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With his blood my pardon bought, An ear, to hear with pleasure
I had spent my days in anxious His word,' that sacred treasure.

6. He graciously conducts me; But, to him be thanks, I now believing The Holy Ghost instructs me; In my Lord, by faith receive To understand more fully Comforts, which the world can't give. His mind, and know him truly. 2. O what blessings are from Jesus' | 7. From Jesu's blood and merit, passion,

I gain new life and spirit,
And atoning death deriv'd! Forgiveness, grace, salvation,
I refuse all other consolation, Strength, joy, and consolation,

lf of these I am depriv'd ; 8. My spirit him embraces, But no sooner doth his blood bedew He all my wants redresses, me,

I in his love's fruition, And impart its healing virtue to me, Am happy without vision. Than my soul, tho' sunk in grief,

9. Am I, of him possessed, Is restor’d, and finds relief.

Already here so blessed ; 3. When my Jesus from the cross What joys shall I be tasting, complacent,

When in his presence resting. Casts on me a look of love, 10. While, lost in deepest wonder, Grateful tears flow down my cheeks On my blest lot I ponder, incessant,

Tears down my cheeks are stealing, All my soft affections move; These best declare my feeling. Could I with a mind from earth di

1050.* T. 205. vested, 'By the cares of this life unmolested, ALL the bliss, which we pessess, Be engag'd with him alone,

Is deriv'd from Jesus' cross; Then were heav'n op earth begun.

He to God, hath by his blood,

Reconcil'd and saved us; 1049.* T. 10. Now his righteousness is found HEAR, while I am revealing,

Our salvation's only ground; The kind and gracious dealing

Hence all our felicity Of my benign Creator,

Springs here and eternally. With me a worthless creature. 2. Amen yea, Hallelujah! 2. By faith to Jesus cleaving,

Lord, our comfort. joy and peace, And in his wounds believing,

By thy cross thou gain'dst for us Like Thomas I can trace him,

Everlasting happiness!

Since th’ effects we richly prove And as my Lord confess him.

Of this wondrous act of love, 3. With grateful heart's sensation

With what gratitude should we J own, that when his passion,

Raise our hearts and eyes to thee! His cross and death are named, My soul is then inflamed.

1051.* T. 58. 4. From death to life he raised PRAISE be to Christ! for us he My soul-his pame be praised,

vict'ry gain'd, Now I'm regenerated,

In judgement he our cause by right And all is new-created.

obtain'd, 5. The eye of faith he giveth, We are his thro' mercy: to him our Which seeth him and liveth,


We'll humbly eleave, till we shall,

1052. T.167. bave the favor, To see his face. PRAISE for ev'ry scene distressing, 2. While saints in glory praise their Praise for all thou didst endure, heav'nly King,

Praise for ev'ry gift and blessing, Let his church militant thanksgivings Which thy griefs for us procure; bring,

In thy ransom'd congregation Since 'tis solely owing to Jesus' pas Shall thy death our theme remain, sion,

Till thoy com'st, with full salvation, That no believer needs a separation,

Lord of glory, Lamb once slạin. From God to fear.

1053.* T.146. 3. Thy saving name be hallow'd

MIGHT with an iron pen evermore,

This truth divipe be graven; Lord Jesus, let thy kingdom come

For sinpers Christ was slạin, with pow'r;

To purchase life and heaven; Might all pations render to thee the

Unwearied we prolong, glory,

And joyfully repeat Since not one sinner is despis'd before thee,

of all. The blessed gospel song;

| 'Tis ever new and sweet.



1054.* T.583. 4. If love unfeiga'd we in our actions

show, How good and pleasant is it to be The God of peace his blessing will hold

bestow; The favour'd sheep of our good Shep- O Lord preserve thy, church, for herd's fold,

Jesus' sake, By grace apheld, in love and know- And bless what in thy name we unledge grow,

dertake! Each sharing in the other's weal and

1055.* t. 167. 2. Fullness of grace in him, our Head GRANT, Lord, that with thy diabounds,

rection : Hence ev'ry blessing to his church • Love each other:" we comply, redounds;

Aiming with unfeign'd affection, He dwells among us and his Spirit's Thy love to exemplify: light,

Let our mutual love be glowing, To love each other, teacheth us aright. Thus it will to all

appear, 3. The word of God like plenteous That we, as on one stem growing, rain descends,

In thee living branches are. And fructifying pow'r its course at. 2. Oh! that such might be our union, tends,

As thine with the Father is, Unto our soulsit richest food supplies, And not one of our communion And to salvation makes us truly wise. Might forsake the path of bliss!


tressing adure


rocure; D - remai alvation

e slain



May our light 'fore men with bright. Since thou art ever ready,

Friend of the poor and needy, From thy light reflected shine, All the disconsolate to cheer. Thus the world will bear us witness,

1057.* t. 124. That we, Lord, are truly thine.

WHEN the true believer's mind 1056. T. 79,

Grace o'erfloweth,
DEAR Lord, my soul desireth,

Then all labor doth succeed,
In all thy word requireth,

No hurt groweth;
By works t'adorn thy grace ;

Pilgrims trav’lling Zion-ward,
O might my conversation

Cheer each other,
Display, on each occasión

Each stirs up his brother.
That holy mind, which in thee was. 2. By Christ's dying love constrain'd,
2. The tent to me allotted,

None can ever
In honor and unspotted,

Him to serve a búrthen deem;
I'll cherish and respect;

'Tis a favor;
But if of me required,

Looking unto Christ, what else
Then by thy love inspired,

Were distressing,
Comfort and ease for thee neglect.

