Annual Report on the Condition and Improvement of the Common Schools and Educational Interests of the State of Wisconsin

Department of Public Instruction, 1860

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Sida 71 - For the purpose of public instruction, we hold every man subject to taxation in proportion to his property, and we look not to the question, whether he himself have, or have not, children to be benefited by the education for which he pays.
Sida 61 - ... the interest of which, and all other revenues derived from the school lands, shall be exclusively applied to the following objects, to-wit: 1. To the support and maintenance of common schools, in each school district, and the purchase of suitable libraries and apparatus therefor.
Sida 18 - State, and shall enter upon the duties of his office on the first day of December next after his election.
Sida 19 - ... take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed by the constitution of this state...
Sida 13 - ... paid as an equivalent for exemption from military duty, and the clear proceeds of all fines collected in the several counties for any breach of the penal laws...
Sida 63 - Franklin, and he will think differently and act differently all the days of his remaining life. Let boys or girls of sixteen years of age read an intelligible and popular treatise on astronomy and geology, and from that day, new heavens will bend over their heads, and a new earth will spread out beneath their feet. A mind accustomed to go rejoicing over the splendid regions of the material universe, or to luxuriate in the richer worlds of thought, can never afterwards read like a wooden machine,...
Sida 59 - What quenchless fires of passion have been kindled within the bosoms of the young of both sexes by these exposures ; fires that have raged to the consuming of personal happiness, to the prevention of scholastic improvement, and to .the destruction of personal character ? Again, what disgust has been created in both sexes by not having the appropriate retirements which nature imperiously demands?
Sida 71 - By general instruction, we seek, as far as possible, to purify the whole moral atmosphere ; to keep good sentiments uppermost, and to turn the strong current of feeling and opinion, as well as the censures of the law, and the denunciations of religion, against immorality and crime. We hope for a security, beyond the law, and above the law, in the prevalence of enlightened and well-principled moral sentiment.
Sida 20 - Columbia, Dane, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Grant, Green, Green Lake, Iowa, Jefferson, Kenosha...
Sida 65 - Library feature of this system, as far as heard from, has been exceedingly happy, disappointing the predictions of its enemies, and the fears of its timid friends, and even transcending the most sanguine expectations of its more ardent advocates. The interest awakened by its use, and the estimation in which it is held by adults as well as youth, confirm the wisdom that gave it a township character rather than a district mission.

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