The excursion, being a portion of The recluse, a poem

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Sida 8 - I, long before the blissful hour arrives, Would chant, in lonely peace, the spousal verse Of this great consummation — and, by words Which speak of nothing more than what we are, Would I arouse the sensual from their sleep Of Death, and win the vacant and the vain To noble raptures...
Sida 101 - But, by the storms of circumstance unshaken, And subject neither to eclipse nor wane, Duty exists; — immutably survive, For our support, the measures and the forms, Which an abstract intelligence supplies; Whose kingdom is, where time and space are not.
Sida 122 - When winds are blowing strong. The traveller slaked His thirst from rill or gushing fount, and thanked The Naiad. Sunbeams upon distant hills Gliding apace with shadows in their train, Might with small help from fancy, be transformed Into fleet Oreads sporting visibly.
Sida 131 - With the loud streams : and often, at the hour When issue forth the first pale stars, is heard, Within the circuit of this fabric huge, One voice — the solitary raven, flying Athwart the concave of the dark blue dome, Unseen, perchance above the power of sight— An iron knell ! with echoes from afar Faint — and still fainter...
Sida 128 - As the ample moon, In the deep stillness of a summer even Rising behind a thick and lofty grove, Burns, like an unconsuming fire of light, In the green trees ; and, kindling on all sides Their leafy umbrage, turns the dusky veil Into a substance glorious as her own, Yea, with her own incorporated, by power Capacious and serene.
Sida 16 - Profuse in garniture of wooden cuts Strange and uncouth ; dire faces, figures dire, Sharp-kneed, sharp-elbowed, and lean-ankled too, With long and ghostly shanks — forms which once seen Could never be forgotten...
Sida 61 - ... an answer — thither come, and shape A language not unwelcome to sick hearts And idle spirits : — there the sun himself, At the calm close of summer's longest day, Rests his substantial Orb ; — between those heights And on the top of either pinnacle, More keenly than elsewhere in night's blue vault, Sparkle the Stars, as of their station proud. Thoughts are not busier in the mind of man Than the mute Agents stirring there : — alone Here do I sit and watch.
Sida 8 - Such grateful haunts foregoing, if I oft Must turn elsewhere — to travel near the tribes And fellowships of men, and see ill sights Of madding passions mutually inflamed ; Must hear Humanity in fields and groves Pipe solitary anguish ; or must hang Brooding above the fierce confederate storm Of sorrow, barricadoed evermore Within the walls of cities — may these sounds Have their authentic comment ; that even these Hearing, I be not downcast or forlorn ! — Descend, prophetic Spirit!
Sida 286 - Power, that proudly sits on others' crimes ; Charged with more crying sins than those he checks. The storms of sad confusion that may grow Up in the present for the coming times, Appal not him ; that hath no side at all, But of himself, and knows the worst can fall. Although his heart (so near allied to earth) Cannot but pity the perplexed state Of troublous and...
Sida 65 - Stood fixed ; and fixed resemblances were seen To implements of ordinary use, But vast in size, in substance glorified ; Such as by Hebrew prophets were beheld In vision — forms uncouth of mightiest power, For admiration and mysterious awe.

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