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3 With pining sickness I decay, 12 They praise the Lamb who once was
Diseases wear


away; But we can add a higher strain ; [slain,
But I shall soon his leave obtain Not only say, “ He suffer'd thus ;"
To be releas’d from all my pain. But, that “ He suffer'd all for us."
4 Quickly, O Lord, thy angels charge 3 When angels by transgression fell

, To set my longing soul at large; Justice consign'd them all to hell; Quickly thy blessed hosts command But mercy form’d a wondrous plan To carry me to thy right hand. To save and honor fallen man. 5 My loving friends, farewel, farewel, Jesus, who pass'd the angels by, I go with Jesus Christ to dwell, Assum'd our flesh to bleed and die; Welcome my heav'nly country now,

He who redeem'd us by his blood, Parents and brethren, all adieu ! As man, still fills the throne of God..

5 Immanuel, our Brother now, F. Concerning the holy Angels. Is he 'fore whom the angels bow;

They join with us to praise his name,
T. 22.

But we the nearest int’rest claim,
To God let all the human race 6 But, ah, how faint our praises rise !
Bring adoration, thanks and praise ; Sure, 'tis the wonder of the skies,
He makes his love and wisdom known That we, who share his richest love,
By angels who surround his throne. So cold and unconceru'd should prove.
2 The angels, whom his breath inspires, 7. O glorious hour, it comes with speed,
His ministers, are flaming fires,

When we from sin and darkness freed,
With joy they in his service move,

Shall see our God who dy'd for man, To bear his vengeance or his love. And praise him more than angels can! 3. With gladness they obey his will,

928.* T. 70. And all his purposes fulfil; All those who Jesus' children are,

THE holy angels, Are special objects of their care.

When they to Christ draw near,

Fall down before him, 4 Our God defends us day by day Their God, with holy fear, From many dangers in our way,

And with profound humiliation, By angels, who for ever keep

Exceeding all our representation. A watchful eye, when we're asleep.

2 Heirs of salvation, 5 O Lord, we'll bless thee all our days,

Redeemed with Christ's blood,
Our souls shall glory in thy grace; Their ministration
Thy praise shall dwell uponour tongues, Demands our gratitude ;
All saints and angels join our songs.

They'll guard us till we shall assemble,
6 We pray thee, let the heav'nly host Where our joint voices shall fill the
Be guardians of our land and coast, temple.
Bid them watch o'er thy flock of grace,
That we may lead a life of peace.


T. 249

THE seraphim of God 927. T. 22,

Exalt :11: their voices loud, Now let us join our hearts and With joy.'fore him they shout;, tongues,

Their holy choirs in heav'nly blaze And emulate the angels' songs;

Sing constantly with cover'd face,
For sinners

address their King

Holy, Holy is God-Holy is God,
In songs that angels cannot sing. The Lord of Sabaoth !

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T. 166.

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2. Thereto'the church of Christ,

931:* T. 583. His flesh:11: and bone confess'd, THANKS to our Lord for all the Sings, Amen! God be prais'd!


[race; Above and here one voice doth sound: Wherewith his angels guard his chosen Praise him who hath for us aton'd!

Whene'er they ask for his supreme To God in highest strain !


[hands. To the Lamb slain !

Hegives them charge to bear us in their
All glory be! Amen.

3 When Christ, once crucified,
Returns :ll: with his pierc'd side

ANGELS astonish'd view their God
In glory, to his bride,

As Son of man to sinners giv'n; And all the world shall quake with fear, With awe they saw his streaming blood, Then will with joy 'fore him appear

Were struck, and silence was in The countless ransom'd race,

heav'n; And sing his praise

Now they with all the saints in light In never-ceasing lays.

Worship the Lamb enthron'd above, And praise the length, the breadth,

the height, 930.

And depth of God's stupendous love, T. 14.


T. 141.
YE angels, who excel in pow'r,

HOLY, holy, holy,


and bless the Lord !
Ye who delight to do his will,

Sings th' angelic choir;
Laad him
with one accord.

Might we, sinners, truly

Glow with heav'nly fire;
2 Yea, all his works, in ev'ry place, Praising all together
Extol his holy name!

Deeply bow'd in dust,
My thankful heart, my mind and soul, God, Jehovah, Father,
Unite to praise the same !

Son, and Holy Ghost.

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XXXVIII. Of our Departure unto the Lord, and the

Resurrection of the Body,
T. 132. .

