Sidor som bilder

By narrow draw-bridge, outworks strong,
Through studded gates, an entrance long,

To the main court they pass.
It was a wide and stately square :
Around were lodgings, fit and fair,

And towers of various form,
Which on the court projected far,
And broke its lines quadrangular.
Here was square keep, there turret high,
Or pinnacle that sought the sky,
Whence oft the Wardèr could descry

The gathering ocean storm.

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Here did they rest.—The princely care
Of Douglas why should I declare,
Or say they met reception fair?

Or why the tidings say,
Which, varying, to Tantallon came,
By hurrying posts, or fleeter fame,

With every varying day?

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And, first, they heard King James had won

Etall, and Wark, and Ford; and then,

That Norham's castle strong was ta’en.
At that sore marvelled Marmion;
And Douglas hoped his monarch's hand
Would soon subdue Northumberland :

But whispered news there came,
That, while his host inactive lay,
And melted by degrees away,
King James was dallying off the day

With Heron's wily dame.-
Such acts to chronicles I yield;

Go seek them there, and see:
Mine is a tale of Flodden field,

And not a history.--
At length, they heard the Scottish host
On that high ridge had made their post,

Which frowns o'er Millfield Plain;
And that brave Surrey many a band
Had gathered in the Southern land,


And marched into Northumberland,

And camp at Wooler ta’en. Marmion, like charger in the stall, That hears without the trumpet call,

Began to chafe, and swear :A sorry thing to hide


head In castle, like a fearful maid,

When such a field is near ! Needs must I see this battle-day: Death to my fame, if such a fray Were fought, and Marmion away!

The Douglas, too, I wot not why,

Hath 'bated of his courtesy : No longer in his halls I'll stay.”Then bade his band, they should array For march against the dawning day.

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Jntroduction to Canto Sirth.

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