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soever, whether man or woman,

CHAP. V. shall come unto the king into the inner court, who is not

KING'S FAVOUR. called, there is one law of his to put him to death, except

NOW it came to pass on the such to whom the king shall third day, that Esther put on hold out the golden sceptre, ber royal apparel, and stood in that he may live : but I have the inner court of the king's not been called to come in unto house, over against the king's the king these thirty days. house: and the king sat upon

12 And they told to Mor his royal throne in the royal decai Esther's words.

house, over against the gate of 13 Then Mordecai command the house. ed to answer Esther, Think not 2 And it was so, when the with thyself that thou shalt king saw Esther the queen escape in the king's house, standing in the court, that she more than all the Jews.

obtained favour in his sight; 14 For if thou altogether and the king held out to Eshter holdest thy peace at this time, the golden sceptre that was then shall there enlargement and in his hand./ So Esther drew deliverance arise to the Jews near, and touched the top of from another place; but thou the sceptre. and thy father's house shall be 3 Then said the king unto destroyed; and who knowest her, What wilt thou queen whether thou art come to the Esther? and what is thy rekingdom for such a time as quest? it shall be even given this?

thee to the half of the king15 Then Esther bade them re dom. turn Mordecai this answer, 4 And Esther answered, If it

16 Go, gather together all the seem good unto the king, I let Jews that are present in Shu- the king and Haman come this shan, and fast ye for me, and day unto the banquet that I neither eat nor drink three days, have prepared for him." night nor day: I also and my 5 Then the king said, Cause maidens will fast likewise; and Haman to make haste, that he so will I go in unto the king, may do as Esther hath said. which is not according to the So the king and Haman came law: and if I perish, I pe to the banquet that Esther had rish,

17 So Mordecai went his way, 6 And the king said unto Estand did according to all that her at the banquet of wine, Esther had commanded him. What is thy petition ? and it


shall be granted thee :X and 13 Yet all this availeth me what is thy request ? even to nothing, so long as I see Morthe half of the kingdom it shall decai the Jew sitting at the be performed.X

king's gate. 7 Then answered Esther, and 14 Then said Zeresh his wife, said, My petition and my re- and all his friends unto him, quest is,

Let a gallows be made of fifty 8 If I have found favour in cubits high, and to-morrow the sight of the king, and if it speak thou unto the king that please the king to grant my Mordecai may be hanged therepetition, and to perform my on : then go thou in merrily request,flet the king and Ha- with the king unto the banman come to the banquet that quet. And the thing pleased I shall prepare for them, and I Haman; and he caused the will do to-morrow as the king gallows

gallows to be made. hath said. 9 Then went Haman forth

CHAP. VI. that day joyful, and with a glad heart : but when Haman saw

MORDECAI'S GOOD SERVICES. Mordecai in the king's gate,KON that night could not the that he stood not up, nor mov- king sleep, and he commanded ed for him, he was full of indig- to bring the book of records of nation against Mordecai. the chronicles; and they were

10 Nevertheless, Haman re- read before the king. frained himself: and when he 2 And it was found written, came home, he sent and call- that Mordecai had told of Biged for his friends, and Zeresh thana and Teresh, two of the his wife.

king's chamberlains, the keep11 And Haman told them of ers of the door, who sought to the glory of his riches, and the lay hand on the king Ahasuemultitude of his children, and rus. all the things wherein the king 3 And the king said, What had promoted him, and how honour and dignity hath been he had advanced him above the done to Mordecai for this ? princes and servants of the king. Then said the king's servants

12 Haman said moreover, that ministered unto him, There Yea, Esther the queen did let is nothing done for him. no man come in with the king 4 And the king said, Who is unto the banquet that she had in the court ? Now Haman was prepared, but myself; and to come into the outward court morrow am I invited unto her of the king's house, to speak also with the king.

unto the king to hang Morde


3 D

cai on the gallows that he had | 11 Then took Haman the apprepared for him.

parel and the horse, and array5 And the king's servants said ed Mordecai, and brought him unto him, Behold, Haman on horseback through the street standeth in the court: and the of the city, and proclaimed beking said, Let him come in. fore' him, Thus shall it be

6 So Haman came in: and done unto the man whom the the king said unto him, What king delighteth to honour. shall be done unto the man 12 And Mordecai came again whom the king delighteth to to the king's gate. But Haman honour ? Now Haman thought hasted to his house mourning, in his heart, To whom would and having his head covered. the king delight to do honour 13 And Haman told Zeresh more than to myself?

his wife and all his friends every 7 And Haman answered the thing that had befallen him. king, For the man whom the Then said his wise men and king delighteth to honour, Zeresh his wife unto him, If

8 Let the royal apparel be Mordecai be of the seed of the brought which the king useth Jews, before whom thou hast to wear, and the horse that the begun to fall, thou shalt not king rideth upon, and the crown prevail against him, but shalt royal which is set upon his surely fall before him. head;

14 And while they were yet 9 And let this apparel and talking with him, came the horse be delivered to the hand king's chamberlains, and hastof one of the king's most no- ed to bring Haman unto the banble princes, that they may quet that Esther had prepared. array the man withal whom the king delighteth to honour, and

CHAP. VII. bring him on horseback through the street of the city, and proclaim before him, Thus shall SO the king and Haman came it be done to the man whom to banquet with Esther the the king delighteth to honour. queen.