3 Come, saith thy bride, who longs

for thee,
THANK God, towards eternity

Of all else she is weary,
Another step is taken,

And prays to thee incessantly,
My heart with longing turns to thee : Come, come, and do not tarry;

Tho' not by thee forsaken, Jesus, my Bridegroom, come to me,
I long and pant for my release, Thou know'st, O Lord, my soul to thee
When I shall hence depart in peace,

Already is betrothed.
To be with thee for ever.

4 I am assurd, nor life nor death 2 I tell the hours and days and years, Me from thy love can sever,

And think them tedious ages, While I abide in thee by faith,
Until the wish'd-for time appears And taste thy love and favor ;
Which all my grief assuages;

What though this time seem long to
Meanwhile with haste I forward press, me,
Till I arrive with thankfulness A foretaste of eternity
At my desired haven.

I have in thy communion,
· I i 2

T. 151.


935. *

4 Hear thou our hearts' desire, FAREWEL henceforth for ever,

Most gracious Lord and Saviour, All empty worldly joys;

Let us in peace expire, Farewel, for Chțist my Saviour

And rise to meet thy favor; Alone my thoughts employs :

And when thou shalt assign In heav'n's my conversation,

His doom to ev'ry one, Where the redeem'd possess

Thy righteousness divine In him complete salvation,

Shall be our boast alone, The gift of God's free-grace, 2 Counsel me, dearest Jesus,

T. 74 According to thy heart;

THE Lord my Portion is, Heal thou all my diseases,

I know no other bliss, And ev'ry harm avert:

Here nor eternally, Be thou my consolation

But that which flows to me While here on earth I live,

From Jesus' blood and death, And at my expiration

Whereon I trust by faith. Me to thyself receive,

2 Thou know'st, O God, that I, 3 May in my heart's recesses

Were I just now to die, Thy name and cross always

No Saviour have beside, Shine forth, with all their graces,

But Christ who for me dy'd; To yield me joy and peace;

He is my faithful Friend, Stand 'fore me in that figure,

Whose mercies never end. Wherein thou bar'st for us

3 I shall, when time is o'er, Justice in all its rigour,

Behold for evermore Expiring on the cross.

My Saviour, Lord and God, 936.* T. 146. Who bought me by, his blood,

And view the wounds which he THE grace enjoy'd by faith

Received once for me. In Jesus' incarnation,

4 The time to time is known, His wounds and bitter death,

Meanwhile be this alone
Assures us of salvation;
Engageth our whole heart,

My care, that thro' his grace,
Prompts us to sing his praise,

I so may run my race,
That I in faith


die, Until we hence depart.

And live eternally.
To see him face to face.
2 If Jesus should appear
Now at this very moment,

T. 149.
What think ye, should


fear? YE who Jesus' patients are, No, we with deep abasement, Let your hearts be tending Yet joyful, would adore

Thither, where ye wish to share The Lamb who shed his blood, Bliss that's never ending; And own him evermore

O may ye-constantly, Our Saviour, Lord and God. Wean'd from things terrestrial, 3 Ah, might the time soon come,

Look for joys celestial. When thou, our soul's Beloved, 2 Fixing all our thoughts above, Shalt fetch thy children home;

Where each true believer Our inmost soul is moved, Will, for his redeeming love, To think we shall behold

Praise the Lord for ever,
Him whom by faith we know, Here, by faith-in his death,
Chief Shepherd of his fold,

We find consolation
In whom we're 'one, and grow; And complete salvation,


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T. 97


939. *
T. 244.

3 He is, as long as life shall last,

The Source of all their bliss, How soon, exalted Jesus,

And when they from this world depart, Thou wilt to us reveal

They see him as he is, Thy countenance most glorious,

4 Lord, may I live to thee by faith, That none as yet can tell ;

To thee Ó may I die, So as thou didst appear

For thine I am in life and death,
To thy disciples here;

Thine, thine eternally,
Meanwhile, by frequent visits,
Us thy poor foll’wers cheer.

942. ? Till then, thou wilt call over, ALTHO’a pardou'd sinner's mind Out of thy family,

To be with Christ is most inclin'd, Now one, and then another,

Yet, long as he remaineth here, To be at rest with thee:

Be it a day, a month, or year, [grace, O grant us needful grace,

If but his heart be daily cheer'd by That we may run our race

With patience he can run his destin'd Relying on thy mercy, Till we shall see thy face.

