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Page 1, 2, and 4. after Rom. iv. 11. should be a comma instead of a dash. Page 32. line 6. from the bottom, for transgressors read transgressions. Page 150. line 3. from the top, for vine read vineyard. Page 174. line 4. from the top, for are read were. Page 182. line 6. from the top of the note, for charged read changed. Page 195. line 2. from the top, for ten Jordanen read ton Iordanen. Page 196. line 10. from the bottom, for Jordane read Iordane. Page 217, line 7. from the bottom, for hearts read heart. Same page note, for xxii. read xxiii. Page 220. line 9. from the bottom, for then read them. There are some errors in pointing. In a number of instances, double commas are either omitted, or misplaced.

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