Sidor som bilder

Alimjhly com, wilt whom s live the tuzlar tere wits Sehari-hence in te zorg, of with where the souls of the faittiful, after they are delivered from the berthen of the flesh, inize telecha; the beauty thanks

for the good examples of all those the servants, bolo mancing for health Fitte, curs

Efron their laborated we beseech thee, that ine, with all those who are departed in the time paith of they boly 1127

Care our parent consummation & this tamil & everlasting glory, thonga kubonit own to where



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Grant, we beseech then thinghty God, that we thing servants, whom those hast called to glory hour & immortal ity by the Gospel of they don, may be inibed with the holy tempor of the religion which in profess, that we may fol low the example & keep the commandments of the Master a arrous whose name

bear, & that by they good jirit be preserved from evror & evil, & guided into all truth, through Jerus bhurst our Lord. Amen.


to guide

in all our


Almighty God, heavenly Father, besuch thee to grant unite us

they blessed spirit of truth & love,

difficulties, to comfort us in sorrows, to help infirmities, to

to strengthen our good affections & resolutions, & to make us one in purpose & holiness with thee of the beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, through whom we ascribe unto this eve

wwerlasting frais

es. Amen.

O God, beseech the formably to hear the propers of the people, & grant to thiy holy hurch throughout the world stability & pence;

- they

grace so to improve in knowlde & liety tall christian virtues, that we may finally be received to the church triumphant above, & join in worship & frein with the immerable

to enable


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