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1132*, T. 14.

1133. T.168. HAPPY, O Lord, are they who wait | how blessed is the station Thy pleasure to fulfil,

Of all those, who love the Lord, Upon thy statutes meditate,

Who partake of his salvation, And learn to do thy will.

Trusting in his sacred word: 2. How blessed is thy family, Bless'd, who in love's bond united,

Thy kļud support they prove, To his altars are invited, All

may be done by faith in thee, In his courts on earth they dwell, From strength to strength they move. There his matchless praise to tell.


1134.* T. 26. To Jesus' healing wounds, OF Christour boast we freely make,

And precious, cleansing blood

The source, whence life to us reWhose grace our stony hearts did


And fountain of all good.
We speak the pow'r divine we felt,
The words, which rocks asunder 2. Servant of God, be fill'd

With Jesus' love alone,
2. A sinner bears us, and believes, Upon a sure foundation build,

For when of Christ we witness bear, On Christ, the Corner-stone,
The dead his quick’ning voice shall By faith in him abide,

Rejoicing with his saints, And whosoever hears it, lives. To him with confidence, when tried, 3. He bears—and joy o'erspreads his

Make known all thy complaints. face,

3. A cheerful life enjoy, From death to life he passeth o'er, A life of faith in God,

A stranger to his God no more, An int’rest, nothing can destroy, A trophy of redeeming grace. In Christ's atoning blood; 4. Scarce born again-his watchful Then tho’ the heathen rage,

And devils envious roar, eye Perceives another sinner near,

The Saviour's grace in ev'ry age With guilt oppressid and sonk in

Extol for evermore. fear, 66 Behold the Lamb!"' is then his cry.

1136*. T. 69. 5. Thus souls with eagerness are sought,

THE witness people, And by the power of the Lord,

Who execute God's will, Which rests upon the gospel-word, Are strong, when feeble, Are to Christ's saving knowledge

In him eonfiding still, brought.

While they

Their master's call obey. 1135*, T. 582. A MESSENGER of peace

1137.* T. 82. No higher pleasure knows, Than to direct the human race,

PREACHERS of the gospel-word, To flee to Jesus' cross,



first to know the Lord,


And to live in the enjoyment 8. Now am I, tho' dust,
Of his grace, then your employment Thy property just,
Rays of light will shed abroad With thee one in heart,
In the family of God.

May nought from thy love me, poor 2. Not for your own worthiness,

sioner, e'er part. (All you are, you are thro' grace) 9. Soul, spirit and mind But because your Lord and Saviour, To thee be resign’d, W'hose bless'd purposes ne'er waver, Thy throne there erect, (canst effect. Is your sure support and aid, Till thou thy whole purpose in me Counsellor and friend in need.

10. Whatever I do 3. Leaders would ye faithful prove, With thy blood bedew, Ev'ry other gift above,

May ev'ry thought be [thee. Of obedience be possessed, Intent on enjoying communion with With this virtue unimpressed, How could ye at home preside?

11. Make me thine abode, How the flock of Jesus guide?

A temple of God,

A vessel of grace, 1138.* T. 4.

[thy praise.

For thy use prepared, and form'd to O JESUS, my Lord, For ever ador'd,

12. The cov’nant is made

With thee, as my Head, My portion, my all, At thy holy feet with abasement, I fall. Lord, grant my request, [thee I rest.

To love and to serve thee, till with 2. As sure as I prove Thy mercy and love

1139.* T. 97. To me, thy poor child, [Shield: As sure as thou art my Reward and my ATTEND, Lord Jesus, to my pray'r, 3. So sure will I be

Unto thyself 0 draw me near, Devoted to tbee,

Thou know'st the frailty of my heart, And cheerfully stand,

Thy unction unto me impart, Prepared to follow thy ev'ry com- To all my faithfulness and industry, 'mand.

