Annals of Philosophy, Volym 4; Volym 20

Richard Phillips, Edward William Brayley
Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1822

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Sida 233 - Dendrologia Britannica, or, Trees and Shrubs that will live in the open air of Britain throughout the year.
Sida 252 - ... all the phenomena accord entirely with the supposition that the earth's atmosphere is of finite extent, limited by the weight of ultimate atoms of definite magnitude no longer divisible by repulsion of their parts.
Sida 111 - I was able to measure the thickness of the bed of snow over the stream very exactly, by means of a plumbline let down through one of the holes in it, which are caused by the steam of a great number of boiling springs which are at the border of the Jumna.
Sida 108 - ... inches from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. The body is from ten to twelve inches long.
Sida 217 - Hactenus phaenomena caelorum et maris nostri per vim gravitatis exposui, sed causam gravitatis nondum assignavi — Eationem vero harum gravitatis proprietatum ex phaenomenis nondum potui deducere, et hypotheses non fingo. Quicquid enim ex phaenomenis non deducitur, hypothesis vocanda est; et hypotheses seu metaphysicae, seu physicac, seu ąualitatum occultarum, seu mechanicae, in philosophia experimentali locum non habent. In hac philosophia propositiones deducuntur ex phaenomenis, et redduntur...
Sida 215 - Whereas the main Business of Natural Philosophy is to argue from Phenomena without feigning Hypotheses, and to deduce Causes from Effects, till we come to the very first Cause, which certainly is not mechanical...
Sida 52 - An HISTORICAL and DESCRIPTIVE ACCOUNT of the STEAM ENGINE; comprising a general View of the various Modes of employing Elastic Vapour as a "Prime Mover in Mechanics. With an Appendix of Patents and Parliamentary Papers connected with the Subject. By CHARLES FREDERICK PARTINGTON, of the London Institution.
Sida 410 - The tide did now its flood-mark gain, And girdled in the Saint's domain : For, with the flow and ebb, its style Varies from continent to isle ; Dry-shod, o'er sands, twice every day, The pilgrims to the shrine find way ; Twice every day, the waves efface Of staves and sandall'd feet the trace.
Sida 312 - September 1 808, that is, after an interval of nearly a year since his former application. He now became a patient of Dr. Curry, under whose care he remained, gradually and miserably sinking under his sufferings, till March 1809, when he died, in a state of extreme emaciation.
Sida 310 - Hospital *. the month of June 1799, John Cummings, an American sailor, about twenty-three years of age, being with his ship on the coast of France, and having gone on shore with some of his shipmates-, about two miles from the town of Havre de Grace, he and his party directed their course towards a tent which they saw in a field, with a crowd of people round it. Being told that a play was acting there, they entered, and found in the tent a mountebank, who was entertaining the audience by pretending-...

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