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time when thou mayest be Lord is true, and all his found; and in the great works are faithful. water floods they shall not He loveth righteouscome nigh him.

ness and judgment; the Thou art a place to hide earth is full of the goodme in; thou shalt preserve

ness of the Lord. me from trouble; thou By the word of the Lord shalt compass me about were the heavens made, with songs of deliverance. and all the hosts of them

I will inform thee, and by the breath of his mouth. teach thee in the way He gathereth the waters wherein thou shalt go, and of the sea together, as it I will guide thee with mine were upon a heap; and eye.

layeth up the deep, as in a Be ye not like to horse treasure house. and mule, which have Let all the earth fear the no understanding; whose Lord ; stand in awe of him, mouths must be held with all ye who dwell in the bit and bridle, lest they fall world.

For he spake, and it was Great plagues remain done; he commanded, and for the ungodly; but who- it stood fast. so putteth his trust in the The Lord bringeth the Lord, mercy embraceth counsel of the heathen to him on every side. nought, and maketh the

Be glad, O ye righteous, devices of the people to be and rejoice in the Lord; of none effect, and casteth and be joyful all ye who out the counsels of princes. are true of heart.

The counsel of the Lord

shall endure for ever; and PSALM 33.

the thoughts of his heart REJOICE in the Lord, from generation to genera0

ye righteous; for it be- tion. cometh well the just to be Blessed is the nation thankful.

whose God is the Lord ; Sing unto the Lord a and blessed are the people new song; sing praises un- that he hath chosen to him to him skilfully, with an to be his inheritance. exalted voice.

The Lord looketh down For the word of the from heaven, and behold

upon thee.

eth all the children of men;

The Seventh Day. from the habitation of his dwelling he considereth all MORNING PRAYER. those who dwell on the earth.

PSALM 34. He fashioneth all the I WILL alway give hearts of them, and under- thanks unto the Lord ; his standeth all their works. praise shall ever be in my

There is no king who mouth. can be saved by the multi- My soul shall make her tude of an host; neither is boast in the Lord; the any mighty man delivered humble shall hear thereof, by much strength.

and be glad. A horse is but a vain

O praise the Lord with thing for safety ; neither me, and let us magnify his shall he deliver any man name together. by his great strength. I sought the Lord, and

Behold, the eye of the he heard me; yea, he deLord is upon those who livered me out of all

my fear him, and upon those fear. who put their trust in his They looked unto him, mercy;

and were enlightened; and To deliver their soul their faces

not from death, and to feed ashamed. them in the time of famine.

Lo, the poor crieth, and Our soul hath patiently the Lord heareth him; tarried for the Lord; for yea, and saveth him out of he is our help and our all his troubles. shield.

The angel of the Lord For our hearts shall re- tarrieth round about those joice in him ; because we who fear him, and deliverhave trusted in his holyeth them. 'name.

O taste, and see how Let thy merciful kind- gracious the Lord is ; ness, O Lord, be upon us, blessed is the man who as we do put our trust in trusteth in him. thee.

O fear the Lord, ye who Now unto the King eter

are his saints; for those nal, &c.

who fear bim lack nothing. Be honour and glory, &c. The lions do lack, and



pursue it.

suffer hunger ; but they so that not one of them is who seek the Lord shall broken. want no manner of thing But misfortune shall slay that is good.

the ungodly; and they who Come, ye children, and hate the righteous shall be hearken unto me; I will desolate. teach you the fear of the The Lord delivereth the Lord.

souls of his servants; and What is he who de- all they who put their trust sireth to live, and would in him shall not be destifain see good days ?

tute. Keep thy tongue from

PSALM 36. evil, and thy lips, that they speak no guile.

