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The MORNING Star is gone and pasti

The Sun his course hath run;
The Evening Star doth now appear,

And Night is coming on.
Then in the night the Stars will shing,

And in the midst there's Seven,
Which never shall divided be

Until the whole are leaven'd,"

“ Now look back to the time when this was given, in 1794; let men consider how many years thou wentest on with difficulty, and no one to assist thee in thy labour for seven years, upon thy own expenses, and thy own industry; and let them see thy faith and courage, to leave thy own native place, thy friends, and thy relations, to come with strangers, trusting and relying on my promises, that I should raise friends for thee. And though thou sawest him fall back, and sawest others fall back; yet still my promises kept thee from despair; because thou judgedst thy God as Abraham did; and the language of thy heart hath always been that thou couldest sooner believe there was no God, than thou couldest believe there was a faithless God. But thou always judge edst he was a faithful rewarder of them that diligently seek him; and that if I speak the word it shall be done, as the Centurion said of his servant. But I now tell thee, there are many who profess to be children of my Kingdom, who will be cast out for want of faith, while there are many from the cast and the west, from the north and the south, that are now strangers to my Gospel, who will come in by strong faith.

Here I have ordered thee to bring this forward; because thou art a living witness of the truth of my fulfilling my promises to thee; for thou must go back to ninety-two, which made me say thou hadst waited long. But now, from thee, let them judge on the one hand, and from Pomeroy let them judge on the other, how wrong was his judgment, and how darkened was his understanding, after he began to listen to the advice of men; and therefore I ordered thee to have all the letters reprinted in this book, that men might clearly see, from his letters, how his understanding was darkened, and how his judgment was wrong, and thine was right. And now come to what I said before."

Strange Effects of Faith, page 51, wherein is explained how the malice of Satan first rose against the Son of God in heaven, next against the woman, whom the Lord created for man's happi


“ But as his malice rose against these two,
I'll in the woman all my wonders do.
Are your ways equal now, ye sons of men,
For to condemn the thing that I have done,
Was not the woman simply left alone,
When subtlely the poisonous serpent came!
And by her weakness she was soon betray'd :
"Tis just, in her that I should break his heada
Did man refuse to take the fruit she gave,
Or justify her how she was deceiv'd ?
No: but upon her did he cast the blame.-.

“ Bring forth your arguments, ye sons of mens
As, by your wisdom, you can never see
Why in the WOMAN every truth should be.
Had you ne'er stoop'd to eat the fruit at first ;
You never should have stooped at the last.
But now my lock I'll lead them by a CHILD,
Till all like lambs are brought into


And then my kingdom shall begin to reign.

“ But deeper mysteries I shall soon explain;
For as in hell the arts did first begin
To blast the pleasures that were coming on;
So now in heaven I say it is the same,
I see men's sorrows daily to increase;
I'll change the scenes, and bring to perfect peace.

But yet my thunder must before me roll,
To break in pieces the most stubborn soul.

“ From Cain and ABEL I shall next go on,
For to explain the further FALL OF MAN;
And then the mountans in the balance come;
The litule bills I weigh'd them in the scale ;
And perfectly explain'd the woman's fall,
But now from Cain and Abel let you see
How soon the man like Satan came to be ;
For then the tempter did like fury come,
More like a lion when he tempted man;
For when the shepherd he did first appear,
The Tiller of the ground laid vengeance there.
So the poor sheep were simply left alone;
Their Shepherd murder'd by his brother's hand;
The Tiller of the ground was fled a way.
Think on the horror that came in one day;
For in short time he did begin to reign,
Pour’d out his vengeance on the sons of men.
Now tu men's conscience I will all appeal,
If he'd not make this world a perfect hell?
Fast as the lightning did his fury run;
Pour'd out his fury on the sons of men.
What anguish must the parents now endure!
No friend to comfort, but their soul's despair.
This in my heart I surely felt for man:
Repent myself that e'er I did him form;
And griev'd my Spirit to the very heart!
But for mine honour it could not depart;
Because that Satan did my promise claim.
Then now be wise, O all ye sons of men:
My promise great is turn' the other way,

To those that will but my commands obey. "Now let all the letters which thou didst send to Pomeroy, and his answers, and thy friends' letters to him, follow here."

A Copy of a Letter from Joanna to the

Rev. Mr. Pomeroy. Rey. SIR,

I have a message from God unto you. will not be a just judge, be an unjust judge, that I may be avenged of my adversary. Therefore render dnto Cæsar the things which are Cæsar's, and unto

If you God the things which are God's: but the things that are God's you have kept back, and you say, committed to the flames. Then my answer is, out of your own mouth will I condemn you : and you will find you have a God to deal with ; therefore you must give a satisfactory answer, why you burnt the letters? And what they contained ? You may say, I am he that troubleth Israel; but I have not troubled Israel, but I am troubling you and your father's house, which I mean are the Bishops, because you call them reverend fathers in God. They have acted just like

you, to keep back the truths of the Bible, as you have kept back the truths of my writings ; they have denied the truths of the Bible, as you have denied the truths of my writings; they have denied the promise made in the fall to the woman; that though they must own it was a promise made, yet they leny it to be a promise to be claimed ; or a promise that ever the Lord will fulfil. Then what do men make of their Bibles ? It was to shew what mankind is, that the Lord ordered me to put the writings in your hands, and concealed from me, that you would go from your word, and not be as good as your promise. And now, sir, I must come to the purpose with you. You may think it strange, when I tell you, there is not one man upon carth, hath strengthened my faith so much to prove clearly my visitation from the Lord, as you have: you may ask me how? To this I answer: When I first sent to you concerning my prophecies, in •1796, you declared to me, they were never from the Devil; but have often pleaded with me, if they were not from myself? But I was the judge there; and knew they were not of myself; and as you affirmed they were not from the Devil, then I knew they must be from the Lord. Now, while you affirm my writings were pot from the Devil you acted as a worthy, relis

33 gious minister; as a wise man, as a good man, and as one that seemed to wish to be clear in judging, before you condemned.

You told me, in 1796, you was willing to receive any thing from my hands, that you might be a judge of the truth; and when the truth followed by the Bishop's death, you asked me in Mr. Taylor's house, and Mrs. Taylor's presence, in January 1797, if I could put into your hands the events of the wars concerning Italy, or England ; then you would believe my calling was of God? The week following I put in your hands what would happen to Italy, which took place within the six months you mentioned; as you asked me what would happen in three months, or six months. I put in your hands, England would seek for peace, but in vain ; for we bad involved ourselves in such tumults of war, that the wise men, with all their wisdom, would not be able to make a peace; and that large sums of money would be demanded at the end of the year : all these truths, you know followed. But I confess you simply asked me if I did not know these things from myself ; - which, you know, I told you, I knew no more from myself than your table. At the same time there were in the writings events that were to take place in years to come, that now seem bursting out in all nations ; and you told me yourself, you knew they would be true; yet for some time disputed with me, if it was not from myself, or my own knowledge ; but when I assured you it was not from myself, and I had no knowledge of my own, you asked me, why I did not publish to the world For, if you was clear you was called of God, you would fear no man. And now, sir, I am clear I am called of God; for the wondrous visitation that hath bappened to me for the three months past, is impossible to come from any but a God;

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