10 Then the king said to 2 And the king said again Haman, Make haste, and take unto Esther on the second day the apparel and the horse, as at the banquet of wine, What thou hast said, and do even so is thy petition, queen Esther? to Mordecai the Jew that sit- and it shall be granted thee: teth at the king's gate : let no- and what is thy request? and it thing fail of all that thou hast shall be performed, even to the spoken.

half of the kingdom.


3 Then Esther the queen an 9 And Harbonah, one of the swered and said, If I have found chamberlains, said before the favour in thy sight, O king, and king, Behold also, the gallows if it please the king, let my life fifty cubits high, which Haman be given me at my petition, and had made for Mordecai, who my people at my request: had spoken good for the king,

4 For we are sold, I and my standeth in the house of Haman. people, to be destroyed, to be Then the king said, Hang him slain, and to perish. But if we thereon. had been sold for bond-men and 10 So they hanged Haman on bond-women, I had held my the gallows that he had prepared tongue, although the enemy for Mordecai. Then was the could not countervail the king's king's wrath pacified. damage. 5 Then the king Ahasuerus

CHAP. VIII. answered and said unto Esther the Who is he, and

THE REJOICING OF THE queen, where is he, that durst presume

JEWS. in his heart to do so?

ON that day did the king 6 And Esther said, The ad- Ahasuerus give the house of versary and enemy is this wick- Haman the Jews' enemy, unto ed Haman. Then Haman was

Esther the queen.

And Morafraid before the king and decai came before the king; for

Esther had told what he was 7 And the king arising from unto her. the banquet of wine in his wrath 2 And the king took off his went into the palace-garden : ring which he had taken from and Haman stood up to make Haman, and gave it unto Morrequest for his life to Esther the decai. And Esther set Morde . queen; for he saw that there cai over the house of Haman. was evil determined against him 3 And Esther spake yet again by the king

before the king, and fell down 8 Then the king returned out at his feet, and besought him of the palace-garden into the with tears to put away the misplace of the banquet of wine; chief of Haman the Agagite, and Haman was fallen upon the and his device that he had debed whereon Esther was. Then vised against the Jews. said the king, Will he force the 4 Then the king held out the queen also before me in the golden sceptre toward Esther. house? As the word went out So Esther arose, and stood beof the king's mouth, they cover fore the king, ed Haman's face.

5 And said, If it please the

the queen.

king, and if I have found favour | ing thereof, and unto every in his sight, and the thing seem people after their language, and right before the king, and I be to the Jews according to their pleasing in his eyes, let it be writing, and according to their written to reverse the letters de language. vised by Haman the son of Ham 10 And he wrote in the king medatha the Agagite, which he Ahasuerus' name, and sealed it wrote to destroy the Jews which with the king's ring, and sent are in all the king's provinces: letters by posts on horseback,

6 For how can I endure to see and riders on mules, camels, and the evil that shall come upon my young dromedaries : people? or how can I endure to 11 Wherein the king granted see the destruction of my kin- the Jews which were in every dred?

city to gather themselves to7 Then the king Ahasuerus gether, and to stand for their said unto Esther the queen and life, to destroy, to slay, and to to Mordecai the Jew, Behold, I cause to perish, all the power of have given Esther the house of the people and province that Haman, and him they have would assault them, both little hanged upon the gallows, be ones and women, and to take cause he laid his hand upon the the spoil of them for a prey, Jews.

12 Upon one day in all the 8 Write ye also for the Jews, | provinces of king Ahasuerus, as it liketh you, in the king's namely, upon the thirteenth day name, and seal it with the king's of the twelfth month which is ring: for the writing which is the month Adar. written in the king's name, and 13 The copy of the writing sealed with the king's ring, for a commandment to be given may no man reverse.

in every province was published 9 Then were the king's scribes unto all people, and that the Jews called at that time in the third should be ready against that month, that is, the month Sivan, day to avenge themselves on on the three and twentieth day their enemies. thereof; and it was written ac 14 So the posts that rode upon cording to all that Mordecai mules and camels went out, commanded unto the Jews, and being hastened and pressed on to the lieutenants, and the depu- by the king's commandment. ties and rulers of the provinces || And the decree was given at which are from India unto Ethi- || Shusan the palace. opia, an hundred and twenty

15 And Mordecai went out and seven provinces, unto every from the presence of the king in province according to the writ- royal apparel of blue and white,

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