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may know it.

Israel, and provoked David to 9 And the LORD spake unto number Israel.

Gad, David's seer, saying, 2 And David said to Joab and 10 Go and tell David, saying, to the rulers of the people, Go, Thus saith the LORD, I offer number Israel from Beer-sheba | thee three things : choose thee even to Dan; and bring the one of them, that I may do it number of them to me, that I unto thee.

11 So Gad came to David, 3 And Joab answered, The and said unto him, Thus saith LORD make his people an hun- the LORD, Choose thee dred times so many more as

as 12

12 Either three years famine; they be : but, my lord the king, or three months to be destroyed are they not all my lord's ser- before thy foes, while that the vants ? why then doth my lord sword of thine enemies overrequire this thing? why will he taketh thee; or else three days be a cause of trespass to Israel? the sword of the LORD, even

4 Nevertheless the king's word the pestilence, in the land, and prevailed against Joab. Where the angel of the LORD destroyfore Joab departed, and went ing throughout all the coasts throughout all Israel, and came of Israel. Now therefore, advise to Jerusalem.

thyself what word I shall bring 5 And Joab gave the sum of again to him that sent me. the number of the people unto 13 And David said unto Gad, David. And all they of Israel || I am in a great strait : let me were a thousand thousand and fall now into the hand of the an hundred thousand men that LORD; for very great are his drew sword : and Judah was mercies: but let me not fall four hundred threescore and ten into the hand of man. thousand men that drew sword. 14 So the LORD sent pestilence

6 But Levi and Benjamin upon Israel: and there fell of counted he not among them: Israel seventy thousand men. for the king's word was abomi. 15 And God sent an angel unto nable to Joab.

Jerusalem to destroy it: and as 7 And God was displeased he was destroying, the LORD with this thing, therefore he beheld, and he repented him of smote Israel.

the evil, and said to the angel 8 And David said unto God, that destroyed, It is enough; I have sinned greatly, because stay now thine hand. And the I have done this thing; but now angel of the Lord stood by the I beseech thee, do away the ini. threshing-floor of Ornan the Je. quity of thy servant; for I have busite. done very foolishly.

16 And David lifted up his eyes, and saw the angel of the altar therein unto the Lord: LORD stand between the earth thou shalt grant it me for the and the heaven, having a drawn full price: that the plague may sword in his hand stretched out be stayed from the people. over Jerusalem. Then David 23 And Ornan said unto Daand the elders of Israel; who vid, Take it to thee, and let my were clothed in sackcloth, fell lord the king do that which is upon their faces.

good in his eyes : lo, 1 give 17 And David said unto God, thee the oxen also for burntIs it not I that commanded the offerings, and the threshing inpeople to be numbered ? even I struments for wood, and the it is that have sinned and done wheat for the meat-offering; I evil indeed; but as for these give it all. sheep, what have they done? 24 And king David said to let thine hand, I pray thee, O Ornan, Nay: but I will verily LORD my God, be on me, and buy it for the full price: for I on my father's house; but not will not take that which is thine on thy people, that they should for the Lord, nor offer burntbe plagued.

offerings without cost. 18 Then the angel of the LORD 25 So David gave to Ornan commanded Gad to say to Da- | for the place six hundred shekels vid, that David should go up, of gold by weight. and set up an altar unto the 26 And David built there an Lord in the threshing-floor of altar unto the Lord, and offered Ornan the Jebusite.

burnt-offerings and peace-offer19 And David went up at the ings, and called upon the LORD; saying of Gad, which he spake and he answered him from heaven in the name of the LORD. by fire upon the altar of burnt

20 And Ornan turned back, offering. and saw the angel; and his 27 And the Lord commanded four sons with him hid them the angel; and he put up his selves. Now Ornan was thresh-sword again into the sheath ing wheat.

thereof. 21 And as David came to Or- 28 At that time when David nan, Ornan looked and saw Da- saw that the Lord had answered vid, and went out of the thresh- him in the threshing-floor of Oring-floor, and bowed himself to nan the Jebusite, then he sacri. David with his face to the ficed there. ground.

29 For the tabernacle of the 22 Then David said to Ornan, LORD, which Moses made in Grant me the place of this thresh- the wilderness, and the altar of ing-floor, that I may build an the burnt-offering, were at that


scason in the high place at

place at || build an house for the LORD Gibeon.

God of Israel. 30 But David could not go 7 And David said to Solomon, before it to enquire of God : for My son, as for me, it was in my he was afraid, because of the mind to build an house unto sword of the angel of the LORD. the name of the LORD my


8 But the word of the LORD

came to me, saying, Thou hast PREPARATION FOR THE

shed blood abundantly, and hast

made great wars: thou shalt not THEN David said, This is build an house unto my name, the house of the LORD God, because thou hast shed much and this is the altar of the burnt- | blood upon the earth in my offering for Israel.

sight. 2 And David commanded to 9 Behold, a son shall be born gather together the strangers to thee, who shall be a man of that were in the land of Israel; rest; and I will give him rest and he set masons to hew || from all his enemies round wrought stones to build the about: for his name shall be house of God.

