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earth, or take it to the grant that the affliction blessedness of thy children which it has pleased thee in the kingdom of heaven. to bring upon us, may

awaken our consciences, FOR A Sick PERSON. and soften our hearts, and

impress upon us such conLOOK graciously, O victions of thy holiness and God, on thy servant, whom power, that we may place thou hast brought low within thee our only felicity, illness. Grant unto him a and strive to please thee strong sense of his entire in all our ways. And give dependence upon thee; us grace constantly to look that whether the means forward to that life which used for his relief succeed, is beyond death, and over he may ascribe the glory which death has no power, to thee alone, or whether revealed to us by thy dear thou thinkest fit to deny Son Jesus Christ. them their intended effects, he

may humble himself IN ANY AFFLICTION. under thy mighty hand, and bear the rod, knowing

MERCIFULLY who hath appointed it. gard us, O Lord, in our We pray thee to preserve present trouble, and make thy servant to us, for he is us glad according to the dear to us. Nevertheless, days wherein thou hast afnot our will, but thine be flicted us. Strengthen us done. If it be thy will to bear the cross which is that he should live, may laid upon us.

Give us his whole life praise thee. grace to look to the examIf his sickness is unto death, ple of our blessed Master, may his soul be prepared who, for the joy which to meet thee, and our souls was set before him, endurlie resigned at thy feet. ed a heavier cross than ours.

By the sadness of our IN BEREAVEMENT. countenances


hearts be made better; and SANCTIFY

to thy may we so improve thine servants, O God, the loss afflictive dispensations, of one of our number by that they may -all tend to death. Look with pity our final happiness and upon our

sorrows; and glory.



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