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165. T. 14

Should all to ruin seem to go and wreck,

At last 'tis seen that thou art wise and IN thee I live, and move, and am;

great. Thou number'st all

my days: As thou renew'st my being, Lord, Let me renew thy praise.

2 Far as from east to west, thy wis

dom scatters 2 From thee I am, thro' thee I am, Things, which man's prudence to comAnd for thee I must be:

bine would try : "Twere better for me not to live, And that, which some would lay in Than not to live to thee.

bonds and fetters, 3 Naked I came into this world, Is by thy power rais’d to reach the sky,

And nothing with me brought; The contrary of what thou dost intend And nothing have I here deserv'd; Sometimes presents itself to human Yet I have lacked nought.


[it right,

Man, while he thought he understood 4. I do not praise my lab'ring hand,

Is often disappointed in the end.
My laboring head, or chance;
Thy providence, most gracious God,
Is my inheritance.

3 'Fore thee that's nought, which is

the admiration 5 Thy bounty gives me bread with Of all; what's nothing, that thon

A table free from strife: (peace, lov'st, O Lord ! Thy blessing is the staff of bread, Fine words with thee find no recomWhich is the staff of life.


[afford. 6 The daily favors of my God.

Thy impulse must th' emphatic pow'r I cannot sing at large;

The haughty pharisee thou passest

, by, Yet humbly can I make this boast,

To humble sinners thou dost mercy I am th? Almighty's charge.


Thy thoughts are very high, who can 7 Lord, in the day, thou art about them know ! The paths wherein I tread;

What human mind thy wisdom can And in the night, when I lie down, descry!

Thou art about my bed. 8 O let my house a temple be, 4. We magnify thy name, O God of That I and mine may sing

heaven ! Hosannas to thy majesty,

Who, though thou kill'st, dost also And praise our heav'nly King. quicken us;

When wisdom's treasures unto us are
Thy watchfulness, thy heart solicitous

To seek our good, thou dost:'fore us
How well, O Lord, art thou thy peo-

display: ple leading,

(strange! Todwell among us is thy soul's delight; Tho' oft thy ways seem wonderful and Love doth thy kind paternal heart exThere can be nothing wrong in thy

cite proceeding,

To lead thy children on, from day to Because thy faithfulness can

day. change. Thy ways seem often crooked, yet are 5 Thou know'st, O Lord, how weak straight,

we are and feeble, In which thy children are ordain'd to Thou clearly canst discern our ignowalk:

rance ;


166. *

T. 192.

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To help ourselves we're utterly unable,, Thou art but adding grief to grief,
Our very actions, prove our impotence. Instead of getting sure relief.
Therefore thou tak'st us, thou dost us 3 Would we but be resign'd and quiet,


And rest in God's good providence, Deal'st father-like, show'st mother's Who oft prescribes us wholesome diet; Those sheep, which that they're thine,

By methods cross tu fiesh and sense! no man could guess,

To him, who chose us for his own, Are ever fed, and kept within thy fold. Our wants and cares are fully known. 6 Sometimes it seems, thou art severe- 4 He knows the hours for joy and ly dealing

gladness, Again art tender and compassionate: The proper time and proper place; Thy chastisement corrects us when Are we but faithful ʼmidst our sadness, we're failing,

Seek not ourselves, but seek his Wheno'er our minds seek to extra- He'll come, before we are aware, (praise: vagate.

And dissipate our grief and care.
Then bashfulness forbids us to look up;
Thou pardon'st us, we promise better 5 God can this hour with ev'ry dainty

The poor man's table amply spread;
Thy holy Spirit peace unto us brings, And strip the rich of all his plenty,
And.puts to all extrayagance a stop.

And send him out to beg his bread:

God can do wonders, if he please, 70 give me heav'nly wisdom's pene- Humble the one, the other raise. tration,


6. Do thou with faith discharge thy sta, Thou whose eye hateth all deceitful

tion, That I distinguish nature's operation

Keep God's comreands, and sing his From grace, that I discern thy light Rely on him for preservation, (praise ;

On whom the whole creation stays. Let no strange fire be kindled, in my The man that's truly wise and just, mind,

Makes God, and God alone his truste
Which I might bring before thee fool-

And vainly think, O Lord, of pleas-

ing thee:
How blest is he who thy true light COMMIT thou thy each grievance
doth; find !

