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O God, we look to thee to forgive those who truly for thy protection through turn to him. this day. Keep us from We therefore pray thee, danger, from sickness, and O Father, that above all from falling into sin. En- things thou wouldst assist able us to be useful to so us in loving and serving ciety, and to obtain the ap- thee. What our lot shali probation of those whom be, we leave to thy wise we love. Let us especially providence; but o teach so conduct ourselves this us, under all circumstances, day, and through all our to be grateful to thee in days, as to secure thy fa- prosperity, and resigned to your which is life, and thy thy will in affliction and loving kindness which is distress. Inspire better than life. We ask hearts with a purer love to all things in the name, and thee; enlighten our minds as disciples of thy blessed with heavenly wisdom; Son, our Saviour, Jesus and make our desires conChrist. Amen.

form themselves to thy purposes.

Let gratitude TUESDAY EVENING. be the pervading disposi

tion of our souls. May we EVER gracious and in- always feel that we are thy dulgent God, who hast children ; that we have brought us to the close of received from thee infithis day in safety and peace; nitely more than we dewe render thee our devout serve; and that the least thanksgivings for the mer- return which we can make cies which we have expe- to thee, is, to be contented rienced; and commend and cheerful under thy ourselves to thy continued paternal government. protection. Unworthy as May our reverence for we are, we yet would seek thy will and commandthy face and implore thyments be displayed in our favour, for thou hast bid us conduct toward our brethlook to thee as our merci ren of the human family; ful Father, who will never so that we may constantly forget nor forsake his chil- regard them with feelings dren, and is always ready of pure benevolence, and

do unto them as we should so abundantly wherever we wish them to do unto us. turn our eyes; we adore Let us go to rest this night that wisdom which govat peace with all mankind, erns all things rightly, and and with bosoms free from we bless that goodness by all envy, hatred, malice which all things are blessand uncharitableness ; and ed. We come to thee this grant that we may rise up morning with the grateful in the morning with a firm acknowledgment of our deresolution to imitate thee, pendence on thy bounty according to the measure and protection. By thee of our humble capacity, by our daily returning wants doing good.

are supplied; by thee our Hear, answer, forgive, dwellings are defended; and accept us, O Father our blessings are preserved; in heaven, for thine infinite

our feet are kept from fallmercy's sake in Jesus ing, our eyes from tears, Christ our Lord. Amen. and our souls from death.

We delight in contemWEDNESDAY MORNING.

plating our dependence

upon thee. Weak and ig0 THOU infinite and norant as we are, we reeternal Spirit, by whose joice to know and to feel power the world in which that we are subjected to we live, and the countless thine all wise control, and worlds by which we are that we are surrounded by surrounded, were created the presence of the omnisfrom nothing; by whose cient and eternal God. wisdom they and all that And we thank and bless they contain are constantly thee, O Father, for every directed; by whose good- opportunity which we enness they are preserved in joy of exercising and imorder and filled with hap- proving the immortal facpiness and beauty; and ulties and affections of our without whose support they nature. We thank thee would all return to the for the gospel of thy Son nothing from which they Jesus Christ; for the heacame; we thy dependent venly radiance which it offspring humbly adore that has shed on the path of power which displays itself our duty, through the

We ours.


gloom of affliction, and on unto thee everlasting honthe bed of death.

Amen. thank thee that it has enabled us to look beyond the WEDNESDAY EVENING. bounds of mortality and time, and defy the power O GOD, the unchangeof change and death; and able and everlasting founthat it has promised to the tain of life, perfection, and faithful servants of God, happiness; we lift up our and true disciples of Christ, hearts unto thee, the greatthose glorious rewards of est, wisest, and best of bea future life, which eye ings. Grant that we may hath never seen, nor

increase in the knowledge heard, nor the heart of of thee, day by day; that man conceived.

