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culiarly proper for the perusal of youth, are ; because. the great variety of events and scenes it contains, interest and engage the attention more than the Iliad; because characters and images drawn from familiar life, are more useful to the generality of readers, and are also more difficult to be drawn; and because the conduct of this poem, considered as the most perfect of Epopees, is more artful and judicious than that of the other. The discussion of these beauties will make the subject of fome ensuing paper.


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No. LXXVI. Saturday, July 23. 1753.

Duc , PARENS, cellique dominator poli,
Quocunque placuit ; nulla parendi mora eft;
Adfum impiger. Fac nolle ; comitabar gemens,
Matufque patiar, quod bona licuit pati.


Conduct me, thou of beings cause divine,
Where'er I'm deftin'd in thy great design !
Active, I follow on: for should


will Refift, I'm impious; but must follow still.


BOZALDAB, Caliph of Egypt, had dwelt fecurely for many years in the filken pavalions of pleasure, and had every morning anointed his head with the oil of gladness, when his only fon Aboram, for whom he had crowded his treasuries with gold, extended his dominions with conquests, and secured them with impregnable fortresses, was suddenly wounded, as he was hunting, with an arrow from an unknown hand, and expired in the field. : Bozaldab, in the distraction of grief and despair, refused to return to his palace, and retired to the gloomieft grotto in the neighbouring mountain: he there rolled himself on the dust, tore awayene hairs of his hoary beard, and dafhed the cup of confolation that Patience offered him to the ground. He suffered aot his min

frels meagre;

strels to approach his presence ; but listened to the screams of the melancholy birds of midnight, that flirt through the folitary vaults and echoing chambers of the Pyramids. “Can that God be benevolent,” he cried, “ who thus wounds the soul, as from an ambulh, “ with unexpected sorrows, and crushes his creatures in a moment with irremediable.calamity? Ye lying " Imans, prate to us no more of the justice and the “ kindness of an all-directing and all-loving Providence! “ He, whom ye pretend reigns in heaven, is so far " from protecting the miserable fons of men, that he

perpetually delights to blast the sweeteft flowerets “ in the garden of Hope; and, like a malignant giant,

to beat down the strongest towers of Happiness with “ the iron mace of his anger. If this Being poffeffed “ the goodness and the power with which flattering

priests have invested him, he would doubtless be in

clined, and enabled to banish those evils which ren“ der the world a dungeon of diftress, a vale of vanity " and woe. I will continue in it no longer!”

At that moment he furiously raised his hand, which Despair had armed with a dagger, to strike deep into his bofom ; when suddenly thick flashes of lightning shot through the cavern, and a being more than hu. man beauty and magnitude, arrayed in azure robes, crowned with amaranth, and waving a branch of palm in his right hand, arrested the arm of the trembling and astonished Caliph, and said with a majestic smile, “ Follow me to the top of this mountain."

“ Look from hence," said the awful conductor; “I am Caloc, the Angel of Peace ; Look from hence, in, u to the valley."

Bozaldab opened his eyes and beheld a barren, a fulry, and solitary island, in the midst of which fat a pale

meagre, ghastly figure : it was a merchant just perishing with famine, and lamenting that he could find neither wild berries nor a single spring in this forlorn'unighabited desert; and begging the protection of heaven against the tigers that would now certainly destroy him, since he had consumed the last fuel he had collected to make nightly fires to affright them. He then cast a casket of jewels on the fand, as trifles of no ufe; and crept, feeble and trembling, to an eminence, where he was accụstomed to fit every evening, to watch the setting fun and to give a signal to any ship that might haply approach the island.

“ Inhabitant of heaven," cried Bozaldab, “ suffer

not this wretch to perish by the fury of wild beasts." Peace," said the Angel," and observe."

He looked again, and behold a vessel arrived at the desolate isle. What words can paint the rapture of the starving merchant, when the captain offered to tranfport him to his native country, if he would reward him with half the jewels of his calket? No sooner had this pityless commander received the ftipulated fum, than he held a consultation with his crew, and they agreed to seize the remaining jewels, and leave the unhappy exile in the same helpless and lamentable condition in which they discovered him. He wept and trembled, intreated and implored in vain.

Will heaven, permit such injustice to be practised,”: exclaimed Bozaldab !" Look again,” said the Angel," and behold, the very ship in which, short-fighted

as thou art, thou wilhedst the merchant might em“bark, dashed in pieces on a rock.; dost thou not hear 66. the cries of the sinking sailors ? Presume not to direct 66 the Governor of the Universe in his disposal of events. The man whom thou has pitied shall be “ taken from this dreary folitude, but not by the me" thod thou wouldīt prescribe. His vice was avarice, " by which he became not only abominable, but " wretched; he fancied some mighty charm in wealth, " which, like the wand of Abdiel, would gratify every u wish and obviate every fear. This wealth he has


now been taught not only to despise but abhor: he “ cast his jewels upon the fand, and confessed them to “ be useless; he offered part of them to the mariners, " and perceived them to be pernicious : he has now “ learnt, that they are rendered useful or vain, good

or evil, only by the situation and temper of the pof“ foffor. Happy is he whom distress has taught wis: “ dom ! But turn thine eyes to another and more in"teresting scene."

The Caliph instantly beheld a magnificent palace, adorned with the statues of his ancestors wrought in jafper; the ivory doors of which, turning on hinges of the gold of Golconda, discovered a throne of diamonds, furrounded with the Rajas of fifty nations, and with ambaffadors in various habits, and of different complexions; on which fat Aboram, the much-lamented fon of Bozaldab, and by his fide a princess fairer than a Houri.

“ Gracious Alla !-it is my son,” cried the Caliph “ O let me hold him to my heart !" 6 Thou canst not

grasp an unsubftantial vision,” replied the Angel : . I am now shewing thee what would have been the “ destiny of thy fon, had he contined longer on the " earth." “ And why," returned Bozaldab, was he

not permitted to continue? Why was not I suffered 6. to be a witness of so much felicity and power !!! “ Consider the sequel," replied he that dwells in the


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