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T. 590.

T. 590.

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7 The bread of life we eat in faith 16 His resurrection's pow'r divine, Is Jesus Christ our Saviour,

By grace on us bestow'd, Who conquer'd Satan, sin, and death, Renews us, that we dead to sin, And liveth now and ever:

May live alone to God: Our souls desire no other food, Thus we, supported by his might, But our Redeemer's flesh and blood, From strength to strength proceed; Which gives us life eternal. And, walking in his truth and light,

Praise him in word and deed. 131.*

7 In all we do, constrain'd by love, SING Hallelujah, Christ doth live,

We'll joy to him afford,

And to God's will obedient And peace on earth restore !


Thro' Jesus Christ our Lord.
Come, ransom'd souls, and glory give,
Sing, worship and adore !

Sing Hallelujah! and adore
With grateful hearts to him we pay

On earth the Lamb once slain, Our thanks in humble wise :

Till we in heav'n shall evermore Who ought unto our charge can lay?

Exalt his name, Amen! 'Tis God that justifies.

132. 2 Who can condemn ? since Christ was BELIEVING souls, rejoice and sing, And ever lives to God; [dead,

Your risen Saviour see, Now our whole debt is fully paid,

And say," O death, where is thy sting? He saves us by his blood. The ransom'd hosts in earth and heav'n He dy'd your guilty souls to save ;

O grave, thy victory ?." Thro' countless choirs proclaim • He hath redeem'd us ; praise be giv’n was bury'd in the gloomy grave,

And, dying, conquer'd death; To God and to the Lamb !"

But re-assum'd his breath. 3 God rais'd him up, when he for all 2 Rejoice, your conqu’ring Saviour Had freely tasted death,

He lives, to die no more ; [lives, And thus redeem'd us from the fall;

And life eternal freely gives, On this we ground our faith.

Since he our sorrows bore, For God thereby his sacrifice

To all who their lost state bewail;
Declar'd, unto his praise,

For Jesus' precious blood
An all-sufficient ransom-price Doth for each contrite soul prevail
For Adam's fallen race.

Before the throne of God.
4 The God of peace to guilty man 3 Sing praises to our risen Lord ;

Doth pard’ning grace afford, Life, immortality,
Since from the dead he brought again And lasting bliss are now restor'd
Our Shepherd, Head, and Lord;

For all; for you
That Shepherd who so freely shed Believe the wondrous deed,
His blood for sinners poor ;

Adore his saving name;
Who dy'd, but now is ris'n indeed, Rejoice, ye saints, from pole to pole
And lives for evermore.

His love and pow'r proclaim. 5 The God of mercies let us praise, 4 The Prince of life reclir'd his head, Who saveth fallen men,

Expiring on the cross;
And by his pow'r which Christ did raise, But now the Lord is ris'n indeed,
From death begets again

Is ris'n and lives for us.
Us to a lively confidence,

Rejoice, and in the dust adore
That we for Jesus' sake

The Lamb for sinners slain;
Shall of that blest inheritance,

He liveth now and evermore,
Reserv'd for us, partake.

For evermore to reign,

and me.

my soul,

T. 50.

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He truly tasted death

For wretched fallen men; REJOICE, O church, the Saviour's In bitter pangs resign'd his breath; bride,

But now is ris'n again.
All grief and mourning lay aside:
With cheerful hearts and voices sirg

3 He hath himself the keys
The resurrection of our King.


Of death, the grave and hell;

His is the victory and praise,
2 He, having triumph'd over death,

And he rules all things well.
Now re-assumes his vital breath:

Death now no more I dread,
The angels wait with watchful eyes, But cheerful close mine eyes :
And joy to see their God arise. Death is a sleep, the grave a bed;
3 Our gracious Saviour, Head and Lord, With Jesus I shall rise.
Hath well perform’d his promis'd word;
And now would have his church rejoice;
He loves to hear her cheerful voice.

T. 11.
4 Let us then with the heav'nly throng GLORY unto Jesus be!
Now join in that eternal song:

From the curse he set us free;
• Salvation to our God and King,
Whose death did our redemption bring.' He the ransom fully paid.

All our guilt on him was laid,
5 Blessing and praise we give to thee,
That thou from death hast set us free; 2 All his glorious work is done;
Thy resurrection from the grave

God's well pleased in his Son;
Proves clearly thou hast pow'r to save.

