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The TREE OF LIFE brings on the strifecom

I told you so before:
A CHILD doth struggle in the womb,

When life in him appears.
So in the womb of Providence

All this hath been decreed,
When I like Adam do appear

To bruise the serpent's head ;
The perfect man, like Adam, come

For to create all new ;
The ways of hell for to condemn,

And all his arts to shew.
Then from my side I took the Bride,

As Adam came at first;
And your redemption is applied,

And here the truth must burst.
Because from me the Bride you see,

As Eve did first appear
Not of the dust created she,

But of the MAN, see clear.
Bone of his bone, to man was shewn-

I said the two were ONE:
A second ADAM must appear,

Ere your redemption comes.
But how can ye so blinded be?

Can Adam now appear
Without his Eve, do you believe a

Now see the mysteries clear.
No; I must come, in Adam's formi,

For to create all new :
And from ME must the WOMAN come,

The GOOD FRUIT for to shew. Dispute, 106, 70
The woman clothed with the Sun,

Shall make all nations bend.
The fruit shall fall, I tell you all,

That with her do not stand. -
But on the Tree the GOOD FRUIT see,
And that shall now remain...

Dispute, 119. "« When the Dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the nian-child.-Answer 3.

If paradise was lost, you may regain,
If by the woMAN you in faith do stand,
And take the GOOD FRUIT from the woman's hand.
For now the woman I will answer here,
If from herself her works do all appear;

Then something more than human is on earth,
For to bring in to man a second birth. Answer, 44.
-Know the FRUIT came from the WOMAN's band,
And so the FRUIT doth from her all appear.
I ask what man a CHILD did ever bear,
More than the elm or the lofty trees?
The fruit's in woman, judge this as you please,
Who brought to man the GOOD FRUIT at the first,
And from the WOMAN shall the GOOD FRUIT burst.

Answer, 102.
They'll find the Spirit and the BRIDE are come;
They'll find the Root of DAVID to appear; .
And then the MORNING STAR, you may see clear,

Is with the Evening STAR arose to shine. -Answer, 105.

It was by a woman I came into the world in the form of a man; and now by a WOMAN I will reveal myself unto men, in and through the woman, as much in the spirit as I did then in the flesh, make my appearance to the world from the woman; and now from the woman shall my second coming be revealed. Answer, 106.

Thou bringest the GOOD FRUIT, and the evil shall be taken from the good to come.-Answer, 109.

Now thou hast travailed in birth one year to bring forth the natural MAN-CHILD, that shall rule he nations with a rod of iron.-- Answer, 111.

I must come in the body as the perfect man at first, and in the spirit at my second coming, I must come made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem those that were under the law.Answer, 120.

The increase of my government,

He said should be in peace;
And there's no end should be to it,

And David's throne increase.
With judgment I should set it forth;

For so it shall be done ;
Anei from henceforth for evermore,

The seed it so shall come ;
Even the seed shall ever be

The zeal of God was so.

Answer, 122.

It is the woman's conquering SEED
Must break and bruise the serpent's head,
An Aall his footing take away.--Ans. to Brothers, 1802.

-Back to the creation now you'll come,
Join with the woman, or I'll tell your doom,
That you will surely die in Adam's fall-
You know the woman's seeb must conquer all.

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Ans. to B. 13.



My Gospel you did never know,
· The way I said I'd come ;
But now from Paul I'll answer all,

The fulness doth appear,
And perfect in the woMAN'S FORM

You all shall find me here:
For to redeem from hell and sin i
• The fulness nok is come; i ' m
Under the law, you all shall know,

The WOMAN she must stand;
A mother here she must appear

Of all the living race. Ans. to B. go.
When first I came it was as MAN, -

Aud of a woman born;
But as the sword went through her soul,

I now am in her form,
For to fulfil my Father's will,

* And make your bliss completes
I am the helpmate he did mean,

The mysteries all are great—,.
Then now you see the mystery,

I took from MAN a Bone,'
That in the end was my intent

His foe she should unthrone.
So now you see the mystery, .1

Why I the man did part:
Because the Bone I took from man

Must strike the fatal dart.
-Man with man I did contend,

In every age that's past;
But now 'tis drawing to an end,

I'll in the woman burst-
And all shall know 'tis by the BRIDE
The BRIDEG ROOM now shall stand.

Ans. to B. 21,

--Now see clear the mystery here +

The woman bore the son;

* But how can he bring in his NEIRS, . . !

Before the BRIDE is come?
For just like man I've laid my plan;

And now let man appear
And tell me how, without the bride
· He ever gain'd an heir.
So let your warlike trumpets sound

The MARRIAGE of the LAMB. Ans. to B. 22.
So manhood see, and wedded be;

For I've not lost the whole :
The CHILD shall gain the victory,

The foe shall stand the poll.
Let men appear as fathers here,

And now behold their chiLD;
The mystery now I mean to clear,
| For I did man beguile,
fill wonders here do so appear,

As it in heaven began;
Then wonders see; for so 'twill be

The MOTHER and the son, 1 B. of S. Prophecies, 4. They had judged the MAN-CHILD to be Christ, but could not tell how to make it clear of the woman travailing in heaven to be delivered.

- 1 B. of S. Pro. 36. -Now unto Isaiah come:

He prophesied of ME;
But said a Bone should not be broke,

And deep's the mystery.
As perfect man I then did come,

Born of the Virgin there,
But now 'tis in the Woman's form

I'll make the mysteries clear.
S8 here's the BONE that stands alone

A stumbling-block to man;
Close by your side behold the BRIDE,
And marvel what you've done.

1 B. of S. Pro. 40.
So here's the Father and the Child,

The Spirit and the BRIDE:
She leans upon her Husband's arms,

The truth can't be denied. 1 B. of S. Pro. 42. Let them tell what the prophet meant by the BARREN WOMB being made a joyful MOTHER of CHILDREN? and what I meant by saying, the time should come, that they should say, "blessed is the barren womb that never bore, and the paps which never gave suck ?" Or what the Apostle meant by saying, “ that the MARRIED WOMAN is in bondage to her AUSBAND, but the SINGLE WOMAN is to the Lord ?” and what he meant by saying, " when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them that were under the law?"-1 B. of S. Pro. 54.

I said, ye must be born again:
Look deep, ye simple sons of men,
And tell me how that man was born?
You say, from ADAM.-
But of the WOMAN I was born,
A mystery that none discern,
To putrifaction did not come;
Then now like me be born again,
And from the WOMAN all appear,
And then I'll make you sons and heirs;
For heirs of God you now shall be,
And, as I said, joint heirs with ME;
And of the SPIRIT now be born.
You know 'uis written, in her form
That God would surely send his Son,
When the FULL TIME was surely come.

1 B. of S. Pro. 64.
So now from Eli all may see
The promise made to man to be,
If he like David don't become,
I say, a Samuel shall be known
To be a prophet in his room :
And from a Child it shall be known
That he the MAN-CHILD must appear,
And all my office he shall bear. 1 B. of S. Pro. 73.
· And can all lands so shortly bend,
Before a Child he can become
At twelve years old to talk with meni
No; every nation first I'll try.-
But how can I in justice come
To chain the rebel to his den,
And every wither'd branch cut off,
Before I do begin to graft
Some OTHER FRUIT upon the TREE?

1 B. of. Pro, 74

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