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no more.

tience and fortitude, in joy- but in thy great mercy spare ful expectation of thy mer him to be the comfort and cy unto eternal life. Give support of their advancing him unfeigned repentance years, and to be useful in for all his sins and a firm the world. But whatever reliance on thy great mer

thou hast determined concies declared unto mankind cerning him, thy will, o by Jesus Christ our Lord. God, be done. Into thy May the hope of thy favour hands we commit ourselves support him in the hour of and all our enjoyments, and death ; may he leave the we humbly pray that, by world in peace; may he be

all the dispensations of thy received into thy heavenly providence, we may be kingdom, and made a par- trained up for that world taker of that happiness where pain, and sorrow, which eye hath not seen,

and death shall be known nor ear heard, nor hath it

Amen. entered into the heart of man to conceive.]

FOR A PERSON IN AFFLICO God, command thy blessing upon thy servant, even life evermore, through

OMERCIFUL God and Jesus Christ our Lord and heavenly Father, who hast Saviour. Amen.

taught us in thy holy word

that thou dost not willingly FOR A Sick CHILD.

afflict or grieve the children

of men; look with pity, we O GOD, the fountain of beseech thee, upon the sorall mercy, we offer up our rows of thy servant for humble prayers unto thee whom our prayers are de in behalf of the child, on sired. Remember him, O whom thou hast seen fit to Lord, in mercy; sanctify to lay thine afflicting hand. him thy fatherly correction; We beseech thee, if it be endue his soul with pathy will, to remove the dis tience under his affliction, order under which he la and with resignation to thy bours, and restore him to holy will. Comfort him with health and strength. Suffer a sense of thy goodness; not the wishes of his pa lift up the light of thy counrents to be disappointed, tenance upon him, and give


him peace through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



be ex

Or this.


God, who alone spreadest O GOD, gracious and out the heavens, and rulest merciful, who bindest up the raging of the sea; be the broken heart, and piti- pleased to receive into est the sorrows of those thine almighty and most who fear thee, fulfil to thy gracious protection the perservant, for whom our son of thy servant, for prayers are now desired, whom our prayers are de the promises of thy word. sired. Preserve him from Sanctify to him, we beseech the dangers of the sea, from thee, thy correcting hand. sickness, from the violence Suffer him not to faint un

of enemies, and from every der thy rebuke. Let not evil to which he

may his faith fail, nor his forti- posed. Conduct him in tude be overcome, nor his safety to the desired haven, patience nor his hope de- with a grateful sense of thy part from him. Enlighten mercies, through Jesus the darkness which covers Christ our Lord. Amen. him, by the cheering truths of religion. Let the re

FOR MALEFACTORS AFTER membrance of thy good

CONDEMNATION. ness comfort his heart. Let the conviction of thy wis- O MOST gracious and dom fortify his soul. Ena- merciful God, we earnestly ble him to resign unto thee beseech thee to look down the object of his affections, upon those persons recomin the assurance that as mended to our prayers, who thou hast appointed unto now lie under the sentence all men once to die, so af- of the law, and are appointter death will be a joyful ed to die. Visit them, O resurrection, when they Lord, with thy compassion; who sleep in Jesus shall make them sensible of awake to everlasting life, the miserable condition to and friends shall

meet which their wickedness has again, to separate no more. reduced them, and give Amen.

them true and unfeigned

repentance. O God, in A COLLECT FOR SPRING. judgment remember mercy, and whatever sufferings

O LORD, the Creator they are to endure in this

and Preserver of all things, world, deliverthem from the who with unerring wisdom bitter pains of eternal death. maintainest the beauty and Pardon their sins, and save order of thy works; we their souls, for the sake of look up with joy and confithine infinite goodness, in dence unto thy gracious Jesus Christ our Lord.

power, which causes the Amen.

returning seasons to know

their place. Bless, we beFORTHE GENERALCOURT, seech thee, the springing TO BE READ DURING THEIR of the year, and enrich the SESSION.