For he rais'd him from the dead,

Christ now reigns, the church's Head.
6 Thy blood shall wash our garments

3 His redeem'd his praise show forth,
Then we, with all the saints in light, Ever glorying in his worth;
Shall joyful meet our Lord and Head, Angels sing around the throne,
We know for us thy blood was shed. “ Thou art worthy, thou alone !"
7 Astonish'd, at thy footstool low, 4 Ye who love him, cease to mourn,
With humble gratitude we bow: He will certainly return;
Our words can never fully tell All his saints with him shall reign;
What in our thankful hearts we feel! Come, Lord Jesus, come! Amen,

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T. 595
CHRISTIANS, dismiss your fear;

Let hope and joy succeed,
The joyful news with gladness hear,

« The Lord is ris'n indeed!"
The promise is fulfilld

In Christ our only Head;
Justice with mercy's reconcil'd;

He lives who once was dead.
2 The Lord is ris'n again,

Who on the cross did bleed;
He lives to die no more, Amen!
The Lord is ris'n indeed.



T. 580.
JESUS, who dy'd the world to save,
Revives and rises from the grave,

By his almighty pow'r:
From sin and death he sets us frec,
He captive leads captivity,

He lives again, to die no more.
2 Children of God, look up
Your Saviour, cloth’d with Majesty,

Triumphant o'er the tomb:
Cease,cease to grieve,castoff your fears,
In heav'n your mansions he prepares,

And soun willcome to take you home.


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3 His church is still his joy and crown, Find in our Saviour, day and night,
He looks with love and pity down A source of comfort and delight;
On her he did redeem:

'Tis this makes life important,
Each member of his church he knows, 4 Hé pardon'd me, like Magdalen,
Heshares their joysand feels their woes,
And they shall ever reign with him. I love him, but it gives me pain)

I love him, my Preserver!

I love not with such fervor.
T. 22.

When Jesus I shall once behold,

I then shall feel as she of old,
REJOICE,the Lord in triumph reigns, When he to her appeared.
Breaks death and hell's infernal chains,
Retakes his life and majesty ;
Praise him to all eternity.

140.* T, 185.

[Saviour! 2 Behold the great accuser cast, HAIL, all hail, victorious Lord, and The hour of darkness now is past; Thou hast burst the bonds of death! No right to us can Satan claim, If we believe in Jesus' name.

Grant us, as to Mary, that great favor

To embrace thy feet in faith:

Thou hast in our stead the curseendured, 138. T. 14.

And for us eternal life procured; ON this glad day a brighter scene

Joyful, we with one accord Of glory was display'd

Hail thee as our risen Lord, By God th' eternal Word, than when 2 Othou matchless Source of consolaThe universe was made.

tion, 2 He riseth, who mankind hath bought

Scarce thy resting moments end With grief and pain extreme:

When a heart-enliv'ning salutation 'Twas great to speak the world from

To thy children thou dost send; nought,

We would share thy dear disciples' 'Tis greater to redeem.


As before their risen Master kneeling; T. 132.

Thus shall we, with all our heart,

Witness what a Friend thou art !
CHRIST, being risen from the tomb,
To Mary show'd his favor,

141. *

T. 205. And kindly called her by name; JESUS, who is always near,

She, when she saw her Saviour, Directly turn'd about in haste,

To assuage his children’s grief,

Unto Thomas did appear, His feet with heart-felt joy embrac'd,

To remove his unbelief, And haild her risen Master.

" Come,” he said, “ my nail prints 2 His holy name for ever be

And my side, the spear pierc'd thro';"
Adored, bless'd and praised, Bold in faith he then avow'd :
That he hath such invariably Christ, thou art my Lord, my God!"

To taste his friendship raised, 2 I would go from pole to pole
As Mary Magdalen, and me,

To behold


risen Lord; Who nought can boast of, but that he But content thyself my soul, Hath pardon'd their transgressions.

Listen to thy Saviour's word: 3. How happy feels a contrite heart, · They who me by faith receive, Enjoying Christ's salvation !

Without seeing who believe, Those who have chosen Mary's part Trust my word and thereon rest, And fav'rite occupation,

They abundantly are blest.”

139. *


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VII. Of the Ascension of Christ; his Sitting at the Right

Hand of God, and interceding for us.

142. *



He's my

T. 83.

8 O when will the time draw near, SURELY God is present here!

That he, who to heav'n ascended,

Will in majesty appear,
Since the Lord with grace and favor
To my spirit doth appear,

By the heav'nly hosts attended!

But we're silent:-to believe
Jesus, as my

Is our lot, while here we live,
For the holy Trinity
Is to us in Jesus nigh,


T. 58. 2 O might all my wishes tend YE, the Lord's redeemed, Unto Christ without cessation, Holy, beloved,

best and nearest Friend, Who as new creatures are in Christ Full of grace, truth and salvation; approved, Look heaven-ward! I, when he is present, feel

2 That he, who ascended Happiness, no tongue can tell. For our salvation, 3 Holy awe pervades my heart, May give you of his grace a sweet


Tho' still unseen,
When I see my great Creator
Of man's nature taking part,

3 Countenance majestic,
That he, as my Mediator,

Yet kind and gracious,
Might lay down his life for me, Of our once suff'ring, now exalted
And from death might set me free, Jesus !