MY heart showeth me Depart from evil, and the wickedness of the undo good; seek peace, and godly, that there is no fear

of God before his eyes. The eyes of the Lord For he flattereth himself are over the righteous, and in his own sight, until his his ears are open unto their abominable sin be found prayer.

out. The countenance of the The words of his mouth Lord is against those who are unrighteous and full of do evil, to root out the re- deceit; he hath left off to membrance of them from behave himself wisely, and the earth.

to do good. The righteous cry, and He imagineth mischief the Lord heareth them, upon his bed, and hath set and delivereth them out of himself in no good way; all their troubles.

neither doth he abhor anyThe Lord is nigh unto thing that is evil. those who are of a contrite Thy mercy, O Lord, heart, and will save such reacheth unto the heavens, as are of an humble spirit. and thy faithfulness unto

Great are the troubles the clouds. of the righteous; but the Thy righteousness standLord delivereth him out eth like the strong mounof them all.

tains; thy judgments are He keepeth all his bones; like the great deep.

Thou, Lord, shalt save land, and verily thou shalt both man and beast. How be fed. excellent is thy mercy,


Delight thou in the Lord, God! and the children of and he shall give thee thy men shall put their trust heart's desire. under the shadow of thy

Commit thy way unto wings.

the Lord, and put thy trust They shall be satisfied in him, and he shall bring with the plenteousness of it to pass. thy house; and thou shalt

He shall make thy rightgive them drink of thy eousness as clear as the pleasures as out of a river. light, and thy just dealing

For with thee is the as the noonday. fountain of life, and in thy Repose thyself in the light shall we see light. Lord, and abide patiently

O continue thy loving upon him, but grieve not kindness unto those who thyself at him whose way know thee, and thy right- doth prosper, or against eousness unto those who the man who doeth after are true of heart.

evil counsels. Now unto the King eter- Cease from wrath, and nal, &c.

let go displeasure; fret not Be honour and glory, &c. thyself, else shalt thou be

moved to do evil.

Wicked doers shall be

rooted out; and they who EVENING PRAYER.

patiently wait on the Lord,

shall inherit the land. PSALM 37.

Yet a little while, and FRET not thyself be the ungodly shall be gone; cause of the ungodly; nei- thou shall look after his ther be thou envious against place, and he shall be the evil doers.

away. For they shall be soon

But the meek shall incut down like the grass; herit the earth, and shall and be withered even be refreshed in the abunthe green herb.

dance of peace. Put thou thy trust in the The ungodly have drawn Lord, and be doing good; out the sword, and have so shalt thou dwell in the bent their bow, to cast


down the poor and needy, Flee from evil, and do and to slay such as are of the thing that is good, and a right conversation. dwell for evermore.

Their sword shall go For the Lord loveth the through their own heart, thing that is right; he forand their bow shall be saketh not his who are broken.

godly, but they are preA small thing that the served forever. righteous hath, is better The unrighteous shall than great riches of the be punished ; as for the ungodly:

seed of the ungodly, it For the arms of the un- shall be rooted out. godly shall be broken, but The righteous shall inthe Lord upholdeth the herit the land and dwell righteous.

therein for ever. The Lord knoweth the The mouth of the rightdays of the godly; their in eous is exercised in wisheritance shall endure for- dom, and his tongue will ever.

be talking of judgment. They shall not be con The law of his God is founded in the perilous in his heart, and his gotime, and in the days of ings shall not slide. dearth they shall have The ungodly watcheth enough.

the righteous, and seeketh The Lord ordereth a

occasion to slay him. good man's going, and ma The Lord will not leave keth his way acceptable to him in his hand, nor conhimself.

demn him when he is Though he fall, he shall judged. not be cast away ; for the Hope thou in the Lord, Lord upholdeth him with and keep his way, and he his hand.

shall promote thee, that I have been young, and thou shalt possess the land; now am old, and yet saw I when the ungodly shall never the righteous for- perish, thou shalt see it. saken, nor his seed beg I myself have seen the ging their bread.

ungodly in great power, The righteous is ever and flourishing like a green merciful, and lendeth, and bay tree. his seed is blessed.

I went by, and lo, he

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