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T. 106.

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3.* T. 84.

2 God! mine eyeswith pleasure look

On the dear volume of thy book; . DEAREST Jesus! we are here, There


Redeemer's face I see,
By thy word to gain instruction;

And read his name, who dy'd for me.
Grant to us an open ear,
And thy Spirit's manuduction; 3 Let the false raptures of the mind
That we, freed from things terrestrial,

Be lost and vanish in the wind;
May aspire to joys celestial.

Here I can fix my hopé secure;

This is thy word, and must endure.
2 Reason gives no saving light
Unto fallen human nature;
But thy Spirit clears our sight,

6.* 'T. 22.
Makes the sinner a new creature ;
And by his divine emotion,

LORD Jesus, with thy children stay Prompts our hearts to true devotion. Till dawn of thy eternal day;

And let thy glorious gospel light, 3 Holy Ghost, eternal God,

Till then, dispel the gloom of night.
We now humbly ask the favor:
Shed in all our hearts abroad

2 In these degen’rate evil days
The great love of God our Saviour: We pray for constancy and grace,
Bless our pray'r and meditation, Thatwe keep pure,mostgracious Lord,
And accept our supplication.

Thy holy sacraments and word,

3 Thy sacred word is all our boast;

In this thy church can boldly trust:
SPIRIT of truth, essential God, This doth alone to bliss direct;
Who didst the saints of old inspire, All other doctrines we reject.
Shed in their hearts thy love abroad,

4 Lord, from such teachers us preserve And touch their lips with sacred fire:

Who from the holy scriptures swerve, Thou Guide divine, who dost impart

And by false doctrines would deceive The truth to man, instruct each heart!

Those who thee love and thee believe. 2 Most holy and almighty Lord,

5 The cause and glory,Lord, are thine; Whose presence fills both earth and

Thy word is pure, and truth divine: heav'n,

Assist us to rely on thee,
May we believe thy written word,
Which was by inspiration giv'n:

And keep us thine eternally.
Thou only canst thyself explain,
As truth divine, to fallen man.

T. 16. 3. Come, thou divine Interpreter,

FROM the doctrines I'll ne'er waver,
Our sloth and ignorance thouknow'st:
Ah, teach us humbly to revere

In the holy scriptures stor'd;

O what sweetness do I savor The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

In each sacred cov’nant-word! For all the mercy, truth and

grace, We in the holy scriptures trace. 2 And if I myself examine

While the book I 'fore me hold, 5. T. 22.

To each truth my heart saith Amen,

One the other doth unfold. "TWAS by an order from the Lord, The ancient prophets spoke his word; 3 Speak, O Lord, thy servant heareth His Spirit did their tongues inspire, With deep awe attentively; And warm'd their hearts with heav'nly What thy holy word declareth fire,

Shall my rule and practice be.

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and grace,

8. T. 22.

11. T. 97
FAINwould I, dear Redeemer, learn, HERE in thy presence we appear,
Fain what is excellent discern; Lord Jesus Christ, thy word to hear;
Thy will would search, my duty know; Our wand'ring thoughts and hearts in-
O let thy word the secret show!


With thirst t'imbibe thy word divine; 2 Sigh after sigh to thee I send,

That all our minds drawn from, this
That I thy word may comprehend,

earth to thee,
That word, which learnt&understood,
Affords the soul a lasting food.

May love thee more, and serve thee

3 Let human arts make others wise,

2 God Holy Spirit, now impart
My learning from the cross shall rise; Thy unction to each longing heart;
Thy wounds, thy passion, death and

Us with thy heay'nly light and fire,

To sing, to pray, and preach inspire;
4 With pity view me at thy feet, Thus blest, in spirit and in truth shallwe
To be instructed, Lord, I wait; Give praise unto the Father, Son, and
Here will I lie, nor wish to rise

Till by thy cross I am made wise.

T. 58.
9. T. 22.
O HOW I love thy holy word,

MOST gracious God; to thee we ren

der praise, Thy gracious covenant, o Lord !

Since thy blest word, replete with truth It guides me in the peaceful way;

[favor; I'I think upon it all the day,

Teacheth us to know thee and seek thy 2 Whatarethemines ofshiningwealth, To us it proveth a life-giving savor, The strength of youth, the bloom of

Through Jesus Christ.
What are alljoys compar'd with those

T. 97
Thine everlasting word bestows! GIVE us thy Spirit, Lord, that we,

With gladness and humility,
10. T. 14.

The holy scriptures may believe,
JESUS, thy word is my delight; And with a grateful heart receive,

and truth are seen : Asthy own word,to make ustruly wise, Ah, could I study day and night, And not as man's invention or device. And meditate therein!