we may constantly attain All is from thee; all joy, more pure and worthy all support, all improve- conceptions of thy nature ment, all hope. Omay we and providence; that become worthy of thy we may manifest a more mercies, by receiving them becoming reverence for as from thee, and using thy persections, and a truer them according to thy will; concern for thy honour and by renouncing and avoid service. ing all that is evil, and fol We also pray thee, O lowing after and cleaving God, to teach us the knowto all that is good; by liv- ledge and the government ing and dying in thy fear of ourselves ; may we keep and love. And when we our hearts with all dilicome to die, may we be gence, amidst all the trials able to look back on a life and changes of the world ; not uselessly spent, and in prosperity may we be forward to a blessed im- humble, temperate, and mortality.

charitable; in adversity Hear us, O Father, in may we be patient, and heaven where thou dwell- wholly resigned to thy will. est, and accept us in the Save us, O gracious God, name of Jesus Christ our from


and malice, redeemer; as whose dis- from revenge and unchariciples we address thee, and tableness, from pride and through whom we ascribe presumption from the

snares of the wicked, and infinite and eternal God, the fatal influence of eve- we will ascribe continually ry evil example ; give us all glory, honour, and prudence to direct our af- praise, through Jesus fairs, resolution to preserve Christ our Lord. Amen. our innocence, and wisdom and constancy to

retain THURSDAY MORNING. our integrity as long as we live. In whatever station O THOU great Creator, thou art pleased to appoint governor, and supporter our lot, and wherever we of men, thou dwellest in are, in public or in private, light, and art the father of may it be our uniform and lights, with whom is no vasteady purpose to discharge riableness nor shadow of our duty with fidelity; and turning. Grateful for the in that solemn day, when care which thou hast exer: thou, supreme

over all, cised over us during the shalt judge the world by night past, we would cheerJesus Christ, may we ap- fully submit ourselves to thy pear with humble confi- guidance through the day dence and joy, and be ad- upon which we have entermitted into thy glorious ed. Keep us in thy faith and everlasting kingdom. and fear, and secure us from

O God, we implore thy every evil of soul and body. blessing on all that is dear Impress on our hearts a soland valuable to us. We emn sense of thy universal pray thee to bless our presence. Preserve us from country, our rulers, our any snares and dangers to friends, the churches of which we may be exposed, Christ, the ministers of re- and especially from the sins ligion, the instructers of which do most easily beset youth, the rising genera- us. Prepare us for new oction, and all the means of currences, whether prosestablishing, preserving, perous or adverse, and and diffusing the principles quicken us in the discharge of liberty and virtue. Keep of those duties which lie us this night by thine al before us. We have been mighty power; be always secured from harm another our defender, guide, and night, and we see in health friend ; and to thee, the the light of this morning.


Great is thy mercy and ble us to make every day faithfulness. Let not con- some progress in a holy tinued peace and prosper- life; teach us to feel the ity make us forgetful of uncertainty and value of thee, or weaken our minds our days on earth ; and or corrupt our integrity. when they shall be numImpressed with a grateful bered and finished, receive sense of thy watchful care, us into the light and bliss we desire to make thy will of thy glorious presence, the law of our behaviour. through Jesus Christ our Thou prolongest our Lord. Amen.

that we may attain more and more to the true THURSDAY EVENING. end of life. May this day witness some improvement O GOD, the Father of in knowledge, piety, and mercies, the God of love, virtue. May it witness and of all consolation ; we our diligence in that occu- thy servants unite to prepation to which thou hast sent unto thee our unfeigncalled us. We desire and ed thanks, for all thy goodpurpose to keep conscien- ness and loving kindness ces void of offence, and to to the children of men. abstain from every action We thank thee, that offensive to the eye of di- thou hast created us in vine purity; but the expe- thine own image ; endued rience which we have had us with social affections ; of our frailty makes us implanted in our hearts a diffident of our strength. sense of good and evil; Our confidence is in thy and called us to the fear power to strengthen our and love of thee, the faith, invigorate our obedi- greatest and best of beence, and cause us to run ings. We praise thee for in the way of thy com- our continual support, and mandments. We implore for all the comforts of our thine aid, that we may lives. Thou givestus walk before thee this day, health and fruitful seasons, and all the days of our and fillest our hearts with lives. Smile on our en- food and gladness. Blessdeavours after improve- ed be the Lord, even the ment and usefulness; ena- God of our salvation, who

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