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hand.-I will arise and go to my Father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee; and am no more worthy to be called thy son.-Enter not into judgment with thy servant, O Lord; for in thy sight shall no man living be justified.--If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us; but if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just, to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

“ Here I have shewn thee the standard they must all come to, and then they will come to the standard of everlasting happiness : for know I have told thee

My arms are open all men to receive:
The water's finwing, and the fountain gives ;
The gates of mercy I'll throw open wide;
And all shall find the Spirit and the BRIDE
Do now invite you all to come to ME,
Returning sinners I will surely free;
And so my shepherds, if they now awake,
They'li surely find their cause I'll undertake;
Who like the Prodigal, (I know of some,
Who spent his money with the harlots strong,
Until that poverty it did appear;
In his distress he sought his father there.
But this I meay to turn another way:
Who like the Prodigal went off from ME;
But when he sees he'th wasted all his store;
His stock of WISDOM he can gain no more,
Without unto his Father he doth turn,
And plainly sees then all bis knowledge gone;
That he was blind becoine, naked and poor :
Now ask for WISDOM, and I'll give him more;
Because I tell thee I shall give it right,
And make his wisdom now for to shine briglit.
If like the Prodigal he'll now return,
Then like the Father's love my heart will yearn ;
Full of compassion he will find it so ;
I'll hold his hand, and will not let it go ;
If he repents before it is too late,
He'll find the gate of mercy is not shut.
And so my mercies now stand out for all,
That now return and don't reject my call,

To act like faithful soldiers in the fight;
They'll find my power, and they'll find my might.
That is in wisdom, man judges to be soo;
Yet heavier weight than they can ever go :
And so my faithful shepherds now give up;
And then the curtains you may all draw back,
And see the blaze of day begin to break;
And so you'll find my promises are great,
If my commands you do but now obey;
But if refused, I'll turn the other way;
Because my thunder it shall loudly roll
To break in pieces the most stubborn soul.
So now my threatenings let them all appear,
'Go to thy printed books and shew them where,
And how through faith awhile I've kept them back ;
Because my promises are never slack ;
And so my promise I did then fulfil,
And wait awhile, though anger then did feel :
Part of my threatenings by the load that coines,
And by men's vices, they are hastening on."

A communication given in July, 1797, taken from the Second Book of Sealed Prophecies, page 114.

“ So thus will come the hearts of men;

Like fevers they will rise
Our sons we've lost, our gold is past,

“ And all's before our eyes,
“ And to no use doth it produce ;

“ We are but burthened more;
“ We see the shore, and all is o'er,

“ We've wasted all our store !"
So this they'll see; as deep as thee

Their sorrows they will come,
And perfect like thy Father's house

They'll see it in the land :
The quarries they have patch'd them up

"Tis nought but beggary here :
Thy Father's house is just like mine ;

But out the rags I'll tear;
I will begin as thou did'st then,

The floors I'll make more clean,
Their ragged garments throw away,

For in the light shall come;
To make it dry the rags shall fly,

And down they all shall drop:

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I'll make the water run, like thee ;

The cob can never hurt
If all is gone-I see my land

As empty doth appear,
So perfect like thy Father's house-

What furniture is here
That I can hurt? 'tis mire and dirt

Appear in every mind !
And perfect like thy Father's house

I now do see my land;
Then I'll go on as thou didst begin,

Till I have joind the two;
And both together they must hang,

The Gentiles and the Jews;
Then at their feet (the mystery's great)

The nations all must come."

Here I shall give the meaning of my Father's house: As he lived by himself, I made it a custom to go in the summer to make his house thoroughly clean and wash the floors : the glass was broken, but the landlady would not mend it; so it was stopped up with rags, which I pulled out to dry the floors. I was answered as follows:

“ The windows I shall all unhang,

As thou has now begun;
And through the glass you all may see

The days are hastening on:
For as the squares of glass are broke,

And rags do so appear,
The paper is cling'd to keep the stroke

When winter doth appear.
So now this thing I shall explain,

And to the nation come:
The quarrels they are broken out,

1 say, in every land;
And, like these windows are patch'd up

With rags and paper here;
But like thy pen, I say, must drop,

When winter doth appear;
Because the glass it is not whole,

The rags will tumble down;
When thunder sounds from pole to pole

No safety can be found,
So with the land 'tis just the same;

They've like thy Father done ;

They patch my people up with lies

For to keep out the sun..
For as thou sayest thou can'st not see,

Because tbe place is dark;


say, my people be-
But now come to the mark:
Take all the rags and stuff away,

And thou will see more clear;
Nor through a glass 'twont darkly be,

Because they are broken there;
And then the sunshine thou must see,

Or feel the piercing wind.
I tell thee plain's the mystery ;

"Tis perfect like mankind :
For by my House they've done the same,

And darken'd every mind ;
atch'd up the Law and Gospel too,

To beggar all mankind;
Por as thy Father's house appear’d

So beggarly to man,
Just so my honour must appear,

The way that they go on."
The former words I could not understand, and
I was answered in the following manner:

“What is thy head so very weak

In things that are so plain?
I'll tell thee all the mystery,

And all the rags
The quarrels broke you well do know,

To every nation come;
The way they mend it all with rags

It must to thee be known;
They've patch'd it up with broken laws,

That from their garments come ;
And weak as paper all hath been,

To bring my land to shame.
Are not the windows all broke down,

As those do now appear?
And where's the glazier that is found

To mend the glass that's here?
But in thy heart thou say'st there's none;

And I may say the same;
For who my Gospel now doth mend,

To say my words are come;
And that the truth is verified

My Gospel to fulfil ?
No; this the wise men have denied ;

Their ragged garments still

I mean;

71 Are patch'd and staff'd in every hole,

To darken all mankind;
Because their purse they all would save,

And darken every mind;
Give me the rent ! is every cry -

But who allow repair?
For perfect like this landlady

Are all the wise men bere;
And if this way they do go on,

My anger fast will smoke;
For I shall to the purpose come,

And down the rags shall drop;
I'll pull them out as thou hast done,

My floors for to make dry;
In every step I'll act like thee

Now in this house of clay;
My Father's laws I'll now maintain,

And vindicate his cause;
Aly anger it shall rise like thine,

To vindicate his laws.
I'm wearied out, as thou hast been,

To hear their foolish tales;
But to the purpose let them come,

If I their wounds do heal.
Wrong in their work do all men go,

And every man doth err;
They cut the fuel high, I know,

And spoil the vineyards here;
Close to the root doth no man gom

To reason I'll begin;
But as their weakness I do know,

I shall explain the thing:
For like thy Father all have done,

To cut my Bible high,
So that the stubble still doth stand-

And here's the mystery :
Another after him did come

To cut the fuel low,
Because thy Father's labour's gone,

And all did own 'twas so;
Then own your labour all is gone,

And now your weakness see ;
Then to my Holy Hills P'll come,

And cut the stumps away; Close to the root I'll surely go,

Till I have made it plain; The barren wilderness you'll see,

That man could never prune;

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