14.* T. 83.
2 The gospel, as a polish'd glass,

O WHAT peace divinely sweet
Thy glory lets us see;
And by beholding there thy face

Fills my soul, when I've the favor

To sit down at Jesus' feet,
We're render'd like to thee.

And his gracious words to savor ! 3 O Lamb of God, the book unseal, Then I open heart and ear; And to our hearts explain ;

What he saith finds entrance there. Let all its life and spirit feel, And he av'nly wisdom gain.

15.* T, 11. 4 That thou for us didst live and die, LET the splendor of thy word

Make known to us, dear Lord; Light unto our path afford; To us the promises apply,

That we in thy truth and grace Contained in thy word.

May proceed throughout our race.

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and spirit;

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II. Of the Fall and Corruption of Man, and his

Redemption by Christ.
T. 212.

17.* T, 132. WHEN Adam fell, the frame entire OUR whole salvation doth depend Of nature was infected; [dire, On God's free

grace The source, whence came the poison All our best works can ne'er defend Was not to be corrected,

A boast in our own merit :
But by God's

which saves our

Derived is our righteousness

From Christ and his atoning grace; Erom mis'ry and destruction;

He is our Mediator. The fatal lust, indulg'd at first,

2 Who can maintain the bold conceit, Brought death as its production.

That fallen man is able 2 By one man's guilt we were enslav'd T' observe, by means of nat'ral light, To sin, death, and the devil;

The first and second table ! Bạt by another's grace are sav'd,

The Lord a feigned work abhors;
Through faith, from all this evil: Mere flesh increaseth but the curse
And as we all, by Adam's fall,

Of our entail'd corruption.
Were sentenc'd to perdition; 3 Thelawcry'd, "justice must be done,
So for us hath Christ by his death Or man doom'd to damnation;"
Regained life's fruition.

But Mercy sent th' eternal Son,

Who purchas'd our salvation, 3 Since God bestow'd his only Son Fulfill'd the law in its extent, On his rebellious creature,

And gave its wrath a thorough vent, To save our souls, whichwere undone,


spare the sons of Adam. And free our sinful nature From shameand guilt,byhis blood spilt,

4 Christ, having all the law fulfillid, His death and resurrection ;

Through his blest cross and passion,

Is now the Rock whereon we build Do not delay! make sure, this day,

Our faith and whole salvation : Thy calling and election.

We call him Lord our Righteousness, 4. I send my cries unto the Lord, Whose death hath purchas'd life and My heart implores this favor,

And ransom'd us for ever. (grace, To grant me of his living word

5 The law reveal'd sin's sinfulness, A never-failing savor; [claim

Enhanc'd the accusation; That sin and shame may lose their

The gospel tenders saving grace,
To hinder my salvation :

To sinners consolation,
In Christ the scope of all my hope, Bids all lay hold on Jesus' cross ;
I fear no condemnation.

The law could ne'er retrieve our loss, 5 His word's a lamp unto my feet

Ev'n with our best performance.
My soul's best information; 6 True faith by Jesus in us wrought,

By works is manifested;
My surest guide and path to meet
Eternal consolation ;

That faith is empty, which is not
This light where-e'er it doth appear, By works of love attested:

Revealeth Christ our Saviour Yet faith alone us justifies ;
Unto the lost, who firmly trust Love to our neighbor but implies,
In him alone for ever.

We are sincere believers.

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18. *

the sons


T. 166.

3 Love! who hast for me endured

Keenest pains of death and hell,
WHEN the due time had taken place, Love! whose suff'rings have procured
God look'd


More for me than tongue can tell,
Saw them a sinful, cursed race, Sacred Love, &c.
Perverse, polluted and unclean :

4 Love! my Life, and my Salvation,' Then Jesus came to set us free,

Light and Truth, eternal Word ! end

And for our guilt to shed his blood; it;

Thou alone dost consolation
His death procur'd our liberty,
Eend And reconcil'd us unto God.

To my sinking soul afford.

Love almighty, &c. 2 Our Lord now calleth constantly:

5 Love! thy yoke I gladly carry,
"Come, sinners,come to me and live;

It is easy, gentle, light;
Surrender ye yourselves to nie, Grant that I may ne'er be weary,

Repenting sinners I receive : goeie, My life I freely gave for you;

Thee to serve with all my might.

Sacred Love, &c.
Now all your wants I will supply,
Eight, Yea, pardon, rest, and life bestow;

6 Love! who interced'st in heaven, Oturn to me, why will ye die?”

For my soul when I'm opprest, 5;



worthless name engraven 3 Sinners, attend to Jesus' voice; He is the Lord our Righteousness:

Upon thy high-priestly breast.

