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[blocks in formation]


The following work has been undertaken with a view of presenting the historical portions of Holy Scripture to the minds of the young in such a form as might be best suited to their comprehension, and apart from those critical remarks and reflections which, however admirable in themselves, are found to weaken the interest of the youthful mind in the progress of the sacred narrative. On this account, no attempt has been made to elucidate every difficult passage, or to answer all those questions which would suggest themselves to older readers, but which practically interfere but little with the profit derived by children from the study of the historical Scriptures. Whatever seemed absolutely to demand explanation, has been briefly touched upon; though the author cannot hope that, in clearing up those passages which in his judgment have appeared most difficult, he will have met the wishes of all competent judges. What appears obscure to one person so often appears clear to another, that it would have been impossible to clear up every passage which might be thought to demand illustration, without extending the book to an excessive length. The actual words of the Bible, as found in the Douay version, have been employed to a considerable extent; as experience shews that the minds of the young are frequently more powerfully affected by the exact narrative of Inspiration, than by any attempts at a more modern simplicity.

The work has been revised by two Catholic clergymen, with the approval of the Right Reverend the Vicar Apostolic of the London District.

A few Prints are added, which have no pretensions as works of art, but which will aid the attention and strengthen the memory of those for whom the following humble pages are specially designed.

J. M. C.

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