Sidor som bilder


O thou unslumbering Spirit who keepest tireless vigil over all thy works; to thee, as to u faithful Guardian, do I comınit inyself and all I have, and all I love, and all that I can ever hope for, in filial, confiding trust. Thou art my Father and I will bless thee for the past and rely on thee, for the present, leaving the future to thy disposal, who canst do better for me than I cau myself devise.

For all the strength and aid of the past dayfor life and health and reason and frien:ls and the dear delights of home for the sustaining haje, for an increase of boly love for each and allt thank thee. If I have sinnerl' against thee in thonght, or word or deed-it I have forgotten thee and wandered into the paths of sinful pleasuresif I have been unmindful of thy goodness and, murmured at my lot-if I hạve cherished uuholy, or improper desires--if I have by ury act or word cast discredit on the profession I have made before man-if I have failed faithfully to discharge any obligation-0, Thou, whose darling attribute is mercy, forgive thy sinning child, while in un. feigned sorrow he bumbles himself before thee and deplores his errors and repents thereof.

And now, O my Father! I would be at peace with the world, with myself and with thee, as I address myself to repose. I cast myself on thy enduring love, o deny ine I beseech thee this privilege. If it please thee, let my rest be sweet and undisturbed in the scason thou has or. dained for it. But if alarms, or sorrows come, may I meet thy will with a resigned and cheerful spirit. Shouldst thou call me from the world, fearlessly and joyfully may I go, to dwell with thee and Him who gave himself for me, and all the ransomed Hosts of heaven.

Should life be prolonged, may it fulness and thy glory.

As thy child aud the disciple of thy Son, I offer this prayer, and through that ever blessed name to Thee be all my homage, service, praise, forever and ever. Ameu.





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