Love almighty, &c.
Mourn not, but in his name rejoice,
Accept of his redeeming grace:

7 Love! thou me wilt raise to glory He fills the hungry soul with good,

From the grave, the bed of dust, The thirsty heart may take its fill;

And as conqu’ror place before thee He guides us in the narrow road

Crown'd with bliss among the just. That leads to Salem's blessed hill.

Sacred Love! I long to be ent,

Thine to all eternity. 4 Ah! come Lord Jesus, hear our pray's l'd, Thou worthy Son of God most high!

T. 590. Sion,

We humbly ask; our souls prepare, THE true good Shepherd, God's own wild That we nay to thy mercy fly;

From all eternity,

[Son That we may all believe on thee,

Urg'd by his love,exchang'd his throne ness,

And on thy flesh and blood may feed, For human misery; and

True members of thy body be, His wand'ring sheep gone far astray

For eyer join'd to thee our Head. ace,

He sought with pungent pain,

And did for all a ransom pay
19.* T. 89.

To bring them home again.
IN thine image, Lord, thou mad'st me, 2 One of those sheep, in deserts lost,
Gav'st me being out of love;

Art thou, my sin-sick soul;
Though I fell, yet thou hast sent me His life it hath the Shepherd cost
Full redemption from above;

To save and make thee whole; Sacred Love, I long to be

Now hear his voice with gratitude, Thine to all eternity. ht,

Call on his saving name; 2 Love! before I life obtained

For thee he shed his precious blood,
I was chose to bliss by thee:

And now his own doth claim.
Thou, O God, hast not disdained
To become a man like me ;

Love almighty and divine !

THOŲ holy, spotless Lamb of God! I would be for ever thine.

Didst leave thy glorious, blest abode,

20. *

T. 79.

vilest race;

the tree,

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In love to sinners vile,

Though from man's wisdom quite To bleed for fallen Adam's race,

conceal'd. Who were accurs’d, unclean and base, Whom dost thou love? Sinners, the

Entangled fast by Satan's guile. 2 Thou, for their sakewho hated thee, Whom dost thou bless ? Children, who Didst shed thy blood

scorn'd thy grace; upon Thy life for ours didst give; (paid,

O Being most gracious ! whom angels Thou bar'st our curse ; our debt was

adore, Thy soul for sin an off’ring made,

Thou takest delight in the worthless Thou dy'dst, that we with thee might live. [blood,


2 Our thirsling can never, O merciful 3 Thus hast thou bought us with thy.

Extend as far as doth thy grace;
That price accepted was by God
With him we are at peace;

On us thou more blessings and love God

hast bestow'd, No wrath remains on any one,

Than stripes deserv'dourtrespasses; kilala Who will but come unto the Son,

O teach us to trust thy fidelity, Take and put on his righteousness.

And closely united with Christ to be, der 4 Never may I depart from thee ; The Spirit's kind teachings in all things Thou hast procur'd my liberty,

to prove, Thanks to thy boundless grace! Yealive to thyhonor, thee serve, praise Thy wounds, whereon I trust

by faith,

and love. My refuge are from sin and death, My feeble soul's abiding-place.

3 We pray thee, O Being most gra-gare ha

cious and mild,
T. 22.
Instructour mindsand teachusnow,

a mot ! [bled so that in Immanuel, thine image and that in bi GIVE thanks that Jesus Christ hath Upon the cross in Adam's stead, Howgreat thyname is, we mayknow. And freed us from th' unhappy fall; Ah! shew us how easy it is to bear Thank him for this, ye sinners all! Thy yoke, and to trustthypaternalcare, li wel 2 Thanks, that he by his death & cross, That till the short period of this life towie Haih sav'd us and restor'd our loss;

shall end,

Our faith and our love Thanks,that byhismost precious blood,


the Au.

thor commend.
All that was spoild is now made good.
3 Permit me therefore thee to praise,

24. T. 14.
O Lamb of God, with grateful lays,
For all the pain thou didst endure, How sad our state by nature is!
For me salvation to procure.

Our sin how deep it stains !
4 O let me by the Spirit's light How Satan binds our captive souls
Thy cross's myst'ry know aright,

Fast in his slavish chains !
That I on thee

may place,

2 But there's a voice of sov'reign grace Till I shall see thee face to face.

Sounds from the sacred word:
T. 221.

Ho! ye despairing sinners, come,

Believe in Christ the Lord.” YEbottomless depths of God's infinite 3 My soul, obey the gracious call, In Jesus Christ to us reveald!

And haste to gain relief; Its motions how burning, how flaming I would believe thy promise, Lord; they prove!

help my unbelief!


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He sai

And c

23. *



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