Acts Passed at the ... Session of the General Assembly for the Commonwealth of Kentucky

J. Bradford, printer to the Commonwealth, 1850
Includes: public acts, local and private acts. Includes regular, adjourned, called, and extraordinary sessions.

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Sida 125 - ... to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered, defend and be defended, in all State courts having competent jurisdiction, and in any circuit court of the United States...
Sida 658 - Act, it ought to have been made, the said corporation shall not, for that cause, be deemed to be dissolved, but...
Sida 27 - No such partnership shall be deemed to have been formed until a certificate shall haVe been made, acknowledged, filed and recorded, nor until an affidavit shall have been filed as above directed ; and if any false statement be made in such certificate or affidavit all the persons interested in such partnership shall be liable for all the engagements thereof as general partners.
Sida 28 - The business of the partnership shall be conducted under a firm, in which the names of the general partners only shall be inserted, without the addition of the word "company...
Sida 302 - ... in such manner as to afford security for life and property: but the corporation shall restore the stream or water- course, road or highway, thus intersected, to its former state, or in a sufficient manner not to unnecessarily impair its usefulness or injure its franchises.
Sida 28 - Every alteration which shall be made in the names of the partners, in the nature of the business, or in the capital or shares thereof, or in any other matter specified in the original certificate, shall be deemed a dissolution of the partnership ; and every such partnership which shall in any manner be carried on after any such alteration shall have been made, shall be deemed a general partnership, unless renewed as a special partnership according to the provisions of the last section.
Sida 696 - Mercer, and by that name shall have perpetual succession, and shall be able and capable in law to have and use a common seal, to sue and be sued, to plead and be impleaded in all courts of law and equity, and to do all such other things as are incident to a corporation.
Sida 360 - ... be dissolved, but it shall be lawful on any other day to hold an election for...
Sida 555 - Company, and by that name shall have perpetual succession, and shall be able to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, defend and be defended, in all courts of law and equity within the United States...
Sida 365 - Where any lands or right of way may be required by the said company for the purpose of constructing their road and for want of agreement as to the value thereof, or from any other cause, the same cannot be purchased from the owner or owners, the same may be taken at a valuation to be made by five commissioners or a majority of them, to be appointed by the Circuit Court of the County where some part of the land, or right of way is situated...

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