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We were the happiest pair of human kind!
The rolling year its varying course perform'd

And back return'd again ;
Another and another smiling came,
And law our happiness unchang'd remain ;

Still in her golden chain
Harmonious Concord did our wishes bind;
Our studies, pleasures, taste, the same.

O fatal, fatal stroke.
That all this pleasing fabric Love had rais'd

Of rare felicity,
On which ev’n wanton Vice with envy gaz'd,
And every scheme of bliss our hearts had form'd
With foothing hope, for many a future day,

In one fad moment broke !
Yet O my soul, thy rifing murmurs stay,
Nor dare'th' all wise Disposer to arraign,

Or againft his fupreme decree

With impious grief complain. That all thy full-blown joys at once should fade Was his most righteous will, and be that will obey'd.


Would thy fond love his grace to her controul,
And in these low abodes of fin and pain

exalted soul
Unjustly for thy partial good detain ?
No rather strive thy grov’ling mind to raise

Up to that unclouded blaze,
That heav'nly radiance of eternal light,
In which enthron'd she now with pity sees
How frail, how insecure, how night,

Is every mortal bliss ;
Ev'n love itfe!f if rising by degrees

Beyond the bounds of this imperfect state,

Whose fleeting joys fo foon must end,
It does not too its fou'reign Good afcend.

Rise then, my soul, with hope elate,
And seek those regions of serene delight,
Whose peaceful path and ever open gate,
Nor feet but those of harden'd guilt ihall miss.

There death himself thy Lucy shall restore, There yield up all his pow'r ne'er to divide us more.



Making PART of an

EPITAPH on the fame LADY.

By the Same.


ADE to engage all hearts, and charm all eyes ;

Tho' meek, magnanimous, tho' witty, wise ; Polite, as all her life in courts had been ; Yet good, as she the world had never seen; The noble fire of an exalted mind, With gentle female tenderness combin'd. Her Speech was the melodious voice of Love, Her Song the warbling of the vernal Grove; Her Eloquence was sweeter than her Song, Soft as her Heart, and as her Reason strong ; Her Form each beauty of her miod express’d, Her Mind was Virtue by the Graces dress’d.

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OUD howls the storm! the vex'd Atlantic roars !

Thy Genius, Britain, wanders on its shoses !
Hears'cries of horror wafted from afar,
And groans of Anguilh, mid the lirieks of War !
Hears the deep curles of the Great and Brave,
Sigh in the wind, and murmur on the wave!
O'er his damp brow the fable crape he binds,
And throws his * victor garland to the winds ;
Bids baggard Winter in the drear fojourn,
Tear the dim foliage from her drizzling urn;

* Victor garland.--Alluding to the conquest by Lord Cornwallis.

With fickly yew unfragrant cypress twine,
And hang the dusky wreath round Honour's shrine.
Bids steel-clad Valour chace that dove-like Bride,
Enfeebling Mercy, from his awful fide;
Where long she fat and check'd the ardent rein,
As whirl's his chariot o'er th’embattled plain ;
Gilded with sunny smile her April tear,
Rais'd her white arm, and stay'd th’ uplifted fpear ;
Then, in her place, bids Vengeance mount the car,
And glut with gore th' insatiate Dogs of War !.
With one pale hand the * bloody scroll he rears,
And bids his Nations blot it with their tears ;
And one, extended o'er th' Atlantic wave,
Points to his Andre's ignominious grave!

And shall the Mufe, that marks the folemn scene, “ As busy Fancy lifts the veil between," Refuse to mingle in the awful train, Nor breathe, with glowing zeal the votive strain ! From public fame thaii admirarion fire The boldet numbers of her raptur'd lyre To hymn a Stranger?-and with ardent lay Lead the wild mourner round her Cook's morai; While Andre fades upon his dreary bier And + Julia's only tribute is her tear? Dear, lovely Youth! whofe gentle virtues stole Thro' Frieodship's softning medium on her soul ! Ah no!--with every strong refiftless plea, Rise the recorded days the past with thee, While each dim shadow of o'er-whelming Years, With glance reverted Eagle-memcry clears.

* Bloody scroll.---The Court-Martial decree, figned at Tappan, for Major Andre's execution.

Julia.The name by which Mr. Andre addreford the Author in his correspondence with her.

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