Sidor som bilder
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Then, after morning rites were done,
(A hasty mass from Friar John,)
And knight and squire had broke their fast,
On rich substantial repast,
Lord Marmion's bugle blew to horse.
Then came the stirrup-cup in course ;
Between the Baron and his host,
No point of courtesy was lost :
High thanks were by Lord Marmion paid,
Solemn excuse the Captain made,
Till, filing from the gate, had past
That noble train, their Lord the last.

Then loudly rung the trumpet call;
Thundered the cannon from the wall,

And shook the Scottish shore ;
Around the castle eddied slow,
Volumes of smoke as white as snow,

And hid its turrets hoar ;

Till they rolled forth upon the air,
And met the river breezes there,
Which gave again the prospect fair.

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Jntroduction to Canto Second.


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