Will become a blessing.
3. May I esteem my neighbors,

1058. T.39. Fair qualities or labors

WHAT brought us together? what Of their's retain in mind;

joined our hearts? Yea be myself their servant,

The pardon, which Jesus, our High Thro' unbid impulse ferrent.

Priest, imparts: As tho’ some contract me did bind. 'Tis this, which cements the disciples 4. In my degree and measure

of Christ, To aid men be my pleasure, Who are into one, by the Spirit bapTo edify, my care;


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1060.* t. 11.

The Maker of creation's sphere O

Did in an abject state appear, my soul, mark ev'ry word Of thy kind and gracious Lord,

That by his poverty the poor When be calls, without delay,

Might be enriched evermore. Willingly his call obey.

5. While here on earth, no place he

had, 2. When he beckons, baste along,

Where he his weary head could lay, In his power divine be strong,

Oft hungry, thirsty, spent and sad, Should he e'er thy work commend,

He learnt by sufføring to obey; Lowly at his foot-stool bend.

His meat and drink was to fulfil 3. Hath he ought to say to thee, His Heav'nly Father's holy will, An attentive scholar be,

Apd to seek out the sons of woe. Doth he chasten thee, as son, That he to them might kindness show, “ Tis deserved;" humbly own. 6. Say, O thou love's eternal Source,

What prompted thee this step to 1061.* T. 166.


Compassion was the mighty force, THRICE happy I esteem my lot, Uncall'd thou cam'st to set him free

O'er sinful man thy heart did break; To feel true spirit's poverty, This portion from the Lord I've got, Yea to enrich and crown bis days

From sin, from curse and misery, It yields content and peace to me : With thy salvation, joy and grace. He gave me this inheritance, My soul's salvation to advance;

7. My body, mind and soul combine, To him eternal thanks and praise

To laud and magnify the Lord, Be render'd for

My Shepherd and my Guide divine, my

Who leads me by his holy word, 2. O how exceeding rich and great Preserves me in the narrow way,

The grace of Jesus Christ appears! Works wonders for me day by day, He left his heav'nly Father's seat, Whose staff to comfort never fails, To share our sorrows, griefs and When any trial me assails.

tears; No wordly pomp, or dignity

8. Nought caò such pleasure yield to

me, The sons of men in him could see When they th’ Eternal Word beheld, As that his glory I shall see,

While in this vale of tears I stay, His Godhead in our nature veil'd.

And live with him in endless day; 3. For us from heav'nly realms exild, Ev’n here of everlasting rest,

A life of pain and woe he led, I of a foretaste am possessid, By sinners mocked and revil'd While in sweet union I abide,

He freely suffer'd in our stead; With him and with his chosen bride. 'That he those, who in him believe Might as his property receive,

9. Most gladly I to others leave Since by his anguish, death and blood

Their worldly treasure, pomp

fame, He reconcil'd us into God.

Since of Christ's fulness I receive, 4. Yea, the world's Saviour, Jesus I glory only in his name; Christ,

In his reproach freely share, Th' eternal Son of God, became Who formy sake the cross did bear, A man rejected and despis’d, And joy in shame and poverty,

An object of contempt and shame; Since Jesus poor became for me.

call of grace,


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1062.* T. 14.

1064.* T. 16.
GLORY to God, whose witness-

IN that glorious vest arrayed,
Those heros, bold in faith, (train, we will Jesus andismayed

Wherein we 'fore God can stand,
Could smile on poverty and pain,

Follow, joining heart and hand,
And triumph, ev’n in death.
2. Scorn'd and revil'd as was their 2. If our lives for him we venture,

And depending on his grace,

On the hardest trials enter,
When walking here below,
Thus in this evil world they led

This gives courage and success.
A life replete with woe.

3. Of our lives we will be careful, 3. With the same faith our bosom While reserved for his use, glows,

But, when he demands, unfearful,
Wherein these warriors stood,

Wealth and life for Jesus lose.
When in the cruel gripe of those,
Who thirsted for their blood.

1065.* T. 79.
4. God, whom we serve, our God As thy will, O my Saviour,

can save,
And damp the scorching flame, Was subject and resign'd;
Can build an ark, or smooth a wave, Grant that in deep subjection,

For such as fear his name. To follow thy direction,
5. Yea should it ev’p to man appear

I may be cheerfully inclin'd.
At times, as tho' our Lord
Forsook his chosen people here,

1066.* T. 14.
At last, he'll help afford.

O MAY we, Saviour, step for step, 6. If but his arm support us still,

Bear thee sweet company,
Is but his joy our strength,

Thus will, whate'er we undertake,
We shall ascend the ragged hill,

An act of worship be.
And conqu’rors prove at length.

1067.* T.14. 1063.* t.11. To belong to Christ onr Saviour

Christian, what doth this imply?
RISE, ye foll'wers of the Lamb,

Constantly to seek his favor,
Serve him midst reproach and shame,

Ever watching faithfully;
His example keep in view,
And the narrow path pursue.

To implore his kind direction,

Day by day, in all we do,
2. O all wise, sublime decree! To confide in his protection,
He assum'd humanity,

Freed from ev'ry earthly view,
Liv'd on earth despis’d and poor,
Died, salvation to procure.

1068.* T. 155. .
3. See bis faithful witness-train, AMEN

yea, Head of thy church, They endur'd the cross and pain; Grant, we pray, this our petition, (Men, the world deserved not)

In submission
Hard and cheerless was their lot. To thy will, with steady pace,
4. Should we not rejoice to see

In thy ways
Our names in heav'ns registry, To proceed: if thou attend us,
With the names of those enrollid, Cross or shame shall not offend us,
Who shall
reap an hundred-fold. Thee we boldly will confess.


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