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6. Blind unbelief is sure to err, 13. His love in times past me forbid. And scan his work in vain,

deth to think, God is his own interpreter,

He'll leave me at last unrelieved to And he will make it plain.

sink, 1094. T. 22.

Each sweet Ebenezer I have in re

view BEstill my heart, these anxious cares Confirms his good pleasure to help To thee are burthens, thorns and snares,

me quite thro. They cast dishonor on thy Lord, And contradict his gracious word. 4. Why should I complain then of

want or distress, 2. Brought safely by his hand thus far, Why wilt thou now give place to care? Temptation or pain? for he told me How canst thou want, if he provide, The heirs of salvation, I know from

no less, Or lose thy way with such a guide?

hts word, 3. When first before his merey-seat Thro' much tribulation must follow Thou didst thy All to him commit,

their Lord. He gave thee warrant from that hour, To trust his wisdom, love and pow'r. 15. How bitter the cup none can ever

conceive, 4. Did erer trouble thee befall,

Which Jesus drank up that


sin. And he refuse to hear thy call, And hath he not the promise pass’d,

ners might live!

His way was much rougher, and That thou shalt overcome at last ?

darker than mine,
5. He that hath help?d me bitherto, Did Jesus thus suffer, and shall I re-
Will help me all my journey thro',

And give me daily cause to raise
New Ebenezers to his praise.

6. Since all that I meet with shall 6. Tho'rough and thorny be the road, The bitter is sweet, and the med'cine

work for my good, It leads me home apace to God,

is food, I count my present trials small, For heav'n will make amends for all: Tho' painful at present, 'twill cease

before long, 1095. T. 39.

And then, Ohow pleasant, the conBEGONE unbelief! for my Saviour queror's song

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is near,

And for my relief he will surely ap

1096. T. 591.
By pray’r let me wrestle, and he will IF to Jesus for relief

My soul hath fled by pray'r, With Christ in the vessel, I smile at Why should I give way to grief, the storm.

Or heart-consuming care?

Are not all things in his hand, 2. Tho' dark be my way, yet since Hath be not his promise pass'd ? he is my guide,

Will he then regardless stand, 'Tis mine to obey, and 'tis his to pro And let me sink at last ?

Tho' cisterns be broken, and crea- 2. While I know, his providence
tures all fail,

Disposeth each event,
The word he hath spoken, will surely Shall I judge by feeble sense,

And yield to discontent?

If he worms and sparrows feed, Let thy griefs be turn'd to gladness,

Clothe the grass in rich array, Bid thy restless fears begone: Can he see a child in need,

Look to Jesus :fl: And rejoice in bis And turn his eye away?

great name. 3. When his name was quite un 2. What tho' Satan's strong temptaknown,

tions And sio my life employ'd,

Harrass thee by night and day, Then be watch'd me as his own,

And thy sinful inclinations Or I had been destroy'd;

Often fill thee with dismay, Now his mercy-seat I know,

Thou shalt conquer :||: Thro' the Now by grace I'm reconcil'd,

Lamb's atoning blood. Would be spare me, while a foe,

To leave me, when a child ? 3. Tho' ten thousand ills beset thee, 4. If he all my wants supplied,

From without, and from within, When I disdaip'd to pray,

Jesus saith, he'll ve'er forget thee, Now his spirit is my guide,

But will save from hell and sin; How can he answer nay;

He is faithful :/!: To perform his graIf he would not give me up,

cious word.

thee, When my soul against him fought, 4. Tho' distresses vow att Will be disappoint the hope,

And thou tread'st the thorny road, Which he himself bath wrought? His right band shall still defend thee,

Soon he'll bring thee home to God; 5. If he shed his precious blood,

Therefore praise him :||: Praise the To bring me to his fold,

dear Redeemer's name! Can I think, that meaner good He will from me withhold ?

1099* T. 159. Satan, vain is thy device,

Here my hope rests well assur'd; LOOK up, my soul,to Christ thy joy, In that great redemption-price


With a believing mind, I see the whole secur'd.