Into his faithful hands,
To his sure care and guidance,

Who heav'n and earth commands 167,*

For he, the clouds' director,

Whom winds and seas obey,
He that confides in his Creator,

Will be thy kind protector,
Depending on him all his days,

And will prepare thy way,
Shall be preserv'd in fire and water,

And sav'd in many dang’rous ways. 2 Rely on God thy Saviour,
He that makes God his staff and stay,

So shalt thou safe go on;
Builds not on sand that glides away. Build on his grace and favor,

So shall thy work be done ;
2 What gain'st thou by thy anxious car. Thou canst make no advances
What causes theeto pine away?[ing?

By self-consuming care;
Thy rest and health thou art impairing But he his help dispenses,

By sighs and groans from day to day! When call'd upon by pray'r,

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T. 151.


T. 106.

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3 Thy faithfulness eternal,

(Let us, in life and death, o father, certainly

Boldly thy truth declare, What's good or detrimental

And publish, with our latest breath,
Doth for thy children see:

Thy love and guardian care.
Thee all things serve in nature,
According to thy will;


T. 151. Thou, as the great Creator,

CHILDREN of God lack nothing, • Thy counsel dost fulfil.

His promise bears them thro'; 4. My soul! then with assurance Who gives the lilies clothing, Hope still, be not dismay’d;

Will clothe his people too ; He will from each incumbrance Beneath the spreading heavens, Again lift up thy head :

No creature but is fed ; Beyond thy wish extended

And he, who feeds the ravens, His goodness will appear,

Will give his children bread. When he hath fully ended

2 Tho'vine, nor hig-tree neither, What caus’d thy needless fear.

Their wonted fruit should bear;
Tho' all the fields should wither,

Nor flocks nor herds be there:
T: 595

Yet God the same abiding,

His praise shall tune my voice;
GIVE to the winds thy fears, For, while in him confiding,
Hope, and be undismay'd;

I cannot but rejoice.
God hears thy sighs and counts thy tears,
God shall lift up thy head;


T. 581.
Thro' waves, thro' clouds and storms, QUIET, Lord, my froward heart,

He gently clears thy way;
Wait thou his time, so shall the night Upright; simple, free from art,

Make me teachable and mild,
Soon end in joyous day.

Make me as a weaned child: 2 He ev'ry where hath way, From distrust and envy free,

And all things serve his might, Pleas'd with all that pleaseth thee, His ev'ry act pure blessing is,

2 What thou shalt to-day provide, His path unsullied light:

Let me as a child receive;
When he makes bare his arm,
What shall his work withstand ?

What to-morrow may betide,
When he his people's cause defends,

Calmly to thy wisdom leave :

'Tis enough that thou wilt care, Who, who shall stay his hand ?

Why should I the burden bear?
3. Leave to his sov'reign sway 3 As a little child relies
To choose and to command,

On a care beyond his own,
With wonder filld,thợu then shalt own Knows he's neither strong nor wise,
How wise, how strong his hand;

Fears to stir a step alone :
Thou comprehend'st him not,

Let me thus with thee abide,
Yet earth and heaven tell,

As my Father, Guard and Guide.
God sits as sov'reign on the throne,
He ruleth all things well.

4 Thus preserv'd from Satan's wiles,

Safe from dangers, free from fears, 4 Thou seesť our weakness, Lord, May I live upon thy smiles,

Our hearts are known to thee, Till the promis'd hour appears, lift thou up the sinking hand, When the sons of God shall prove Confirm the feeble knee;

All their Father's boundless love.

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172 *

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IX. Of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
T. 132.

3 O Lamb of God, for sinners slain,

Who didst the human race regain,
To God on high all glory be! And claim'st it as thy property;

And thanks that he's so gracious, Worthy art thou eternally!
That hence to all eternity

For all we are and have, is thine alone,
No evil shall oppress us.

Ah ! take and keep usevermorethyown, His word declares good will to men, On earth is peace restor'd again 4. O Holy Ghost, to thee we raise, Thro’ Jesus Christ our Saviour.

With joyful hearts, our thanks & praise,

For leading us to Christ by faith, 2 We humbly thee adore and praise, And glorifying Jesus' death;

And laud for thy great glory: O grant us all the grace, iv him t'abide,
Father, thy kingdom lasts always, That he may glory in a faithful bride.

Not frail, nor transitory;
Thy pow's is endless as thy praise,

5 We all say, Amen! deeply bow'd Thou speak'st, the universe obeys;


presence of the Triune God, In such a Lord we're happy.