To give them weight, enabling grace

apply. 4. Keep me thro’ thy grace So minded always,

2. May I, in thy communion blest, That I nought beside [crucified. Enjoy an redisturbed rest, May know but thee only, and thee Make soul and body thine abode, 5. Whene'er I survey

A temple of the living God, In stillness, and weigh

Thus, Lord, for thy appearing may I The proofs of thy grace, [ways.

wait, Experienc'd by me, in so manifold Then will my joy in thee be quite

complete. 6. I then at thy throne Adoring sink down,

1110.* t. 14. , With joy and deep shame, claim. Thy love to my grateful return hath a O GRANT thy servant, thro’ thg 7. For ever be blest, Thou source of true rest,

An understanding heart, Thanks be to thy hand, (the end. Thy dealings with thy charch to trace, Which led me, and safely will lead to And counsel to impart.


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my peace."

2. With heav'nly wisdom me endow,

1145.* T. 97. :
Thy peace O may I feel;

THOU Master of thy family,
Presence of mind on me bestow,
To execute thy will.

In humble faith we look to thee,

Dispose our hearts, thy blessed will 3. Thusstrengthen'd in the inner man, with resignation to fulfil, Supported by thy aid,

Call forth thy servants: grant them I shall thy gracious aim obtain,

needful grace,
And in thy path proceed.


to each: “ I leave with thee 1141.* t. 580.

1146.* T. 83. WITH gladness we will follow thee, JESUS, grant thy witness-flock We vow allegiance, bend the knee

Holy boldness, with submission To thee, our Lord and Head, To thy mild and easy yoke, We'll venture freely ev'ry thing, And that lowly disposition, At thy command, o Christ, our King, Gladly poor ourselves to be, By thee alone we will be led.

If but souls are gain'd for thee. 1142. T. 590,

2. Long as we continue here,

To thy will be our’s resigned, OGLORIOUS Master of thy house, Tho'a more contracted sphere Thy chosen flock's defence,

Be by thee for us designed; Upon thee stay'd, my mind is kept Ah! we have but little strength!

At ease, tho' in suspense! Give us, Lord, success at length. Most graciously I'm onward led,

1147.* T.9. Beneath thy teoder care, Thy arm prepares my way, thine eye SHEPHERD, help thy chosen few, Looks out before me far.

Thee in truth to follow,

With thy blood, whate'er we do, 1143.* 1. 205.

Be thou pleas'd to hallow. LET ihy presence go with me, 2. Show us daily more and more, Saviour, else I dare not move,

Of thy church's beauty, With thy aid and led by thee. Give the impulse and the pow'r I will go, constrain’d by love;

For each sacred duty.
Serve thy cause with all my might, 3. Thus shall we with willing feet
Deeming ev'ry burthen light,

On thy servicé venture,
And, if favor’d with success, Thy hard labor makes all sweet,
To thee render all the praise.

When on toil we enter.
1144. T. 146.

1148.* T. 232. O BLESS the ministry,

JESUS, who died upon the cross, To which I am appointed, And shed his precious blood for us; Midst weakness may I be

(To God a pure oblation!) With pow'r divine anointed'; Is the bless’d object of our faith, A lowly mind impart,

We show the virtue of his death,
Obedient, sway'd by grace,

Of him we make confession:
So shall my poor, frail heart


his love our hearts inspire, Not easily transgress.

And touch our lips with hallow'd fire;

Led by his spirit and his grace, Will be bis servant's crown of joy,
May we set forth his matchless praise; Their endless, great reward.
Thus will the Lord, his due reward,
Well-pleas'd regard,

2. Meanwhile they tread the narrow

path, Receiving honorthro'our word.

From worldly fetters freed, 1149.* t. 14. Obedient to their Lord, in hope THE day will come, when Jesus

They sow the gospel-seed. Christ, The righteous Judge declar'd, XV. Of the SPREADING of CHRISTS's KINGDOM

upon EARTH.


1150.* t. 22.

By their laborious agency, ALL is the Lord's: the spacious We flocks of Gentile-sheep now see, earth

To love the Lord coustrained ;

0 Sets his creative wisdom forth;

grace, What man of all the human race

They on pleasant-Fair and verdant

Fields of pasture Is not an object of his grace ?

