the tance, which thou broughtest forth out of Efin of thy people Ifrael,&c bring them again un- gypt, from the midit of the furnace

of iron :
10 the land,which thou gavest unto their fathers. 52 That thine eyes may be open unto the sup-

35 ? When heaven is shut up, and there is no plication of thy servant, and unto the fupplica
rain, because they have finned against thee: if tion of thy people Irael, to hearken unto them
they pray towards this place, and confels thy l in all that they call for unto thee.
Name, and turn from their fin, when thou af 53. For thou didst separate them from among
Ai Eteft them :

all the people of the earth, to be thine inheri 36 Then hear thou in heaven, and forgive the tance, * as thou spakest by the hand of Moses * Exod. fin of thy servants, and of thy people Irael, that thy kervant, when thou broughtest our fathers 1950 thou teach them the good way wherein they out of Egypt, O Lord God. should walk, and give rain upun thy land which 54. And it was so, that when Solomon had thou haft

given to thy people for an inheritance made an end of praying all this prayer and fup. 37 If there be in the land famine, if there plication unto the LORD, he arose from before be pestilence, blasting, mildew,locust,or if there the altar of the LORD, from kneeling on his be caterpillar, if their enemy besiege them in knees, with his hands spread up to heaven. the land of their cities, whatsoever plague, 55 And he stood and blessed all the congrega whatsoever fickness tbere be:

tion of Irael with a loud voice, laying, 38. What prayer and fupplication fuever be 56 Blesed be the LORD, that hath given rest made by any man: or,by all thy people Israel, unto his people lirael, according to all that he which shall know every man the plague of his promised: there hath nut + failed one word of 1 Hobo

fallen. own heart, and spread forth his hands towards all his good t promite, which he + promised by this house:

the hand of Moses his fervant. 39 Then hear thou in heaven thy dwelling 57 The LORD Our God be with us, as he was Jer.29.10. place, and forgive, and do, and give to every with our fathers : let him not leave us, nor for Bet. man according to his ways, whole heart thou take us : knoweft, (fur thou, even thou only knowest the 58 That he may incline our heart unto him, hearts of all the children of men);

to walk in all his ways, and to keep his com40 That they may fear thee all the dayes that mandments,and his tatutes, and his judgements, they live in the land which thou gavelt unto our which he commanded our fathers. fathers.

59 And let these my words wherewith I have 41 Moreover concerning a stranger that is not made fuppiication before the LORD, be nigh of thy people Ifrael, but cometh out of a far unto the LORD our God, day and night, that countrey for thy Names fake;

he + maintain the cause of his servant, and the + Heh. 42 (For they shall hear of thy great Name; and cause of his people Ifrael + at all times, as the lo the

Judgement of thy strong hand, 8c of thy ftretched-out arm) matter shall require : when he shall come and pray towards this house, 60 That all the people of the earth may know the thing

43 Hear thou in heaven thy dwelling place, that the LORD is God, to that tbere is none elle. of a dsy is and do according to all that the stranger calleth 61 Let your heart therefore be perfect with pis day. up thee for: that all people of the earth may the LORD Our God, tu walk in his statutes, and know thy name, to fear thee,as do thy people Il to keep his commandments, as at this day rael, and that they may know that this house, 62 I' And * the king, and all Israel with him,

* 2 Choi which I have built, is called by thy Name. offered facrifice before the LORI).

44 If thy people go out to batrel against 63 And Solomon offered a facrifice of peacetheir enemy,whithertoever thou shalt lend them, offerings which he uttered unto the LORD), two and shall pray unto the LORD + toward the city and twenty thousand oxen, and an hundred and which thou hast chosen,

and toward the house twenty thoufand sheep: lo the king & all the chilthat I have built for thy Name :

dren of Ifrael dedicated the houle of the LORD. 45. Then hear thou in heaven their prayer and 64.* The same day did the king hallow the 2.Chron their fupplication, and maintain their li caule. middle of the court that was before the houle of 7.7.

46 If they fin against thee, (* for th:re is no the LORD:for there he offered burnt-offerings,85 Iman that finnerh root) and thou he arigry with Ilmeat-offerings the fat of the peace-etterinssi

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H Heb.

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Gods covenant with Solomon. I Kings. Solomons foleme facrifices. because the brazen altar that was before the them the land of || Cabul unto this day.

|| 1 bat ky LORD, was too little to receive the burnt-offer 14 And Hiram sent to the king fixícore ta- airplcaings, and meat-offerings, and the fat of the lents of gold, peace-offerings.

15 | And this is the reafon of the levy which

Hirty. 65 And at that time Solomon held a feast,and king Solomon raised, for to build the house of all Ifrae! with him, a great congregation, from the LORD, and his own house, and Millo, and the entring in of Hamath, unto the river of Er the wall of Jerusalem, and Hazor, and MegidSypis before the LORD our God, leven days and do, and Gezer. leven days, even fourteen days.

16 For Pharaoh king of Egypt had gone up; 66 On the eighth day he fent the people away : and taken Gezer, and burnt it with fire, and

and they u blefled the king, and went unto their llain the Canaanite that dwelt in the city, and Lolased. tents joyful and glad of heart, for all the good given it for a prelent unto his daughter, Solo

ness that the LORD had done for David his fer mons wite.
vant, and for Israel his people.