We gaze at thee. 4 In the grave for me he lay,

4 Hark! the Father welcomes
Thenarose, with pow'r, and glorious, His Son beloved :
Grace triumphant to display,

" Come thou,whose pow'rful arm vic-
Proving over death victorious; torious proved, Come to my throne!
And for forty days was seen, 5 Sit thou at my right-hand,
By his foll'wers, God with men!

Till for thy passion,
5 When the Lord's disciples saw

Thy foes shall at thy footstool with

prostration Jesus, gloriously arrayed,

Confess thee Lord.” From their longing sight withdraw,

6 At the word of th' Father,
In a cloud to heav'n conveyed ;

With awe before him
Sure, alternate grief and joy

The countless heav'nly hosts fall down,
Did their hearts and thoughts employ.

adore him,

And homage pay. 6 He ascended up on high,

7 While on earth we tarry, Glorious and with honor crowned, His death and passion Cloth'd in god-like majesty,

We will show forth, and our sanctifiIs at God's right-hand enthroned ;


From him derive.
And doth still as man appear, 8 With his ransom'd people,
Pleading for poor sinners there. Each day that passes
7 God be prais'd, they who are his,

Shall be devoted unto solemn praises
In this present dispensation,

For Jesus' death.
Nought essential ever miss, 9 Lamb of God most holy !

Since they share in his salvation; Praise, honor, blessing,
Tho' unseen, he's nigh all,

Be giv'n to God, thro' thee, by all
Who in truth upon him call.

possessing Thy saving grace,

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10 Everlasting praises

And worship ye the Son." And adoration

With loud acclaims of joy they gaz'd, To him, who hath himself by Jesus' And cheerful Hallelujahs rais'd,

passion To us made known ! Adoring humbly at thy throne. 11 Holy, holy, holy !

2 Can we thy triumphs e'er forget? In earth and heaven,

Shall we not worship at thy feet, To God and to the Lamb be glory For all thy griefs and pain? given By all that breathe! Yes, we will join th' angelic throng,

In singing that eternal song,
T. 14.

“Worthy the Lamb, for he was slain!" THE Lord ascendeth up on high,

3 Th'assembly, which with thee at rest Deck'd with resplendent wounds ;

Appears in spotless garments drest, While shouts of vict'ry rend the sky,

Bows down and humbly sings : And heav'n with joy resounds.

We too thy saving name will bless, 2 Eternal gates their leaves unfold,

And thee, our gracious Lord, confess

The Lord of lords and King of kings! Receive the conqu’ring King: The angels strike their harps of gold, And saints triumphant sing.

T. 132. $ Sinners, rejoice; he dy'd for you ; RAISE your devotion, mortal tongues, For you prepares a place;

To praise the King of glory;
His spirit sends, you to endow Sweet be the accents of your songs
With ev'ry gift and grace.

To him who went before 4 His blood, which did for you atone, Lo! angels strike their loudest strings, For your salvation pleads ;.

For heav'n and all created things And seated on his Father's throne,

Must sound Immanuel's praises. He reigns and intercedes.

2 Ye mourning souls, look upward too,

For Christ is now preparing,
T, 146.
At God's right-hand a place for you;.

Ye GO up with shouts of praise !

Shake off all thoughts despairing: Go up, High-Priest, to heaven!

Thence he your gracious Lord will come for Who hast the ransom'd race

To fetch your longing spirits home, Upon thy heart engraven ;

And crown your love and labor. Though seated on thy throne, 3 Since he o'er heav'n bears sov'reign

Thou deign'st to hear our pray'r ; By all it's pow'rs attended; [sway, Nor art asham'd to own,

And hath more graces to display That we thy brethren are.

Than can be comprehended:

Fear not, for he his blessing pours
T. 26.

On such meek humble breasts as yours,

The objects of his favor.
O Comfort, words can ne'er express !
That, by th' angelic hosts attended,

149. T. 22. Our gracious Lord to heav'n ascended, To thee, our Lord, all praise be givn, There to prepare for us a place.

For thy ascending up to heav'n :

Support us while on earth we stay,
T. 580.

And kindly hear us when we pray. When thou, dear Saviour, didst ascend, 2 Tho' seated on thy Father's throne My hosts,” thy Father said, " attend, Thou ne'er wilt cease thy flock to own;

you :


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