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am, that

UNDER the sanction of your Royal Highness's patronage, I brought before the public my Historical Review of the State of Ireland; and confident I

every true Irishman will sympathize with me in the honor of being permitted to dedicate to your Royal Highness my further efforts to throw new light upon the history of so important a part of your settled inherit

The field of literary pursuits offers no object of research more interesting and instructive, than the investigation of the authenticity of the remote history and early civilization of Ireland. The Irish, Sir, are a discerning, warm-hearted, gallant people. They love and revere the Prince, who confides in them. Their gratitude knows no stint. They doubly appreciate your virtues, as the ornament of that family, from whicly alone they have received favor since the invasion of their country by the Plantagenets. Your Royal Progenitor, the Grandfather of the Princess Sophia, from whom your Royal Highness draws that noble and valuable blood, which runs through your royal veins, frequently boasted his descent from the illustrious race of Irish monarchs; the longest and best authenticated line of ancestry, which the annals of mankind display. No discouragement, no hardship, no persecution have extinguished the pative and hereditary spirit and power of that valiant people. Their exertions of gratitude and attachment will ever keep pace with those amiable and distinguished talents, which with pride they


contemplate in your Royal Highness. As the History of Ireland, since its connection with England, has been more wilfully disfigured than that of any nation on the earth, I confidently assume, that the most punctilious adherence to truth can alone render this work worthy of the high honor of being inscribed to your Royal Highness, by

Your Royal Highness's

Most respectful and dutiful Servant,


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