With all the ills, which thee annoy, 1097. T. 89.

The way to Jesus fiud;

Here in this world thou bast no home, YES, since God himself hath said it, Nor lasting joy: to Jesus come, On his promise I rely,

He is the Pearl of greatest price; His good word demands my credit, Who all thy wants supplies.

What can unbelief reply? He is strong and can fulil,

2. Stedfast in faith to Jesus cleave, He is truth, and therefore will.

His faithfulness review,

And ev'ry burthen with him leave, In my Sat our's iutercession

Whose love is daily new : Humbly still I will confide,

His ways with thee are just and right, Lord, accept my free confession ;

“I have sinn'd, but thou hast died;" He puts thy enemies to flight, This is all I have to plead,

However threat'ning they appear, This is all the plea I need.

Take courage, he is near. 1098. T. 585.

3. Thy closet enter, pray and sigh,

To Jesus tell thy grief, O MY soul, what means this sadness. His ear is open to thy cry,

Wherefore art thou thus cast down? His hand to give relief,

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of pain,

Tho' men thee hate, forsake and I take, thus with gladness inspired grieve,

by thee, 'Thy Saviour thee will never leave, All sorrow and sadness affrighted His word is pass'd: he'll aid afford, must flee. Rely upon the Lord.

4. I plead thy rich promise, O give 4. Lift up thy heart to him on high,

me to drink, And leave this sordid earth, With fervor of spirit I wholly would Behold with a believing eye

God's excellence and worth;

Into thy love's ocean,
Devote thy life, thy all to him,

O let true devotion
Who did thy soul from death redeem, My heart be impelling, still onward
In love to thee the cross endur'd,

to move,
And life for thee procur'd.

To Zion thy dwelling, the city of 5. Arise and seek the things above, love. Let heav'n be all thy aim,

5. Should bitter be mix'd with the Where Jesus dwells in bliss and love, And earth and sin disclaim;

sweet.of my cup The world and all its empty joy

O grant me with joy all self-will to
His potent breath will once destroy;

give up.

of dire sorows.
Abiding rest and peace of mind

Which thou hast drank for us,
In Christ alone we find.

To thine thou dost offer in this world
1100.* t. 142.
O FOUNTAIN eternal of life and

With thee, they here suffer, with

thee they shall reign. of light, Where all find refreshment, who seek 6. O therefore, my Jesus, permit me it aright,

to rest, Pure spring of salvation,

Where saints are no longer by suff".
And true consolation,

ring oppress'd,
From God's holy temple thy living Where joys beyond measure,
stream rolls,

And fullness of pleasure
Whose waters flow ample for all In glory transcendent the conquer-
thirsty souls.

ors gain, 2. Let him that is thirsty, encourag

And where crowns resplendent the

faithful obtain.
ing call!
Now drink of the waters, abounding

1101.* T. 82.
for all,

FAITHFUL Saviour, we to thee
The promised blessing
Is sweetly refreshing,

Will look up incessantly,
Allye who are ailing and needy draw Happy in thy peace and blessing,

Filial confidence possessing,
This well-spring ne'er-failing your Poor in spirit, rich in grace,
wants will supply.

We show forth thy matchless praise. 3. Thou river of life dost revive soul 2. God be prais'd! thy love is known, and mind,

Phou expectest this alone, Those whom thou enrichest eternal That disclaiming self-reliance, good find,

We should yield a glad compliance,
Amidst tribulation,

With a mind devoutly still,
The cup of salvation,

To thy good and perfectly will,

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1102.* T. 157. 2. What are this world's joys and

troubles, WITH undaunted resolution, Christian heart-where thou art,

But a band-full of sand,

Vain and empty bubbles : Stand without confusion;

Yonder are the solid treasures, Yea should death with its last mes

Where our Lord will afford sage,

Endless joys and pleasures.
Call thee hence-Christ's defence,
Leads thro’ the dark passage.