earth with the rain of heavMOST gracious God, en. May grass grow for we humbly beseech thee, the cattle, and herbs and for the Legislature of this fruits for the service of man. Commonwealth, at this May our pastures be clothtime assembled, that thou ed with flocks, our valleys wouldst be pleased to di- covered with corn, and the rect and prosper all their year crowned with thy consultations, to the ad- goodness; and may we so vancement of thy glory, improve the various bless and the safety, honour, and ings of thy providence in welfare of thy people; that this world, as to be pre all things may be so order- pared for the unchangeable ed and settled, by their en felicities of thine everlastdeavours, upon the best and ing kingdom, through Jesus surest foundations, that Christ our Lord. Amen. peace and happiness, truth

FOR SEASONABLE WEATAand justice, religion and piety may be established among us for all genera O GOD, our heavenly tions. These and all other Father, whose gift it is that necessaries for them, and the earth is fruitful and for us, we humbly beg, in bringeth forth its increase the name of Jesus Christ, for sustenance and our most blessed Lord and comfort; we humbly beSaviour. Amen.

seech thee to send us in



this our necessity such sea- IN TIME OF SICKNESS. sonable weather, that we may receive the fruits

ALMIGHTY and most thereof in due time; and wise God, whose nevergrant that we may show failing providence ordereth forth our thankfulness to all things both in heaven thee for all thy mercies, by and on earth; we humbly a sincere obedience to thy direct our addresses unto holy laws, which thou hast thee, in this time of our cataught us by Jesus Christ lamity, beseeching thee in our Lord. Amen.

behalf of our fellow crea

tures and friends, who are IN TIME OF GREAT suffering under the grievSCARCITY.

ous sickness with which

thou art pleased to visit us. O GOD, our heavenly May the everlasting arm Father, who hast mercifully of thy mercy support given us life, and on whom them, in this time of their we depend for its support distress. Sanctify this and preservation ; merci- general affliction to the refully behold, we beseech formation of our manners, thee, the present afflictions and the improvement of our of thy people; alleviate the virtue; and cause us to redistresses of the miserable, joice in the humble hope and may the cries of the that every thing shall work poor come unto thee; in- together for good. In the crease the fruits of the midst of life we earth by thy heavenly ben- death; of whom may we ediction ; may our scarcity seek for succour, but of be turned into plenty, and thee, O God. Restrain the grant that we may improve progress of this disorder, if the bounties of thy provi- it be agreeable to thy blessdence to thy praise, by re- ed will. May those lives lieving the distresses of which are yet spared, be others, and by thankfully devoted to thy service, and acknowledging thee the may we, and all thy sergiver of every good and vants, be prepared for eveperfect gift, through Jesus ry event of thy providence, Christ our Lord. Amen. that whether we live, we

are in

may live unto the Lord, or when the calamities of war whether we die, we may shall cease for ever, and die unto the Lord, and peace and righteousness whether living or dying, universally prevail. And may have an interest in thy this we humbly beg, for thy mercies unto eternal life, mercy's sake, declared unthrough Jesus Christ our to mankind by Jesus Christ Saviour. Amen.

our Lord. Amen.


O THOU most high and O ALMIGHTY God, to mighty Lord our God, the whom it justly belongeth

voice of whose thunder is to punish sinful nations, in the heaven, and whose and to be merciful to those lightnings lighten the world, who repent; we humbly we, thy frail and feeble creabeseech thee, in this time tures do cry unto thee, be of our danger, to be the seeching thee to inspire our defender of our country.

hearts with faith, confiGive us not up into the dence and love, and to hands of our enemies ; save teach us to look up unto us from the edge of the

thee both in the storm and sword, and preserve our in the calm, as our wise land from the desolations and merciful Father and to war. Have mercy

Sovereign, who rulest all upon us, O God; have things well, in heaven and mercy upon thy people. on earth. By all the maSend forth a spirit of ny voices of nature, and reformation amongst us ; events of providence, and avert the evils we have de- whisperings of grace, may served; continue thy favour we hear ourselves called to and protection to us; save reverence, adore and trust and deliver us, O our God; in thee, so that when this for in thee do we put our

world shall pass away, and trust. Restore tranquillity these heavens shall be rolland peace to contending ed together as a scroll, we nations ; unite the hearts may stand secure in thine of mankind in the bonds of eternal dwelling place, humanity and love; and through Jesus Christ our may the happy time come, Lord. Amen.

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