In Search of King Solomon's Mines

Arcade Publishing, 2003 - 240 sidor
King Solomon, the Bible's wisest king, possessed extraordinary wealth. He built a temple in Jerusalem that was purportedly covered in gold. Intrigued by a map he finds in a shop near the site of that temple, Tahir Shah sets out to find the wise king's gold mines. A multitude of clues points him across the Red Sea to Ethiopia, the land of the Queen of Sheba. Shah's trail takes him to a remote cliff-face monastery where the monks hoist visitors up on a leather rope, to the ruined castles of Gondar, and to the churches of Lalibela, hewn from solid rock. In the south he encounters an illegal gold mine of Biblical proportions, where thousands of men, women, and children dig with their hands. But the hardest leg of the journey is to the accused mountain of Tullu Wallel, where legend says the devil keeps watch over the entrance to an ancient mine shaft....
- Both of Shah's previous books, Sorcerer's Apprentice and Trail of Feathers, received rave reviews. Shah has built up a solid group of fans in the press.
- This is not just a travel book, it is a rollicking adventure that keeps you glued to the page, as much as H. Rider Haggard's classic novel, King Solomon's Mines.
- Though Shah is always humorous, he also gives a very accurate portrait of the country, with all its hardships and contradictions.

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LibraryThing Review

Användarrecension  - elleceetee - LibraryThing

Tahir Shah is one of the best travel writers ever. Period. I want desperately want to travel with him. No, scratch that, I want to BE him. I want to get paid to go on grand adventures with the threat ... Läs hela recensionen

LibraryThing Review

Användarrecension  - bookwoman247 - LibraryThing

After finding an intrigueing map in a tourist shop in Old Jerusalem Shah became obsessed with finding the legendary King Solomon's Mines. He traveled extensively through Ethiopia in search of the ... Läs hela recensionen


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