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out you will sit down with all possible infamy upon your own head. We shall then take it for granted, as you yourself have declared, that you “ will be ready at all times, and in all places, to bear testimony to what appears to you to be truth, and to vindicate your aspersed and injured character :” that you will come forth NEXT MONTH, with twenty-three proper persons to nieet the twenty-four that we believe to be chosen by the Lord; and then, after seven days Trial, it will be proved to the world, whether you have acted with truth, honour, and justice; or, whether we (the friends of Mrs. Southcott) have acted with truth, honour, and justice, to the world, for the glory of God, and the good of mankind -- and let the final result stamp our character, either with infamy, or crown us with the palms of victory. - I cannot pass over the following charge without a few words : you say Mrs. Southcottis a deluded and an ungrateful woman." - I have had the happiness of knowing her for near three years, and I have lived great part of that time in the same house with her, *and I do declare, that I never met with any person in my life of a clearer and more sound understanding, than what she possesses. And as to her ingratitude, I do not think there is that being now in existence, who deserves less the accusation than she does; for in all her transactions, which I have witnessed, piety, charity, honesty, and the strictest honour, have ever borne the supreme and only sway; and therefore, you must allow me to believe, that you are deceived in your accusations; and so I am persuaded you will find it, when all matters come to be fairly and honestly investigated. — I shall conclude with heartily wishing you may weigh every thing with candid and impartial justice; and that honour and truth

75 may hereafter guide you: for we know, “ The Lip of Truth shall be established for ever,”

I am, Reverend Sir,
Your sincere and faithful Brother
in the Lord's vineyard,

Thos. P. FOLEY.

The Ansicer of the Spirit to the foregoing Letters.

“Thou sayest thou art surprised that a mau like Pomeroy, endowed with his understanding, could write such answers to thy letters; but know what I told thee before-to the temptar tions of Satan, and his worldly-wise friends, I left him for awhile ; but as he advertised that thou wast led by the devil, and he pretended himself to be under the influence of the Lord; and that his wisdom was greater than I had directed thee in; and to his wisdom I left him. And therefore I ordered thee to contend with him by letters, to prove what his wisdom was, that he had got from men and devils, and was so powerfully led away by. And now I tell thee, There is not that man upon earth, that can prove that he acted with wisdoin, that he acted with prudence, or with the justice of a minister. Let men read thy reasonable request, and what thou desiredst of him to give a satisfactory answer to; and let them look to his answer; then let them judge which was most likely to be under the influence of the Lord, under the guidance of divine wisdom, Pomeroy or thee.. I shall take thy inquiries, and his answers.” " Joanna's inquiry :-Now sir, while you affirmed

my writings were not from the devil, you " acted as a worthy religious minister, as a wise

man, as a good man, as one that seemed to wish to be clear in judging, before you con

" God.

« demned. You told me, in 1796, you was it

willing to receive anything froin my hands, that

you might be a judge of the truth, and when " the truth followed, by the Bishop's death, you

asked me, in Mr. Taylor's house, in January

1797, if I could put into your hands the “ event of the war, concerning Italy or England; " then you would believe my calling was of

The week following I put into your “ hands what would happen to Italy, which “ took place within the six months you mention

ed; as you asked me what would happen in " three months, or six months. I put in your “ hands, that England would seek for a peace, " but in vain; for we had involved ourselves " in such tumults of war, that the wise men, " with all their wisdom, would not be able to

make a peace, and that large sums of money “ would be demanded at the end of the year, “ All these truths you know followed.”

" This was thy inquiry to him; but what was his answer? Did he write back and say, thou never hadst put it in his hand? or did he write and say, what was truth he would acknowledge to; for he must own these things were put in his hands; and therefore he would own the truth, though he could not produce the writings. Had he done this he would have given soine answer to thy letter. But now come to his answer.

Mr. Pomeroy's Answer to Mr. Bruce. « Rey. Sir,

“ After near a fortnight's absence I found on my return a most extraordinary letter from " that deluded woman Joanna Southcott.”

“ Now let all his wise men appear, all his boasters of their self-wisdom; and let them answer for his letter; let them be put in a court of justice,

and let one counsellor plead thy cause, from thy letter; and let the other counsellor plead his cause from his letter; and then let them judge who would gain the day, he or thee. Thou sayest it is impossible for him to gain a counsello to plead his cause, to get the day, when you come to justice, equity, and truth. There is none that can be found in his letter; neither can he himself plead his own cause, in any court of justice, to prove the truth of his assertions, what he wrote in his letters; but those canst come forward boldly in any court of justice, to plead thine own cause, that every word was true, that thou didst send to him; and any counsellor can come forward with boldness to plead thy cause, in thy letter, from what was affirmed by the witnesses afterwards. Then now let his worldly-wise men appear, and try the cause for him; let them regain his injured honour, and see which way they will plead the cause, to justify him, and condemn thee: if they attempt to justify him, then righteousness must be fallen in the streets, and equity cannot enter : then it must be done by a people that are without understanding, if they pretend to come forward now, to prove the man was right in advertising that thou wast led by the devil

, and he to be led by the Spirit of the Lord, or under the influence of my Spirit. I tell thee he was not; for I left him to the wisdom of the wise men in whom he trusted, to shew him plainly his folly in the end, that the wisdom of the wise men is perished, and the uñderstanding of the prudent men is hid. Now come further to his letter.

“ He saith, “ Be so good as to assure her again " of what I assured her about two years since, " that, except her last, I have no letters, wri" tings, or papers whatever, of or belonging to “ her ; if I had, I would certainly send them “ to her. Indeed, I know nothing of her, but " from the insulting letters I receive, wherein I am " treated with the most virulent abuse, for not “ doing what it is impossible for me to do.”

Now come to the demand which thou didst make of him.

Sir, I am clear that I am called of God; for “ the wondrous visitation that hath happened to

me, for three months past, is impossible to come from

any but a God; therefore I shall fear no man's words; neither shall I be dismayed " at their looks; for little do men know what “ lieth before them. You know, I put in your “ hands the truth of the harvests in 1799 and the “ 1800; and it hath stood me in pounds to put “ writings in your hands, which you always " promised faithfully to keep, and faithfully to “ deliver to me, whenever my trial was.”

“Now let men come to my Gospel, and answer me, if this request is not just, according to the demand I made in my Gospel.

Luke xii. 1. “ He began to say unto his disciples, first of all beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be made known; therefore, whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear, in the closet, shall be proclaimed upon the house top. And I say unto you, my friends, be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more power that they can do; but I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear; fear him which after he bath killed, hath power to cast into hell. Yea, I say unto you, fear him. Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God.”

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