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the soul that is in a state inferior to righ

teousness. Eccles. 5. 2. For the Spirit of God is in the spiritual

knowledge; and thy mind is in the human philosophy or system: therefore let thy

words be few. 6. 5. His soul hath not seen (in the throne of

God, or in herself) the spirit of righteous

ness, nor known any thing. 11. 7. The light of the truth is sweet (to the soul);

and a pleasant thing to behold (in oneself

and in others) the spirit of righteousness. Song of Sol. 6. 10. What is that doctrine, or who is that

spirit, whose knowledge looketh forth as the beginning of the spiritual knowledge, fair as the spiritual humanity, clear as the

knowledge of righteousness? Isaiah, 1. 2. Hear, O spiritual minds, or 0 sons of God! 13. 5. Their knowledges come from a far philo

sophy, from the end, or from the highest

of the moral knowledge. 10. For the wise knowledges of the spirit of the

heaven, and the aggregate knowledges thereof shall not give their light (to the soul): the spirit of righteousness shall be darkened in his going forth, and the spiritual humanity shall not cause her light fear of God! How is thy spirit or knowledge cut down to the spirit of the earth,

to shine (in the soul). 13. Therefore my word shall shake the spiritual

knowledges in the soul), and the human

mind shall remove out of its philosophy. 14. 12. How art thou fallen from faith in God, O

spirit Lucifer, that proceeded from the beginning of the moral knowledge, or from

which didst weaken the souls ! Isaiah, 14. 13. For thou hast said in thine heart, I will

ascend into the spirit of the heaven: I will exalt my throne above that of the spiritual philosophers, or above the wise knowledges of the Spirit of God, or

which the Spirit God hath made. 14. I will ascend above the highest of the spiri

tual knowledges: my spirit shall be like

the Spirit of the Most High. 24. 23. Then the spiritual humanity shall be con

founded in the soul), and the spirit of human righteousness ashamed, when the Spirit of the Lord of virtues shall reign

in His church gloriously. 30. 26. Moreover the light of the spiritual humanity

shall be as the light of righteousness: and the light of the spirit of righteousness shall be sevenfold (in the soul), as the light of seven moral instructions, in the great instruction or knowledge by which the

Lord will heal the souls that are His people. 34. 4. And all the virtues of the spirit or substance

of the heaven shall be dissolved in the soul), and the moral knowledges shall be

rolled as a scroll, or shall be made useless. 5. For my word shall be bathed in the spiritual

knowledge: behold, it shall come down upon the philosophical spirit Idumea, and upon the people whom I have set in error, to bring them judgement, or to bring them understanding

eyes of

Isaiah, 40. 22. That stretcheth out the spiritual knowledges

as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent, (for the soul, or for His Spirit,) to

dwell in. 44. 23. Sing ye, O spiritual creatures ! For the

will of the Lord hath done it. 45. 8. Drop down instructions, ye spiritual minds,

from above: and let the moral creatures pour down the knowledge of righteousness

(into the soul). 51. 6. Lift up the your soul, or of your un

derstanding, to the moral knowledges, and look upon the human philosophy beneath : for the spiritual knowledges shall vanish away (from the soul) like smoke; and the philosophical knowledge shall wax old like a garment: and the double system of the souls that dwell therein shall waste away in like manner : but my word that is the salvation of the soul shall be for ever, and my righteousness shall not be abolished in

the justified soul). 16. And I have put my words in thy mouth, or

mind; and I have covered thy soul in the shadow, or in the knowledge that is the shadow, of my Spirit, that I may plant (in the, or in thy, soul) the spiritual knowledges, and lay (in her) the foundations of the knowledge of oneself, and say unto the souls that are in the religious spirit Zion,

or unto my church, ye are my people. 55. 9. For as the moral knowledges are higher than

the human knowledges, so are my ways higher than your ways, and the thoughts of my Spirit than the thoughts of your

souls. Isaiah, 60. 20. The righteousness of thy soul shall no more

go down, or decline: neither shall thy spiritual humanity withdraw herself: for the wisdom, or the word, of the Lord shall be the everlasting light of thy soul, and the in

structions of thy contrition shall be ended. 64. 1. Oh that thou wouldest rend the spiritual

knowledges; that thy Spirit would come down into our souls), that the high philosophical knowledges might flow down at

thy presence in us)! 66. 1. Thus saith the Lord, The superior part of my

Spirit resteth in the spiritual mind, and the inferior (1 Cor. 1. 25) in the human mind; or the moral covenant is my throne, and the human covenant my footstool : Where is the system that your souls build unto me? And where is the knowledge

wherein my Spirit can rest ? 22. For as the new spiritual knowledges, and the

new philosophy which I will make (within the soul) shall remain before me, so shall

your words and your spirit remain. Jere. 2. 12. Be astonished, Oye spiritual creatures, at

this, and be horribly afraid: be ye very

desolate, saith the Lord. 4. 23. I beheld the human philosophy, (in the heart,

before I instructed it,) and lo, it was without a regular form, and void (of knowledge): and the spiritual knowledges, and

they had no light. 28. For this shall the spirit of Adam mourn, (in


the soul,) and the moral knowledges above

be obscure. 8. 2. And they shall spread them before the spirit

of righteousness, and the spiritual humanity, and all the spirits of the heaven, whom their souls have loved, and whom they have served, and after whose instruc

tions they have walked. 10. 13. When His Spirit uttereth his word, there is

a multitude of instructions in the moral

knowledges. 23. 24. Doeth not my law fill the spiritual mind and

the human mind ? saith the Lord. 31. 35. Thus saith the Lord which giveth the

knowledge of righteousness for a spiritual light, and the ordinances of the spiritual humanity, and of the knowledges of wisdom for a light in philosophy, which divideth the knowledges of the simple philosophy when they speak powerfully (to the

soul). 49. 36. And upon the spirit Elam will I bring the

four spirits from the four divisions of the spiritual knowledge, and will scatter their

minds towards all those spirits. 51. 15. His will hath made the substance of the earth

or the human system by His power: He hath established the spirit of the world, or the philosophical system, by His wisdom : and hath stretched out in the soul) the

moral knowledges by His understanding. 2. 1. How hath the Lord covered the soul daughter

of the doctrine Zion, with a (dark) spiritual knowledge in His anger, and cast


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