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the first

To thee

Almighty & Eternal God; adore then caun & constant support of all things, visible tinvisible; the maker of all world of the Father of all men. All life proceeds from the the Fountain of life; all strength is derived from thin omnipotence; all happiness flows from ther, the Source & Ewer of good. By thing breath we are ani

. mated; by thing power

upheld; by the favor blesssed. The art our rock & defence, nor hope tour life; & without chree we would lift up

ur hearts. Assist us to holdend munion with they spirit. May feel what a privilege it is to know there & drow near to thes; what a happiness it is to love

thee; what a reasonable service it is to offer up ourselves to ther, a living sacrifice. Be with us on this holy day; & be with us all nor days, that they may all be holy. Be with as in this place to be with when we return to our

homes, that each house



this temple. May the sense of they surrounding presence go everywhere with us, to enlighten & to guide us; to keep from presumptions sins; to keep faith & fear; to prevent our offending in thought, word orded, gainst ther, the duinfresant & Holy One. Every day that live, feel ourselves more closely connected with thes, & more dependent upon thy favor; every step that we take in

filgrimage have reason to believe that we are

drawing nearer to the k to heavenly dwelling plan. In all our weaknesses be thin stay & support; all or persons & trials, be there our con


in they


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