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safed to them. May their SICKNESS.

hearts be filled with unfeigned thankfulness

to O LORD, our heavenly thee their benefactor ; and Father, who redeemest the may they spend the relives of thy servants from

mainder of their days in a destruction, and givest course of obedience to thy health, and life, and bless- commandments, that at last ing; accept the sincere and they may be partakers of humble thanksgivings of

eternal glory and happiness

in the world to come, thy servant, whom thou hast raised from a bed of through Jesus Christ our sickness, and restored to

Lord. Amen. some good measure of health and strength. We

ON THE BIRTH OF A CHILD. praise thee for this gracious instance of thy goodness ; GRACIOUS God, we may the remembrance of thank thee that thou hast thy late mercy to him, have given to thy servants a new a happy and lasting influ- object of affection and conence upon his mind, and

Let them receive establish the good reso- their child as from thee, lutions he may have form- and in gratitude dedicate ed; and may that life, it to thee. Will it please which thy mercy prolongs, thee to watch over its life be devoted to thy service, and health, to unfold its in a constant obedience to

faculties, to make it a blessthy holy commandments, ing to them and an instruthrough Jesus Christ our ment of good to society, Lord. Amen.

wherever its lot may be

cast. Help them to feel FOR MERCIES RECEIVED. their obligations to it as

christian parents. Above ALMIGHTY God, our all, wilt thou early sanctify most gracious preserver,

it in all its faculties and alwe offer up to thee our fections, and let it become united thanksgivings for a child of God. And thy great goodness to thy whether earlier or later servants in the mercies thou shalt take it from this which thou hast vouch- scene of discipline, may it




not have lived in vain; and man; we give thee humble this we humbly ask in the thanks that it hath pleased name of Jesus Christ our thee in our great necessity Lord. Amen.

to send a joyful rain upon

the earth, and to enrich FOR A

SAFE RETURN the furrows thereof with FROM Sea.

the plentiful dews of heav

Thou hast filled our ALMIGHTY God, the hearts with joy and gladpreserver of all thy crea

We pray thee to tures, and the confidence continue to us the genial of the ends of the earth, influences of the sun and and of those who are afar rain, and to make us truly off upon

the seas; we of- thankful for all thy merfer up unto thee our united cies, through Jesus Christ thanksgivings for the signal our Lord. Amen. mercies thou hast vouchsafed to thy servant whom FORA PLENTIFUL SEASON. thou hast preserved in his

ALMIGHTY and evervoyage; that thou hast protected him from every

blessed God, who mercifuldanger, to which he was

ly suppliest the wants of exposed; and hast restor- thy creatures, and art coned him to his friends in tinually giving testimonies safety. Write a law of of thy gracious providence; thankfulness upon his heart,

we rejoice at this time,

with humble thankfulness, and hereby engage him to a diligent and grateful in the gifts of thine unde obedience to all thy com

served bounty, that thou mandments, through Jesus hast caused the earth to Christ our Lord. Amen. yield its increase, and

crowned the year with thy For RAIN.

goodness. While thou art

thus sending down thy O GOD, our heavenly blessings upon us, may we Father, who by thy gra- be disposed to live in a som cious providence dost cause ber, temperate, and charithe former and the latter table enjoyment of them, rain to descend upon the and to bring forth the earth, that it may bring fruits of holiness and rightforth fruit for the use of eousness all the days of

a prey

our life, through Jesus goodness that we were not Christ our Lord. Amen. delivered over as

unto them; beseeching thee FOR DELIVERANCE FROM A

still to continue such thy

mercies towards us, that GENERAL SICKNESS.

all the world may know

that thou art our saviour O LORD God, who hast wounded us for our

and mighty deliverer, sins, and consumed us for through Jesus Christ our

Lord. Amen. our transgressions, by thy late heavy and dreadful visitation, and now in the For RESTORING PUBLIC midst of judgment remem PEACE AT НомЕ. . bering mercy, hast redeemed our souls from death ;

OETERNAL God, our we offer unto thy fatherly heavenly Father, who alone goodness, ourselves, our

makest men to be of one souls, and bodies, which thou hast delivered, to be

mind in a house, and stilla living sacrifice unto thee;

est the outrage of a violent always praising and magni- bless thy holy name, that it

and unruly people; we fying thy mercies in the

hath pleased thee to apmidst of thy church,

pease the seditious tumults through Jesus Christ our

which have been lately Lord. Amen.

raised up amongst us; and

we most humbly beseech For PEACE AND DELIVER

thee, to grant to all of us ANCE FROM OUR ENEMIES.



forth obediently walk in O ALMIGHTY God, thy holy commandments, who art a strong tower of and leading a quiet and defence unto thy servants peaceable life in all godliagainst the face of their ness and honesty, may enemies; we yield thee continually offer unto thee praise and thanksgiving our sacrifice of praise and for our deliverance from thanksgiving for these thy those great dangers where mercies toward us, through with we were compassed. Jesus Christ our Lord. We acknowledge it of thy Amen.

that we may

COLLECT FOR THE CLOSE wasted or misspent. O re

ward us not after our iniOF THE YEAR.

quities, and let not thy GOD of our lives, who

compassions cease from us; art unchanged and un- but graciously prolong to changeable, without begin

us the day of grace and the ning and without end; we means of salvation. Sancrender thee our humble tify to us the afflictions thanks that thou hast which thou hast appointed brought us through the

us to bear, and grant that year, which is now closing, they may contribute to our by thy mighty and out- eternal welfare and peace. stretched arm. Thy can- We commend ourselves to dle hath shone upon our

thy holy keeping. Pretabernacle, and thy smiles

; prepare us have gladdened our hearts. for death, and for eternity. We thank thee for the

May we go on our way with care which thou hast ex

new resolutions of obeditended to us, and the bless

ence, new gratitude for thy ings which thou hast bestow

mercies, and new vigour ed upon us. We have cause

to perform thy will. And to be grateful, and we have when our time shall be no cause also to be humble, in

more, receive us to thyself our review of the past.

in glory; through Jesus Much of our time has been Christ our Lord. Amen.

pare us for life



The First Sunday in Ad- unto Jerusalem, &c.— vent.

ye have made it a den of

thieves. THE COLLECT.


Rom. xiii. 8

- 12. us grace

that we may cast away the works of dark

OWE no man any thing, ness, and put upon us the

&c. let us put on the armour of light, now in the time of this mortal life, in

arınour of light. which thy Son Jesus Christ came to visit us in great humility; that in the last day, when he shall come

The Second Sunday in Ad

vent. again in his glorious majesty, to judge both the liv

THE COLLECT. ing and dead, we may rise to the life immortal. And

BLESSED Lord, who this we beg in the name of Mediator; through

hast caused all holy scrip

tures to be written for our whom we ascribe unto thee all honour and glory, now

learning; grant that we

in such wise hear

may and ever. Amen.

them, read, mark, learn, THE GOSPEL.

and inwardly digest them,

that by patience and comMatt. xxi. 1 13. fort of thy holy word, we

may embrace and ever WHEN they drew nigh hold fast the blessed hope


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