2 We in this world no city have

Where we to fix our dwelling crave; 940. T. 11.

For as a trav'ller on the road LORD, my times are in thy hand,

Oft rests, but hath no fix'd abode, ,

Life's comforts thus we welcome, not Be they then at thy command ;


[view, Let me live to thee alone, Then the sting of death is gone.

But keep our heav’nly mansion still in 2 Whither should I, sinner, flee,

943. Lord, for shelter, but to thee ?

LORD, whither can I sinner flee, Thou hast gone before, in grace, When I

go hence but to thy breast ? To prepare a resting-place.

For I have sought no other home, 3 Bearing my sin's heavy load,

For I have found no other rest, All thy steps were mark'd with blood, When earthly cares engross the mind, From the garden to the cross,

And turn my thoughtsaside from thee, Suff’ring to retrieve our loss, Then the successive days and nights

Seem long and wearisome to me. 4. By thy bitter agony, By thy life pour'd out for me,

2 My God, and can a needy child,

That loves thee in humility, Oh, let me, a sinner, find

God a Friend most kind. From thy dear presence be exild, my

Or ever separated be?

O no, for in thy wounded hands
T. 14.

By faith my name engrav'd I see; WHETHER the period of this life

Firm and secure thy promise stands, Be long or short, we know,

Thatwhere thou art thy friends shall be. 'Tis in itself of no great weight,

944. T. 96. We're pilgrims here below.


and feebleness extreme, 2 Thrice happy they, who in this time Who shall a helpless worm redeem! In Jesus Christ believe,

Jesus, my only hope thou art, And as a living sacrifice

Strength of my failing flesh and heart! ļo him their bodies give.*

O could I catch a smile from thec, * Rom. xii, 1.

And drop into eternity!

T. 166.

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T. 168.

2 Christ is risen from the dead,

Thou shalt rise too, saith my Saviour; MAKE my calling and election,

Of what should I be afraid ! Jesus, ev'ry day more sure;

I with him shall live for ever.
Keep me under thy direction,

Can the HEAD forsake his limb,
Til I, thro' thy godlike pow'r, And not draw me unto him?
Unto endless glory raised,
In thy mansions shall be placed:

3 No, my soul he cannot leave, When in thee I end my race

This, this is my consolation; Weeping shall for ever cease.

And my body in the grave

Rests in hope and expectation,

That this mortal flesh shall see 946.* T, 37

Incorruptibility: My happy lot is here

4 Closely by love's sacred bands The Lamb to follow;

I am join’d to him already, Be this my only care

And my faith's outstretched hands Each step to hallow,

To embrace Lord are ready; And thus await the time

Death itself shall never part
When Christ


Mine and my Redeemer's heart.
Will call me hence, with him
To live for ever,

5 Flesh I bear, and therefore must

Unto dust be once reduced,

This I own, but from the dust
T. 124.

I shall be to life produced,
THEE we love and long to see,

And, convey'd to endless bliss,

Live where my Redeemer is.
Yea, dear Saviour,
We desire to be with thee;

6 In my body, when restor'd But the favor

To the likeness of his body, To have thee, tho' still unseen, I shall see my God, my Lord, Ever near us-doth revive and cheer My Beloved in his glory;

In my flesh eternally

My Redeemer I shall see. 948. . T. 590.

7 These mine eyes most certainly

Shall behold and know my Saviour, OUR conversation is in heav'n,

I, no stranger, no, ev'n I,
Whence also we expect

Him to see shall have the favor:.
The Lord our Saviour Christ to come, Grieving, pining in that day
And gather his elect.

Ever shall be done away.
Then shall be our vile body change,
And fashion it like his,

8 What here sickens, sighs,and groans, A glorious body, form'd for realms Thereo'er death shall prove victorious; Of everlasting bliss.

Earthly here are sown my bones,

Heav'nly they shall rise, and glorious:

What is natural, sown here,
T. 83.

Shall once spiritual rise there.
CHRIST, my Rock, my sure Defence, 9 Let us raise our minds above
Jesus, my Redeemer liveth !

This world's lusts, vain, transitory, O! what pleasing hopes from thence Cleave to him ev'n here in love,

My believing heart deriveth! Whom we hope to see in glory: Else death's long and gloomy night. May our minds tend constantly Would my guilty soul affright, Where we ever wish to be.

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