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THIS collection like the Hymn Book of 1801, of which it is designed to be a continuation, consists partly of translations from the German, and partly of original English compositions. The former are marked with an asterisk.

Nearly the same order has been followed in the arrangement of the Hymns,

An index, containing the first line of every verse, and a table of the tunes is subjoined.

May our Saviour, Jesus Christ, lay his blessing on this publication, and render it subservient to the promotion of that liturgical spirit of singing and making melody unto the Lord, which has always peculiarly characterized the Congregations of the United Brethren!

Fairfield, June 1st, 1808.




1. Of the Birth and life of Christ.

259 II. Of the Sufferings and Death of Christ........... 262 111. Of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost............... 266 IV, Of Faith in Christ..........

268 Of Thankfulness for Christ's Birth and Death 270 Vi. Of Brotherly Love......

272 VII. Of following Christ.......

273 VIII. Of Self-knowledge...

276 IX. Of Sanctification.

279 X. Of Patience in Tribulation...

280 XI.

Hymns of Praise and Thanksgiving................ 284 XII. Of Prayer and Supplication

286 XIII. Of the Church of Christ........

288 XIV. Of the Servants of Christ.....

291 Of the spreading of Christ's Kingdom upon

294 Earth ... XVI. Hymns for solemn Occasions..

297 XVII. Of the Holy Communion......

300 XVIU. Of our Departure unto the Lord and the last

302 Judgment

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1001.* T. 22

2. He, grace and truth revealing, REJOICE,our nature Christassumes,

With man takes


his dwelling, Born of a virgin, lo! he comes,

Assumeth, cloth’d in weakness, God had this birth for him ordain'd,

Of sinful flesh, the likeness. Adore and wonder ev'ry land. 3. What welcome shall I give thee, 2. He left his bright, his glorious Thou long predicted Saviour,

Or how shall I receive thee, throne,

In whom the lost find favor ? He bow'd the heav'ns, to earth came down,

4. Accept our pray’rs and praises,
And thus his wondrous race began, I lovely infant Jesus,
As God with God, and man with man. When at thy manger waiting,

For mercy thee entreating.
3. To save mankind from ruin, sent
From God he came, to God he went, 5. By all in earth and heaven,
He stoop'd to death and to the tomb, To God be glory given,
Ere he his glory did resume. Who by compassion moved,

Gave his Son beloved. 4. Behold a great, a heav'nly light,

up From Bethle’m's manger shiping 6. Here, of Christ's incarnation, bright

And death, we make confession, Around those, who in darkness dwell, There, shall his love unbounded The night of evil to dispel.

In nobler strains be sounded. 5. Incarnate God, exert thy pow'r,

1003.* T. 83. Arise, thoa glorious Conqueror, Subdue sin, death, and ev'ry foe,

TRULY that eventful day, Erect thy kingdom here below.

When the God of our salvation

Helpless in a manger lay, 1002.* T. 10.

Of our bliss laid the foundation, THE Sun of grace is rising,

Centuries had never gain'd

What He then for man obtain'd.
Man with his beams rejoicing;
He renders undone sinners

2. But why do we Jesus see, Life's glorious heirs and winners. Thus assuming human nature?


Ah! 'twas done for


for me, To redeem a wretched creature,

10. What shall I now give to thee?

Take my heart as a thank-off'ring: Even me, yea thousands more,

What bast thou not done for me, Yet as mine, I him adore.

By that life of woe and sufføring? 3. Of such love what mortal can

This to man restoreth all Fathom the unbounded ocean?

He had lost by Adam's fall. God, the Holy One, loves man;

1001. T. 585. Sink, my soul, in deep devotion! First in love the plan He laid,

HEAR,yesinners,peace and pardon, And man in his image made.

Freely offer'd, glad receive;

Nor your hearts yet longer barden, 4. When this favor'd creature fell, Hear his voice, and ye shall live;

Forfeiting his Lord's communion, “ To God glory in the highest, And with Satan, sin and hell

“On earth peace, good will to men!" Formed a rebellious union, Still with love lost man He sought, 12. Meek and lowly see your Saviour, And with blood and torments bought

. He receives them into favor,

Meet returning prodigals; 5. Stronger far his love, than death!

Therefore come, 'tis God who calls; Yea before the world's foundation,

66 Unto us a Son is given, Ere first creatures drew their breath, “ Unto us a Child is born." Or the elements took station,

3. Now to Bethle'm we're invited, Worms or seraphs had their place, Fixed stood his scheme of grace.

Or to Calv'ry him to know,

But ere long we shall be cited, 6. Who would venture to explain,

When the trump of God shall blow, With what holy exultation

'Fore the presence of his glory, He foretold his blood-bought gain,

As the Judge of quick and dead. What the hear’nly hosts' sensation,

4. Then on clouds in glory seated, When with joy and wonder mix’d,

He'll pronounce their final doom, They beheld his purpose fix'd ?

Who, while here, tho'oft entreated, 7. Scarce bad Adam fall’n from grace, For Immanuel found no room. Ev’n in paradise insnared,

Gracious Saviour! since thou callest, When with parent's tenderness

May not one of us refuse.
God his will to save deelared;
Should not such great mercy move

5. May we all once stand before thee,

Giv'n unto thee without loss, All to praise, adore and love?

As thy saints, who here adore thee, 8. See th'almighty God descend,

In the manger, on the cross; At the time by him directed,

“ To God glory in the highest, Thirty years on earth to spend,

“On earth peace, good will to men.” As a man despis'd, rejected, As a victim to be slaid,

1005. His love's purpose to obtain. PEACE on earth! heav'n is proclaim9. What sure prophecies foretold, ing, And mysterious types depicted,

Peace, descending from above, Sacred covenants of old,

Peace,good will,lost man reclaiming, Solemn promises predicted,

Peace from God, God who is love! All was made Amen and Yea,

Peace in Jesus :||: Peace, that never On that great eventful day.

shall remove.

T. 585.

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