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Romanæ Ecclefiæ . CARDIN ALIS. Etat:fur, quando hocicripfit,76.A:D1616


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Heaven Opened.

Concerning the
Eternal Felicity of the Saints.

Publish'd in Latin 94 Years ago.
|And now made English; With some

few Variations.

By B. 7 E N K S, Rector of Harley in

Shropshire, and Chaplain to the Right
Honourable the Earl of Bradford.

-Fas ejt do ab Hoste doceri...
Ubi benė, Nemo melius.

Printed for W. Rogers at the Sun against St. Dunstan's

Church; and B. Tooke at the Middle-Temple-Gate,
in. Fleetstreet. M DCC X.

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Lord Lieutenant of the County

of Salop; and One of Her Majesties most Honourable Privy-Council.

My Lord,
T Must deny my self the Liberty of
| Expatiating upon the usual Subječt
I of Dedications ; Least I should

create Uneafiress to one that I know had rather hear any thing than his own Praises. But this being the first Publi

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cation that I have made fince your Lordship became my Patron, 1 shall presume on your Pardon for Honouring my self so far as to put it into your Honour's hands. Tho the Present which here I make be Such as may at first surprize your Lordship, considering where I had it, and who was the Composer of it: Yet if I have rescued a beautiful Banner out of the Enemies Tents, where I found some of our own Truths well dress'd and finely Adornd, I hope your Lordship will like the Notions never the worse, that they are none of my own, when you'll findem much superior to any of Mine. The most that I can here pretend being but to make 'em Palatable to the English Reader, and Inoffenhve to such as may mistrujt the unfriendly Author.

But Truth is never the Less it felf, whoever Speaks it. Even a false Prophet

en once gave out such gloriNumb. 23, 64. ous Truths as still mine bright in two Chapters of our Bible. So can be that does Wonders Over-rule even the very worst Instruments, to make

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