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No. V.


J.-La Mimica degli Antichi investigata nel Gestire Napoli-

tano. The Gestures of the Ancients sought in the

Gesticulations of the Neapolitans. By the Canon

Andrea de Jorio. Naples. 1832. - - - 1

II.-1. History of Ireland. By Thomas Moore, Esq. London.


2. History of Ireland, from the Invasion under Henry II.

to its Union with Great Britain, By Francis Plowden.

New Edition. London. 1831.

3. History of Ireland, from the earliest period to the year

1814. By Stephen Barlow, A.M.

4. Inland Navigation, &c. of Ireland. By C. W. Williams,

Esq. Second Edition. Dublin. 1833.

5. Report of Commissioners of Shannon Navigation, 1836.

6. Report of Committee of the House of Commons on

Light-houses. 1834.

7. Return to an Order of the House of Commons for

Evidence before Revenue Commissioners relative to

Irish Western Harbours. 1834.

8. Other Parliamentary Documents. - - - - 15

III.-1. Primitive Tradition recognised in Holy Scripture, a

Sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of Win-

chester, at the Visitation of the Most Worshipful and

Rev. W. Dealtry, D.D. Chancellor of the Diocese,

September 27, 1836. By the Rev. John Keble, M.A.

Second Edition. London. Rivingtons. 1837.

2. The British Critic, No. XL. (Oct. 1836.)

- 43

IV.--1. Report on the Civil Government of Canada, 1828.

2. Petition of the House of Assembly of Lower Canada

for a Redress of Grievances. March, 1834.

3. Petition (the Second) from the Assembly of Lower

Canada. December, 1834. With explanatory Re-

marks (by H. S. Chapman). March, 1835.

4. Existing Difficulties of the Government of the Canadas.

By J. A. Roebuck, M.P. 1836.

5. The last Session of the Provincial Parliament of Lower

Canada, By E. B. O'Callaghan, M.P. April, 1836.

6. Petition (the Third) from the House of Assembly of

Lower Canada. 1836.

7. Seventh Report of the Committee on Grievances (Upper

Canada.) Toronto. 1835.

8. Canadiana; or, Sketches of Upper Canada: and the

Political Crisis. By W. B. Wells, Esq. Member of

the Parliament of U. C. 1837.

9. Reports of the Commissioners to Lower Canada. 1837.

10. The “ Times” Newspaper of the 7th and 9th of March,

and April 15th. “ Debates on Canada.” - - 79

V.-Londres : Voyage contenant la Description de cette Capi-

tale, avec les Meurs, &c. &c. par Albert Montémont.

Paris. - - -

-. - 113
State of the Irish Fisheries, with the Minutes of

Evidence and Appendis. Presented to both Houses
of Parliament by Command ot His Majesty. Dublin.

1836. . . . . . . . . . 133

VII.- Mémoire sur la Détermination de l'Echelle du Thermo-

mètre de l'Académie del Cimento: par M. G. Libri.

Annales de Chimie et de Physique : par MM. Gay-

Lussac et Arago. Vol. XLV. - . . - 151

VIII.—Christian Political Economy; or, an Examination into the

Causes of Pauperism as it exists in France and Europe,

and of the Means of Relieving and Preventing it.

By the Viscount Villeneuve Bargimont, Prefect of

the North, formerly Counsellor of State, Deputy, &c.

3 vols. Paris. 1834. - - . -

- 166

IX.-1. Descent of the Danube, from Ratisbon to Vienna, dur-

ing the Autumn of 1827, with anecdotes and recol-

lections, &c. By J. R. Planché, author of " Lays and

Legends of the Rhine," “ Oberon,” an Opera, &c.

8vo. London. 1828.

2. A Steam Voyage down the Danube, with Sketches of

Hangary, Wallachia, Servia, Turkey, &c. By

Michael J. Quin, Author of “A Visit to Spain."

Third edition, with additions. In two volumes. Post

8vo. London. 1836.

3. Austria and the Austrians. In two volumes. Post 8vo.

London. 1837.

4. Three Voyages in the Black Sea to the coast of Circas-

sia. By the Chev. Taitbout de Marigny, Consul of

his Majesty the King of the Netherlands, at Odessa.

Svo. London. 1837.

5. Travels in Circassia, Krim Tartary, &c. including a

Steam Voyage down the Danube, from Vienna to

Constantinople, and round the Black Sea, in 1836.

By Edmund Spencer, Esq. Author of “ Sketches of

Germany and the Germans," &c. In two volumes.

8vo. London. 1837.

6. Report on the Commerce of the Ports of New Russia,

Moldavia, and Wallachia, made to the Russian Go-

vernment, in 1835, in pursuance of an investigation,

undertaken by order of Count Woronzow, Trans-

lated from the original, published at Odessa, by T. F.

Triebner. Post 8vo. London, 1836.

7. A Geographical, Statistical, and Commercial Account

of the Russian Ports of the Black Sea, the Sea of

Azoph, and the Danube; also an official Report of

the European Commerce of Russia, in 1835. From

the German. With a map. 8vo. London. 1837. 198

1. -Théorie Analytique des Probabilités. Par M. le Marquis

de Laplace, ric. Sième édition. Paris. 1820. - 297

XI.-Summary Review of Italian and German Catholic Liter-

ature, from January to June 1837. - - . 219

Miscellaneous Intelligence - -

Notices of New Books - . . . . . 267


1.- Novalis Schriften. Herausgegeben von L. Tieck und F.

Schlegel. Berlin. 1826.–The Writings of Novalis.

Edited by L. Tieck and F. Schlegel. Berlin. 1826.

4th Edition. - - - - - - - 277

II.—Deux Chanceliers d'Angleterre. Bacon de Vérulam et S.

Thomas de Canterbéry. Par A. F. Ozanam. Paris.

1836. - - - - - - - - - 305

III.-1. Geschichte der Vorläufer der Reformation. History of

the Forerunners of the Reformation. By Dr. Ludwig

Flathe. Leipsig. 1835.

2. Histoire des Vaudois des Vallées du Piémont. Par

A. Muston. Paris. 1834.

3. Considérations sur les Vaudois. Par M. Peyran.

4. Recherches Historiques sur la véritable Origine des

Vaudois, et sur le Caractère de leurs Doctrines Pri-

mitives. Paris. 1836. - - - - - 325

IV.-1. Contrasts, or a Parallel between the Noble Edifices of

the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries, and similar

Buildings of the Present Day; shewing the present

decay of Taste. By A. Welby Pugin, architect. 4to.

Lond. 1836.

2. A Reply to Observations which appeared in “ Fraser's

Magazine" for March 1837, on a work entitled

“ Contrasts." By the Author of that Publication.

8vo. London. 1837. - - - - - 360

V.-Histoire de Sainte Elizabeth de Hongrie, Duchesse de

Thuringe. (1207-1231.) Par Le Comte de Monta-

lembert, Pair de France. Paris. 1836. - - 384

VI.-1. The Angler in Ireland, or an Englishman's Ramble

through Connaught and Munster, in the Summer of

1833. London. 1834.

2. Journey throughout Ireland, in the Spring, Summer,

and Autumn of 1834. By H. D. anglis, Esq. Lond.


3. A Tour round Ireland in the Summer of 1835. By

John Barrow, Jun. Esq. London, 1836 - -

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