I Must Be about My Father's Business: Addendum Volume PowerPoint Charts for Volumes I, II, III and IV

Trafford Publishing, 2005 - 256 sidor
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This book is a collection of PowerPoint Charts that support the related volumes of the title --

"I Must Be About My Father's Business":

Vol I God's Purpose for Man - Relationship and Dominion

Vol II Dominion - Doing God's Will and Work

Vol III Spiritual Growth - Dominion Over Sin and Self (future)

Vol IV Soul Winning - Dominion in the Harvest (future)

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PowerPoint Charts
A1 A Balanced Relationship with God A2 God and Man Relationship Model A3 Relationship with God and Man A4 God in the Center of Our ...
PowerPoint Charts continued
PowerPoint Charts continued F The Path to the Supernatural
H1 Mission Vision Goals Driven Harvest
PowerPoint Charts continued J7 The Source of New Converts J8 How Do We Get More Visitors?
J9 Your Personal Harvest Field
J10 Find a Need and Fill It Find a Hurt and Heal It J11 The Needs Fulfillment Ministry J12 The Harvest is the Visitor J13 The Ministry of the Belie...

J14 Vision of the Care Ministry J15 Values of the Care Ministry J16 Seven Fold Vision of the Visitor J17 Seven Conditions of the Visitor J18 T...
J22 Care Ministry Phase 1 Care Teams and Phase 2 Mentors J23 Seven Principles of the Pursuit Ministry
J24 Definition of Discipleship
J25 Six Principles of Discipleship Ministry J26 Visitor and New Convert Support Needs J27 OneOnOne Mentor Enhances the Effectiveness of the ...

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