17 And Solomon built Gezer, and Beth-ho-

ron the nether,
I Gods covenant in a vision with Solomon, 10 The 18 And Baalath, and Tadmor in the wilder-

mutual presents of Solomon and Hiram. 15 In ness, in the land.
Solomons works tbe Gentiles were his bondmen, 19 And all the cities of store that Solomon
tbe Ifraelites bonurable servants, 24 Pbar aobs had, and cities for his chariots, and cities for
daughter removerb to ber house. 25 Solomons his horfemen, and + that which Solomon defired Heb.
yearly solemn facrifices, 26 His navy fercbetb to build in Jerusalem, and in Lebanon, and in
gold from Opbir
all the land of his dominion.

the desire

bf solo Na * : Chro.

it came to pass when Solomon had fi 20 And all the people that were left of the A- pon which 7. LI.

LORD, and the kings house, and all Solomons fite, which were not of the children of Israel,
defire which he was pleased to do:

21 Their children that were left after them
2. That the LORD appeared to Solomon the in the land, whom the children ofIsrael allo were

second time, * as he had appeared unto him at not able utterly to destroy, upon thule did Solo3.5. Gibeon.

mon levy a tribute of bond-lervice unto this day 3 And the LORD said unto him, I have heard 22 But of the children of Irael did Solomon thy prayer and thy fupplication that thou hak * make no bund-men: but they were men of war, 15.39.

made before me: I have hallowed this house and his servants,and his princes, & his captains, СЫ.р. which thou hast built, * to put my name there and rulers of his chariots, and his horlemen.

for ever, and mine eyes and mine heart shall be 23 These were the chief of the officers that
there perpetually.

pere over Solomons work, five hundred and fif-
4 And if thou wilt walk before me, as David ty,which bare rule over the people that wrought
thy father walked, in integrity of heart and in in the work.
uprightness, to do according to all that I have 24 ļ But * Pharaohs daughter came up out of ? Chro.

8. 11. commanded thee, and wilt keep my ftatuies and the city of David,unto her house which Solomon my judgements :

had built for her : then did he build Millo. Ś Then I will establish the throne of thy 25. And three times in a year did Solomon 2 Som. kingdom upon slrael for ever, * as I promised offer burnt-offerings, and peace-offerings upon

to David thy father, saying, There Mall not fail the altar which he built unto the LORD, and he 1 Chron. thee a man upon the throne of Ifrael.

burnt incente † upon the altar that was before Heb. 6 But if ye shall at all turn from following the LORD: fo he finished the house.

Pon il me, ye or your children, and will not keep my 26 | And king Solomon made a navy of ships, commandments and my statutes, which I have in Ezion-geber, which is betide Eloth, on the

+ Heb. fet before you, but go and serve other gods, and t shore of the Red jea, in the land

of Edum. worship them:

27 And Hiram fent in the navy his fervants, 7 Then will I cut off Israel out of the land Mip-men that had knowledge of the lea,with the

which I have given them; and this house which servants of Solomon. * Jer. I have hallowed * for my name, will I calt out of :: 28 And they came to Ophir, and fet from 7. 13. my fight, and Israel shall be a proverb,and a by thence gold, four hundred and twenty talents, word among all people :

and brought it to king Solomon.
8 And at this houle wbicb is high, every one

C H A P. X.
that pafleth by it shall be astonished, and shall | The queen of Sheba admireth the visiom of so

hiss ; and they shall say, * Why hath the LORD lomon, 14 Solomons gold. 16 His targets. 18 Tbe 29.24 done thus unto this land, and to this house? throne of'ivory, 21 His vessels. 24 His presents.

the LORD their God, who brought forth their Afame of Sulumuns concerning the name of

9. And they fall answer,Becaule they forlook 32.8.

27 His chariots and horse. 28. Histribute.

¥ : Chọ.

9.1. ken hold upon other gods, and have worthipped the LORD, Mhe came to prove him with hard que- mal. 12:42 them, and ferved them : therefore hath the stions.

lak. 11.31. LORD brought upon them all this evil.

2 And she came to Jerusalem with a very great + 3ChrÓ.

10 And * it came to pass at the end of twen- t train, with camels that bare fpices, and very i Hehe
tv years,when Solomon had built the two houles, much gold, and precious stones : and when the
the houle of the LORD, and the kings house, was come to Solomon, the commuped with him 67.

u (Now Hiram the king of Tyre had furnish- of all that was in her heart,
ed Solomon with cedar-trees, and fir-trees, and 3 And Solomon told her all her † questions : 1 Heb.
with gold, according to all his desire) that then there was not any thing hid from the king, words.
king Solomon gave Hiram twenty cities in the which he told her not.
land of Galilee.

4 And when the queen of Sheba had seen all
12 And Hiram came out from Tyre to see the Solomons wildom, and the house that he had
+ Heb. kities which Solomon had given him, and they built,
pleased him not.

45 And the meat of his table, and the fitting itanding 13 And he said, What cities are these which of his fervants, and the t attendance of his mi- 11 01,

aftgiven me, ny brother? And he called nisters 8c their apparel and his i cup-bearers, and buriers.

7. 12.


6 Deut.


8. S.

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