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age us to press forward

Minister. continually in the christian course.

IF we say that we have We thank thee for the no sin, we deceive ourpromises of thy mercy and selves, and the truth is forgiveness, upon repent- not in us. ance and newness of life ; If we confess and forsake for the aid of thy gracious our sins, God is faithful influence to help our in- and just to forgive us our firmities; and for the sins, and to cleanse us from blessed hope of eternal all unrighteousness. life, confirmed to us in the Let us therefore, with gospel.

humble and contrite hearts We rejoice in the ex- confess our sins at the ceeding riches of thy throne of the heavenly grace; that thou hast ex

grace. alted thy Son Jesus to be a prince and a Saviour; who The GENERAL CONFEShaving been obedient unto SION; to be read by the the death of the cross, is

Minister alone. by thy wise and merciful appointment become the

ALMIGHTY God, Faauthor of eternal salvation ther of our Lord Jesus, to all those who obey Christ, maker of all things, him.

and judge of all men; we

acknowledge and lament People.

before thee the manifold

errors and follies of our Blessed be the God and lives; we have not duly Father of our Lord Jesus hearkened to the voice of Christ, for his goodness, thy word; we have been and for his wonderful too unmindful of thy goodworks to the children of ness, and ungrateful to

thee, our continual bene

factor; we have not alHere the Second LESSON ways done unto others, as

is to be read, out of the we would that they should New Testament; and do unto us; we have exthen the Service may posed ourselves to thy proceed as follows. righteous displeasure. Our



only hope is in thy mercy, Then shall be read the Colwhich endureth for ever. LECT FOR THE Day, and We bow ourselves before

one or more of the folthe throne of thy grace, lowing Prayers. imploring thy pardon. O God, have mercy upon the

FOR RESIGNATION. works of thy hands; forgive and accept thy peo

O LORD God, whose ple, according to thy prom- never failing providence ises in Jesus Christ our ordereth all things both in Lord, who hath encourag- heaven and in earth, and ed us to hope for thy mer- who art the author of every cy, upon repentance and good and perfect gift ; we amendnent of life. We submit ourselves to the desire; with our whole disposal of that wisdom hearts, to return to the which cannot err, and to obedience of thy com- the care of that goodness mandments. Enable us, which is unchangeable and O God, by the assistance everlasting. Lead of thy holy Spirit, to for- whither thou pleasest; place sake every evil way, to

us in what circumstances correct whatever is wrong thou shalt judge proper; in our tempers and con- we would do thy whole duct, and to delight in the will with fidelity and pleaspractice of everything ure; we would bear thy good and virtuous; that whole will with submission we may obtain from thee, and patience. Defend us, the God of all mercy, the O gracious Father, from forgiveness of our sins, every real evil; confer upand an inheritance among on us every needful good; those who are sanctified, may all events conspire to through the redemption the improvement and eswhich is in Jesus Christ. tablishment of our virtue ;

and may we be conducted People.

by thine unerring hand,

through all the changes of Create in us, O God, a this mortal life, and finally clean heart, and renew a be admitted to the everright spirit within us. lasting habitations of the

just, which thou hast prom- throne behold all the dwelised to thy faithful servants lers upon earth; look by Jesus Christ our Lord. down with favour and Amen.

mercy upon these United

States of America. May FOR ALL MANKIND. a speedy and effectual stop

be put to the progress of ALMIGHTY and ever- immorality and profanelasting God, who hast ness; may public virtue taught us to offer prayers, prevail, and on that lastsupplications, and inter- ing foundation may the cessions for all men, we public happiness be estabbeseech thee to extend lished; may our liberties thy mercy to all mankind; be preserved in violate, and may all the families and handed down to the latest kingdoms of the earth, be posterity. Bless us with brought to the knowledge health and fruitful seasons ; and pure worship of thee, crown the year with thy the only true God; en- goodness; dispose us all to large the kingdom of our a grateful and temperate enLord Jesus Christ, that joyment of the bounties of kingdom of truth and righ- thy providence; and may we teousness, which shall nev- show forth thy praise, not er be destroyed; put an only with our lips, but in end to all idolatry, super- our lives, by giving up stition, and false religion; ourselves to thy service, may all those who profess and by walking before thee, the faith of Christ, be slıin- in holiness and righteousing examples of goodness; ness all our days. Amen. may the spirit of persecution for ever cease ;

FOR RULERS. and may truth and righteousness, peace and char ALMIGHTY God, the ity every where abound. King of kings, and fountain Amen.

of all power, we humb!y

beseech thee to behold FOR OUR COUNTRY. with thy favour the Presi

dent of the United States, O LORD God, high and and all others in authority. mighty, who dost from thy May they discharge the

duties of their stations with gracious God, the God of understanding and wisdom, all consolation and hope ; with integrity and honour; we humbly recommend to and under their govern- thy fatherly goodness, all ment, may we and all thy

those who are any ways people lead quiet and afflicted or distressed, in peaceable lives in all god- mind, body, or estate ; be siness and honesty ; keep

thou, in thy great mercy, ing the unity of the spirit a father to the fatherless, in the bond of peace, and and the defender of the in righteousness of life. widow; provide for the Amen.

poor, give health to the

sick, and ease to those who FOR THE MINISTERS OF are in oppression; give to RELIGION.

all fortitude in the day of O GOD, the Father of trial, and in due time, a lights, and fountain of all

happy deliverance out of

their afflictions. ' And from good, endue the ministers

the various calamities we of thy true religion, of eve

meet with in life, may we ry denomination, and in

learn to pity the distressed, every part of the christian world, with the spirit and Aicted, to be patient under

to sympathize with the aftemper of Jesus Christ.

all the appointments of May they diligently por- thy providence, and be exsue the good work of in- cited to the pursuit of that structing the ignorant, and reforming the vicious ; and from the practice of virtue reforming the vicious; and happiness, which ariseth in all the duties of their and piety, and from the office, may they conduct themselves as examples to

glorious hope of immortaltheir flocks; and by the ised to the faithful follow

ity, which thou hast promexcellence of their doc

ers of Jesus Christ our trines, and the holiness of

Lord. Amen. their lives, may they save themselves and those who


O LORD, our heavenly

Father, almighty and everMOST merciful and lasting God, who hast per


mitted us to make our unit- Give us this day our ed supplications unto thee; daily bread. And forgive accept the praises and us our trespasses, As we hear the prayers which forgive those who trespass we have offered to thy di- against us.

And lead us vine Majesty ; and fulfil, not into temptation, But O Lord, the desires and deliver us from evil. For petitions of thy servants, thine is the kingdom, and as may be most expedient the power, and the glory, for them; granting us in For ever'and ever. Amen. this world knowledge of thy truth, and in the world to come life everlasting, NOW unto him who is through our Lord and Sa- able to keep us from fallviour Jesus Christ, in ing, and to present us faultwhose words we conclude less before the


of our prayers;

bis glory with exceeding

joy, to the only wise God OUR Father, who art

our Saviour, be glory and in heaven, Hallowed be majesty, dominion and thy name. Thy kingdom power, through Jesus come ; Thy will be done Christ, for ever and everon earth as it is in heav. Amen.


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