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Sail for Grenada. — Discussion with the Supercargo. - Town of Rosseau.

News of the Capture of the Guerriere. - A Night in an Open Boat. - Caribs
of St. Vincent. The Volcano. - The Grenadines. — Dutch Courage. -
Boarded by the Ringdove. – Harbor of St. George. - An Awkward Pre-
dicament. - Lies by Wholesale.

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Leave Gottenburg for Boston.- Superstition in the Cabin.- Miles Petersen

the Mutineer.- Execution on Boston Neck.- A Feat on the Slack Rope. -

Castles in the Air. - Bank of Newfoundland. - The Bank Fishermen in

Olden Times. — Unsuccessful Cruise of Uncle Jonas. - Fog Banks. — Excite-

ment on making the Land. - Return to the Home of my Childhood. . . . 426


The Sea : its Immensity ; its Configuration ; its Depth ; its Beauty ; its

Dangers. — The Sailor : his Failings ; his Virtues. An Appeal in his


.. 436

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