1103.* T. 583. 2. Out of love he man created, To thee, the Lord of all, I'll humbly Nor was this, his love, abated,

And ordain'd bim God's delight, sing,

When man lost God's image bright; To thee,my Maker,I'll thank-off'rings bring;


Then compassion :i: Brought reBut how can language worthily dis

demption's plan to light Thy lauds, or to thy name due hom- 3. Here is love divine pourtrayed, age pay ?

So that man the lines may trace, 2. I've nought to give, for what I See, O man, God's love displayed, have is thine,


In thy Saviour's marred face; Thine is soul and body, and not

Wouldst thou praise him :Il: Be thy My reas'ning pow'rs, my health, my

theme redeeming grace. daily food,

[art good. 4. Bear in mind, how Jesus suffer'd, Are all thy gifts, and show, that thou He the righteous, for th' unjust, 3. That I'm an honourable vessel How his sipless soul he offerd, made,

Unto God for sinful dust; Is all the work of love upmerited,

Love thus triumph'd :fl: Mighty And not because I'm worthy: mercy

now to save the lost. free

5. Lo, th' incarnate God ascended, Redeem'd my soul from sin and misery. Pleads the merits of his blood, 4. Now while on earth I stay, to thee Now all enmity is ended, I'll live,

Man is reconcil'd to God; And to thy name alone all glory give,

All the ruin : 1: Of his fall is now Till I with all thy saints, my voice

made good. shall raise,

6. We shall see him once returning, And join in everlasting songs of praise. Then the sav'd their heads will 1104. T. 585.

raise, WHILE successive years are wast

He will change theirgriefand mourn.


Into notes of endless praise;
Still our God abides the same;

As Jehovah :!i: Ev'ry tongue will All his words are everlasting,

him confess.
All his works his love proclaim ;
Men and angels :li: Sing thrice ho- 7. Sing with glad anticipation,
ly to his name.

Mortals and immortals, sing,

Jesus comes with full salvation,

1006. T. 14. Jesus doth his glory bring;

FOR mercies, countless as the sands, Hallelujah! :/: Lord of hosts, of

Which daily I receive, kings, the King!

From God, by my Redeemer's hands,

My soul, what canst thou give? 1105. T. 580.

2. Yet thisacknowledgment I'll make,

For all he hath bestow'd, JESUS, the whole creation's Head, Salvation's sacred cup I'll take, Lord of the living and the dead, And call upon my God.

Endless thy glories shine; 3. The best return for one, like me, Thy blood-bought church in mercy So wretched and so poor, own;

[throne, Is from his gifts to draw a plea, The church assembled round thy And ask him still for more. Or pilgrims here; we all are thine.

1107.* t. 166. 2. Pilgrims on earth, here we may rest, THANKS be to thee, O Lamb of The sparrow

here hath found a nest, God, Thine altars, O Lord God!

For thy unfathomable grace, For all thy blessings and thy care, How many benefits bestow'd Our gratitude in praise and pray'r

Forgotten and unnotic'd pass! Shall still ascend to thine abode.

When I thy love astonish'd see,

What lengths, breadths, heights, 3. Ye spirits of the just above,

and depths appear! With Christ now perfected in love, Eternity, immensity, Once our companions here;

Theşe, these its only limits are. In higher strains join us to sing Blessing and honor to our King,

1108.* T. 114. Till be in glory shall appear. THE Lamb of God unspotted, pure

and holy, 4. Hail! Lamb once slain, thy pre

Who by his death us reconcil'd to cious blood

God, Hath brought us sinners nigh to God,

And from our sins hath wash'd us Worthy art thou alone!

in his blood, Accept, O Lord, Ancient of days,

Is worthy, that each knee bow 'fore Thy universal church's praise,

him lowly, Here, and around thy glorious

That ev'ry tongue with gladness throne.

him confess, The only Lord, unto the Father's



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