Feed enrich'd by gospel-culture. 2. Gladly wespend our life and blood, To serve our Lord, the living God; 2. The hosts of flaming seraphim, High praises we to Jesus give, slive. Jehovah—Jesus make the theme Who died, that all mankind might

Of their exalted praises;

Ye angels, who obedient fly, 3. What true disciple e'er would Fulfilling your commission high, cbuse,

To guard the flocks of Jesus; At home to cherish selfish views,

Praise bim-bless him, If, tho' with hardship and with pain, Raise incessant-Songs triumphant One soul for Jesus he might gain ?

O'er sav'd nations ;
4. God sends you forth—his will be Lo! we join your jubilations,

Your destin'd race with patience run, 1152.* T. 205.
Jesus to all the world declare,
His ransom publish ey’ry where.

WOULD the world our passport see, 5. Butlay your own foundation

By which' we free entrance gain,

sure, Be clean in heart, in spirit poor,

Or ask our authority, Devoted wholly to the Lord,

We reply:" the Lamb was slain!!! He will the needful strength afford.

This is ev'ry where our boast,

He, that higher soars is lost;
6. Fall down in faith beneath his cross, For that powr'ful word we raise,
Cry: “God be merciful to us!"

Christ, to thee eternal praise.
Lord, let us hear thy cheering voice,
And ever įp thy name rejoice,

2. Ev'ry where, with shoutings loud,

Shouts that shake the gates of hell, 1151.* T. 228.

Thy anointed witness-cloud WHAT stores of ripe abundant fruit, Of thy great redemption tell; Produced from Jesus Christ the root, Are our door-posts, Lamb of God,

Have his disciples gained ! Sprinkled with atoning blood,

Thou thy flocks of Gentile-sheep If to Christ the Vine we cleave, Wilt from the destroyer keep. Daily strength from him receive,

Thro' his pow'r we shall produce 1153.* T. 136.

Goodly fruit, matur'd for use.
GOD'S boundless grace
Preserves each faithful servant,

1155.* T. 79.
All share his aid, in cold and heat
most ardent;

MOST gracious Lord and Saviour, Midst ice and rocks,

Who dost accept in favor, Or on the stormy seas,

Of sinners vile and

poor; Are souland body under his direction; May we while here remaining, The shadow of his wings affords com- Be thy whole aim attaining, plete protection;

Since thou bast open'd us a door. The Lord will be about our ways, O boundless grace!

2. Lord, should'st thou even gather

Suci multitudes together, 2. Our life, our death,

As sands upon the coast,
Be to thy joy and honor, [the donor, Thou tents for them providest,
Who art of life, and each good gift Among them thou residest,
We say, Amen!

As Captain of the ransom'd host.
Thou author of our faith, (vior,
Thy name be glorified in our beha-

1156.* T. 582. Whether our pilgrimage be rough or

smooth, dear Saviour. [breath,|AMBASSADORS of Christ, Betbou ourstrength, while we have Know ye the way you go? Our life in death.

A path, not strew'd with blooming

flow'rs, 1154.* T. 205.

But yielding thorns and woe; GROUNDED on th' eternal Rock,

All who Christ crucified, Moving in the gospel-way,

Their only Saviour own,
Strong and firm ʼmidst every shock, Meet oftentimes with treatment base,

Unto their Master shown.
Humble, but without dismay;
Such the pilgrim, who in faith

2. Only against offence
Safely walks the narrow path, With circumspection guard,
He proceeds from grace to grace, By craft or force in ev'ry place
Till with joy he ends his race. The fiend is striving hard,
2. More and more our joys increase, God's work’s to overthrow,
As we humbly travel on,

That in the trying hour, Jesus gives abundant grace,

The servants of the Lord may fall, While we lean on bim alone;

Bereft of faith and pow'r. Thro’ the virtue of his blood,

3. But see, the fields are wbite, Source of life and ev'ry good,

Go therefore, lab'rers, go, We preserve a cheerful mind, The Lord leads on to victory, His bless'd will to do inclin'd.

His pow'r and grace ye know; 3. Then we suit ourselves to those, Christ, whom ye Saviour call,

Who with us yoke-fellows are, Of all is sov’reign Lord, [priest, Glad to soften all their woes,

Your Captain and your great HighGlad their ev'ry joy to share; Ye conquer thro' his word.

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