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Page 63, * Then now I tell you one and all,

When you the race of man can call,
Without the WOMAN to appear;
Then say you do not want her here;
If you without her can be born,
I need not visit in her form,
To bring a spiritual race to man;
Because the woman was my plan
To have mankind be born anew,
Now bring my Gospel to your view :
I said ye must be born again:
Look deep, ye simple sons of men,
And tell me how that man was born?
You say, from Adam it might be known;
Without the woman he did appear;
He was the dust that perish'd there,
And so the dust doth still go on,
And putrifaction's still in man;
But of the WOMAN I was born,
A mystery deep no man discerns,
To putrifaction did not come;
Then now, like me, be born again,
And from the WOMAN all appeat;
and then I'll make you sons and heirs:
For heirs of God you now shall be,
And, as I said, joinit heirs with me;
And of the Spirit now be born.
You know, 'tis written, in her form,
That God would surely send his Son,
When the full time was surely come;
That as in Adam all men died,
Even in me it is applied
That all I'd make alive to be.-
Appear vain men, and answer me,
How you iny bible so deny?
The Holy Ghust I then did say
My Father would send in my name,
And all to your remembrance bring;
And all together is brought here,

What man by learning cannot clear." John iii. 3. - Acts ii. 31. - Romans viii. 17.Galatians iv. 4. - 1 Corinthians xv. 29. - John xiv. 26.--Ecclesiastes vii. 29.-- 1 Corinthians xv. 45, 47.

“ Now I shall answer thee from these Texts of

Scripture, which I have brought forward, and explained so many years ago.

" Now come to the believers. They have read thy books through, but never discerned that a temporal marriage must take place, before thy writings can be fulfilled; and thou thyself hadst not observed it, since I ordered thee to put in print thy desire to go to glory, that no one might attempt to prevail on thee in marriage; but, as the believers have not seen what was so plain before them, that no fulfilment of thy writings can take place, before the Bride is joined to an earthly Bridegroom; and therefore it is said in my Gospel, “ He that hath the Bride is the Bridegroom; but the friends of the Bridegroom rejoice greatly; and so will thy friends all rejoice when marriage bath taken from thee thy reproach among women, and all is made as clear as the noon-day sun; then will your rejoicing be great when every thing is made so plain before them, that there is no room for doubt left, which I have told thee I shall now make clear to every man, to open my Gospel, prove the Visitation of my Spirit according to my Gospel, and prove that my Kingdom is righ at hand. For all will come as suddenly and unexpectedly as this Book will appear to believers, to the surprise and astonishment of them all, brought round in a way and manner that was never observed by them, because they always judged that thy awful Trial was nothing bui thy Trance. But now I ask thee, what awful Trial that would be to thee, if I was to take thee as soon as thou entered the room, and by angels convey thee to glory, and place all the joys of heaven before thee? It would be a day of rejoicing in thee, as there would be nothing fatal por sorrowful; neither could it be any thing awful to thee, but to them. Therefore it could not be called thy Awful Trial,


if notling inore awful than that had appeared in it. But now reflect with thyself what awful scenes have appeared to thy view, since I told thee of an earthly marriage, to be joined in wedlock with man; that he must take my yoke upon him; and he shall find my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. For ye know, when marriages take place, ye call it like bullocks yoked in together, that are to draw together ; but know it is often said, if one draweth forward, and the other backward, they can never

never plough the ground; and therefore I said

u I would have a plough that was strong-
And so I tell thee 1 shall now go on.
And now remember what I said before ;
When in the altar thou didst then appear,
Like bullocks taken from the yoke
I'd make the sacred altar smoke ;
And so I say I shall go on
I've fix'd my plough, I'll make it strong.
Because the yoke of men I'll take from thee,
And so the Bridegroom he shall see
The yoke of Satan now shall fall.
“ So now be wise, I've warn’d you

How two together I shall join,
That in one harness will combine,
In heart and soul for to agree,
And live in heavenly harmony,
In love to God, and love to man.
This way I've laid my heavenly plan,
That you

will both find in the end,
And know I've stood your every friend.

“ But now the fatal hour call back,
When Satan's arts with power did break,
To make thee dread that happy day.
I gave him room to work that way,
That thy obedience men might see,
A Mariyr thou would'st die for me,
Sooner than disobey my will;
And so thy heart he strong did chill.
An awful scene thou judg’d before,
That nought but death thy grief could clear ;
And so I let himn lead thee on,
Till to the purpose thou didst come,

Thy every friend to call to mind,
And how in love they'd all been kind,
And what they'd suffer'd for thy sake.
This made thy love and courage break,
And like a soldier to begin.
Thy musing thoughts must now be seen,
The ways men's mockery did appear,
To make thy friends like soldiers here.'
And so like man thou didst complain,
To see his soldiers so were slain.
What cruelty they then did bear;
Like bim thou felt, thy followers here
By every mockery compass'd round,
Like hunted harts thy friends were found;
Breathless and faint as men go on,
Th saw'st thy friends were now become ;
Because the world began to boast,
And say thy champion now was lost;
And so the winds were rising high,
Against thy friends thy foes did fly;
Yet my deliverance made thee smart,

'twas fix'd by Satan's dart;
And then to prove I'm in thy form,
I shew'd how I bad led thee on,
While thou in grief wast wounded here ;
A burden dread thou could'st not bear,
Jf it was not in love to ME,
And thy true friends that thou would'st free.
Thou saidst, in love to God and man,
Thy awful trial thou would'st stand;
And so the words must follow here,
For me to make the mysteries clcar;
The way that I am in thy form,
It is in Spirit it must be known.”

The way


The following Communication was given to

After it was revealed that a marriage union must take place, then the enemy broke in strongly upon me, which was the first time I felt any change from the heavenly joy I experienced since this visitation began; it was after I was warned of the marriage, which made me shudder at the thought; and I looked upon matrimony far worse than death. I was then ordered to call to my remembrance all the kindness of my friends,

13 what love and regard they had shewn me, and how they had done every thing to clear my honour from the malicious inventions that had been raised against my character; how they had come forward and applied to the law for redress against the book wherein I was scandalously abused ; and how they had challenged my enemies to come forward and prove the infamous assertions, which they boldly made against me. All these malicious slanders and reports came strongly into my mind, which burned like fury on the one hand, and love to my friends burned strongly on the other; and as I was answered, there was no way that my innocence and injured honour could be cleared but by a marriage union; so that the love of God, and love to iny friends, broke in strongly upon me, that I thought I could freely go to the flames and die a martyr, sooner than my enemies should triumph over me and my friends; and as the command was given me by the Lord, I would sooner die any death than disobey. Thus my pondering thoughts were then called out, which I am ordered to pen in part, explaining my sorrows.

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“ What thou hast suffered first for man,
And then they'll know my heavenly plan.
For this is known to thee before :
I ask what Bride could so appear,
If thou in courage didst not rise,
To say, “ my sufferings I despise?
" I'd sooner die the fatal night,
“ Than let my foes in triumph fight
So boldly on to hurt my fame.
“ No! they shall know my every name;
“ In love to God, in love to man,
“ This hazard great. I now will run.
“ So 'tis my love that will me bear;
“ My dangers great I will not fear.
“ If I am borne them to go through,
“ 'Tis his coinmand, and it I'll do :"

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