Solomon ; and I will give peace 3 And David prepared iron and quietness unto Israel in his in abundance for the nails for days. the doors of the gates, and for 10 He shall build an house for the joinings; and brass in abun- my name; and he shall be my dance without weight;

son, and I will be his father; and 4 Also cedar-trees in abun. I will establish the throne of his dance ; for the Zidonians and kingdom over Israel for ever. they of Tyre brought much ce- 11 Now, my son, the LORD dar wood to David.

be with thee; and prosper thou, 5 And David said, Solomon and build the house of the LORD my son is young and tender, and thy God, as he hath said of thee. the house that is to be builded 12 Only the Lord give thee for the Lord must be exceed wisdom and understanding, and ing magnifical, of fame and of give thee charge concerning Isglory throughout all countries : rael, that thou mayest keep the I will therefore now make pre-law of the LORD thy God. paration for it. So David pre

13 Then shalt thou prosper,

if pared abundantly before his thou takest heed to fulfil the death.

statutes and judgments which 6 Then he called for Solomon the Lord charged Moscs with his son, and charged him to concerning Israel; be strong, and of good courage; dread not,

CHAP. XXIII. nor be dismayed.

SOLOMON MADE KING. 14 Now, behold, in' my trouble I have prepared for the house SO when David was old and of the Lord an hundred thou- full of days, he made Solomon sand talents of gold, and a thou. his son king over Israel. sand thousand talents of silver; 2 And he gathered together and of brass and iron without all the princes of Israel, with weight; for it is in abundance: the priests and the Levites. timber also and stone have I 3 Now the Levites were numprepared; and thou mayest add bered from the age of thirty thereto.

years and upward: and their 15 Moreover, there are work- number by their polls, man by men with thee in abundance, man, was thirty and eight thouhewers and workers of stone and sand. timber, and all manner of cun- 4 Of which, twenty and four ning men for every manner of thousand were to set forward work.

the work of the house of the 16 Of the gold, the silver, and LORD: and six thousand were the brass, and the iron, there is officers and judges: no number.

Arise therefore, 5 Moreover | four thousand and be doing, and the Lord be were porters; and four thousand with thee.

praised the LORD with the in17 David also commanded all struments which I made, ( said the princes of Israel to help So-David,) to praise therewith. lomon his son, saying,

6 And David divided them 18 Is not the LORD your God into courses among the sons of with you? and hath he not given Levi, namely, Gershon, Kohath, you rest on every side? for he and Merari. hath given the inhabitants of the 7 Of the Gershonites were land into mine hand; and the Laadan, and Shimei. land is subdued before the LORD, 8 The Sons of Laadan; the and before his people.

chief was Jehiel, and Zetham, 19 Now set your heart and and Joel, three. your soul to seek the LORD your 9 The sons of Shimei; SheloGod; arise therefore, and build mith, and Haziel, and Haran, ye the sanctuary of the LORD three. These were the chief of God, to bring the ark of the the fathers of Laadan. covenant of the LORD, and the 10 And the sons of Shimei holy vessels of God, into the were Jahath, Zina, and Jeush, house that is to be built to the land Beriah. These four were name of the LORD.

the sons of Shimei.



11 And Jahath was the chief, || no sons, but daughters: and and Zizah the second: but their brethren the sons of Kish Jeush and Beriah had not many | took them. sons; therefore they were in one 23 The sons of Mushi; Mahli, reckoning, according to their and Eder, and Jeremoth, three. father's house.

24 These were the sons of 12 The sons of Kohath; Am. Levi after the house of their ram, Izhar, Hebron, and Uzziel, fathers; even the chief of the four.

fathers, as they were counted 13 The sons of Amram; Aa- by number of names by their ron and Moses: and Aaron was polls, that did the work for the separated, that he should sanc-service of the house of the tify the most holy things, he and Lord, from the age of twenty his sons for ever, to burn in- years and upward, cense before the LORD, to min- 25 For David said, The LORD ister unto him, and to bless in God of Israel hath given rest his name for ever.

unto his people, that they may 14 Now, concerning Moses the dwell in Jerusalem for ever. man of God, his sons were 26 And also unto the Levites: named of the tribe of Levi. they shall no more carry the ta

15 The sons of Moses were, bernacle, nor any vessels of it Gershom, and Eliezer.

for the service thereof, 16 Of the sons of Gershom; 27 For by the last words of Shebuel was the chief.

David the Levites were num. 17 And the sons of Eliezer bered from twenty years old were, Rehabiah the chief. And and above: Eliezer had none other sons;

28 Because their office was to but the sons of Rehabiah were wait on the sons of Aaron for very many.

the service of the house of the 18 Of the sons of Izhar; She Lord, in the courts, and in the lomith the chief.

chambers, and in the purifying 19 Of the sons of Hebron; of all holy things, and the work Jeriah the first, Amariah the of the service of the house of second, Jehaziel the third, and God; Jekameam the fourth.

29 Both for the shew-bread, 20 Of the sons of Uzziel; and for the fine flour for meatMicah the first, and Jesiah the offering, and for the unleavened second.

cakes, and for that which is baked 21 The sons of Merari; Mahli, in the pan, and for that which is and Mushi. The sons of Mahli; fried, and for all manner of meaEleazar, and Kish.

sure and size; 22 And Eleazar died, and had 30 And to stand every morn

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