Documents Printed by Order of the Legislature of the State of Maine During Its Session, 1835-1849

Smith & Robinson, 1835
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Sida 10 - All engrossed bills and resolves shall be committed to the Standing Committee on Engrossed Bills to be strictly examined; and if found...
Sida 11 - Sealed with our seals. Dated the day of in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and...
Sida 3 - House shall have adjourned on the preceding day; shall immediately call the members to order; and, on the appearance of a quorum, shall cause the Journal of the preceding day to be read. 2. He shall preserve order and decorum; may speak to points of order in preference to other members, rising from his seat for that purpose, and shall decide questions of order, subject to an appeal to the...
Sida 17 - ... any person or persons whomsoever, with all, or any part of the estate, real or personal, whereof I have been the lawful owner or possessor, with any intent or design to secure the same, or to receive or to expect any profit...
Sida 5 - No member shall speak more than twice on one question, without first obtaining leave of the Convention ; nor more than once, until other members, who have not spoken, shall speak, if they desire it.
Sida 4 - When two or more members rise at the same time, the speaker shall name the person to speak, but in all cases the member who shall rise first and address the chair shall speak first.
Sida 23 - Resolved, That the Governor be requested to transmit a copy of this Preamble and...
Sida 4 - RECONSIDERATION. [When a question has been once made, and carried in the affirmative or negative, it shall be in order for any member of the majority to move for the reconsideration thereof...

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