By whom in Christ we're fore-ordain'd,

Io happiness that knows no end; 3 O Jesus Christ, thou Son belov'd

With grateful bearts we thank and Of thy celestial Father,

praise the Lord,
By whom all enmity's remov’d,

His saving nanie for ever be ador'd!
And all the lost find succor ; (Lord,
Thou slaughter'd' Lamb, our God and
To needy pray'rs'thiné ear afford,

1774, *

T. 230.
And on us all have mercy!

To the Father thanks and praises,
4 0 Comforter, God Holy Ghost, Whose love in Christ to life us raises,
Thou Source of consolation,

And comforts us in all distress;
From Satan's pow'r thou wilt, we trust, Glory, thanks and adoration,
Protect Christ's congregation,

Be giv'n to Christ without cessation,
The purchase of his bitter smart ;

Whose presence yields us joy and peace;
All evil graciously avert,

The Spirit magnify
Lead us to life eternal.

Who doth to us apply-Jesus' merit;

Our God revere,—He's present here, 173. * T. 97

Come, worship Him, with filial fear,
MOST holy, blessed Trinity i

2 Father of the congregation,
God, prais'd to all eternity! O what abundant consolation
Lord over all, whose pow'r did frame We in thy gracious counsel find
The world, and still upholds the same; Which by Christ was manifested !
All things thou reconcilest unto thee;. His coming in the flesh attested
With awe we now adore thy Majesty! Thy tender love to all mankind;

Thy name we magnify-To all eternity; 2 Father of Jesus, Lord of all,

For thy mercies-unbounded are;
Thee we our God and Father call,
Since Jesus made us by his blood

Thy love and care

Exceed our utmost wish and pray’r.
Children, and blessed heirs of God;
Eternal praise and thanks are due to thee, 3 Lord, our matchless Friend & Brnther,
Froni Christ's redeemed blood-bought Thy praises from each day to th' other

I'll sing, while I have breath in me:

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T. 39.

our Lord

God, as man to us related !

12 Most gracious Lord,- Eternal Word! The grateful sense thou hast created, Who flesh wast made, To praise excites me pow'rfully; Our Saviour, Friend and Head : Rise, spirit of gladness, rise,

Thou Holy Lamb of God, --Thy blood, Exalt his sacrifice-Hallelujah! Thy pain and death, Preserve in faith In highest strain-To the Lamb slæin, Thy church while here, Let heav'n and earth reply, Amer.. Till we 'fore thee appear. 4 Holy Spirit, we adore thee, 3 DearComforter!-Receiveour pray'r, And to thy name give praise and glory, Instruct us, Lord, For graciously directing us,

That we may know thy word, To seek pardon, peace

and favor And thus in love and peace-Increase. With God, thro”Jesus Christour Saviour, Oh may we all, -Both great and smalt, From whom alone salvation flows; Count all things loss O fill us with his love, [honor; Save Jesus and his cross. So that our walk may prove-To his And grant that we-Continually

177. T. 58. May to thy voice obedient be.

LORD God, Abba Father,

Who didst to bless us 175.

Send thy own Son, our Lord, and call him Jesus,

We worship thee. O Father of mercy, be ever ador'd; Thy love was displayed in sending 2 God the Son, Redeemer,

Who by thy bleeding

[we praise To ransom and bless us : thy goodness Hast sav'd us sinners, and for For sending in Jesus salvation by grace.


Remember us. 2 Most merciful Saviour, who deign- 3 Holy Ghost, we praise thee, edst to die

[to buy ;)

That Christ's revealed Our curse to remove, and our pardon

Unto our hearts,and that by thee we're

sealed Accept our thanksgiving, almighty to

Unto his day, save,

4 Bless'd Three! who bear record Whoopenest heaven to all that believe. In heav'nly places, 3 0 Spirit of wisdom, of love, and of Vouchsafe to hear our fervent pray’rs pow'r,

and praises,

For Jesus' sake. We prove thy blest influence, thy grace we adore:


T. 14. Whose inward revealing applies our OUR heav'nly Father, Source of love, Lord's blood,


To thee our hearts we raise; Attesting and sealing us children of

Thy all-sustaining pow'r we prove,

And gladly sing thy praise. 176. T. 206.

2 Lord Jesus, thine we wish to be, ( Father! hear-our humble pray'r: Made, and preserv'd,and sav'd by thee,

Our sacrifice receive; Us kindly own

To thee ourselves we give. As children; 'since thy Son, Whom thou so graciously-And free 3. Come, Holy Ghost, the Saviour's love Gav'st up to die,- Did satisfy

Shed in our hearts abroad; For Adam's race;

So shall we ever live and move, Procuring truth and grace.

And be with Christ in God.

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