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Ah fatal Embassy '--thy hazard's dire
His kindling Soul with every ardor fire ;
Great Clinton gives it to the courage prov'd
And the known wisdom of the Friend he lov'd.

As fair Euryalus to meet his Fate,
With Nylus rushes from the Dardan gate,
Relentless Fate! whose fury scorns to spare
The snowy breast, red lip, and shining hair,
So polish d Andre launches on the waves,
Where * Hudson's tide its dreary confine laves.
With firm intrepid foot the Youth explores
Each dangerous pathway of the hostile shores ;
But on no Veteran Chief his step attends,
As filent round the gloomy Wood he wends;
Alone he meets the brave repentant Foe,
Sulains his-late relolve, receives his vow,
With ardent skill directs the doubtful course,
Seals the firin bond and ratifies its force.

'Tis thus AMERICA, thy Generals fly, And wave new banners in their native sky! Sick of the mischiefs artful Gallia pours, In friendly semblance on thy ravag'd shores Unnatural compact !-hall a Race of Slaves Sustain the ponderous standard Freedom waves ? No! while their feignd Protection spreads the toils, The Vultures hover o'er the destin'd spoils ! How fade. Provincial glories, while You run To court far deeper bondage than you

shuni Is this the generous active rising Flame, That boasted liberty's immortal name !

* Hidfon's tide. - Major Andre came up the Hudson River to meet. General Arnold. On return by Land he full into the hands of the Enemy.

Blaz'd for its rights infring'd, its trophies torn,
And taught the Wise the dire mistake to mourn,
When haughty Britain, in a luckless hour,
With rage inebriate, and the luft of pow'r,
To fruitless conquelt, and to countless graves
Led her gay Legions o'er the wellern waves !
The Fiend of Discord, cow'ring at the prow,
Sat darkly smiling at th' impending woe!

Long did my foul the wretched Atrife furvey, And wept

the horrors of the deathful day ; Thro' rolling Years saw undecisive War Drag bleeding. Wisdom at his irou Car; Exhaust my Country's treasure, pour


In fruitless conflict on the distant shore ;
Saw the firm Congress all her might oppose, :
And while I mourn'd her fate, rever'd ber Foes

But when, repentant of her preuder a in, She gently waves the long disputed clain ; Extends the charter with your rights And hides in olive wreaths the blood-itain a fword. Then to reject her peaceful wreaths, and throw Your Country's freedom to our mutual Foe! Infatuate Land!-from that detelted day Distracted Councils, and the thirft of Sway, . Rapacious A varice, Superstition vile, And all the Frenchman dictates in his guile Disgrace your Congrefs !--Juftice drops her scale ! And radiant Liberty averts her fail ! They Ay indignant the polluted plain, There Truth is scorn’dand Mercy pleads in vain.

That he does-plead in vain, thy witness bear,Accursed Hour!-Oh! darkest of the Year! That with Misfortune's d'eadliest renom fraught, To Tappan's Wall the gallant Andre brought Snar'd in her fatal. Maze, and borne away Of fell Revenge, in all its guilt the Prey !

Oh Washington! I thought thee great and gou, Nor knew thy Nero-thirit of guiltlets blood! Severe to use the power that Fortune gave, Thou cool determin's Murderer of the Brave ! Lost to each fairer Virtue, that inspires The genuine fervor of the Patriot fires ! And You, the base Abettors of the doom, That funk his blooming honcurs in the tomb, Th'opprobrious tomb your harden'd hearts decreed, While all he ask'd was as the Brave to bleed ! Nor other boon the glorious Youth implor'd Save the cold Mercy of the Warrior-Sword ! O Jark, and pitilefs! your impious hate O'er-whelmid the Hero in the Ruffian's fate! Stopt with the * Felon-cord the rosy breath! And venom'd with disgrace the darts of Death!

Remorseless Washingtop ! the day shall come
Of deep repentance for this barb'rous doom !
When injur'd Andre's memory fall inspire
A kindling Army with refiftless fire ;
Each falchion sharpen that the Britons wield,
And lead their fiercest Lion to the field !
Then, when each hope of thire shall set in night,
When dubious dread and unavailing Night
Impel your Hoft, thy guilt-upbraided Soul
Shall wish untouch'd the larred Life


itole ! And when thy Heart appalld and vanquilh d Pride Shall vainly ask the mercy they deny'l,

* As I suffer in the defence of my Country, I mutt consider this hour as the most gin" rious of


life. Remember that I die as becomes a British Officer, while the manner of my death mult or reflect disgrace on your

Commander,'' See Major Andre's lait words, inserted in the General Evening Post, for Tuesday November 14, 1780.

With horror shalt thou meet the fate they gave
Nor Pity gild the darkness of thy grave!
For Infamy with livid hand Mallshed
Eternal mildew on the ruthless head!

Less croel far than thou, on Illion's plain
Achilles, raging for Patroclus Nain!
When hapless Priam bends the aged knea
To deprecate the Victors dire decree,
The Nobler Greek, in melting pity spares
The lifeless Hector to his Father's Pray’rs,
Fierce as he was ;--'tis Cowards only know
Perfisting vengeance o'er a fallen Foe.

But no intreaty wakes the soft remorse
Oh murder'd Andre! for thy sacred Corse ;
Vain were an Army's, vain its Leaders fighs !
Damp in the Earth on Hudson's shore it lies !
Unthrouded welters in the wint'ry Storm,
And głute the riot of the * Tappan-Worm !
But Oh! its duft, like-Abel's blood, shall rise
And call for justice from the angry


What tho' the Tyrants, with malignant pride, To thy pale corse each decent rite deny'd! Thy graceful limbs in no kind covert laid, Nor with the Christian-Requiem footh'd thy shade ! Yet on thv grass-green Bier soft April-Show'rs Shall earliest wake the sweet spontaneous Flow'rs ! Bid the blue Hare-bell, and the Snow-Drop there Hang their cold cup, and drop the pearly tear! And oft, at pensive Eve's ambiguous gloom, Inperial Honour, bending o'er thy tomb,

Tappan.--The place where Major Andre was executed.

With folemn strains shall lull thy deep repose,
And with his deathless Laurels shade thy brows !

Lamented Youth! while with inverted spear The British Legions pour th' indignant tear! Round the dropt arm the * funeral-scarf entwine, And in their hearts deep core thy worth enshrine ; While my weak Muse, in fond attempt and vain, But feebly pours a perishable strain, Oh! ye distinguish'd Few! whose glowing lays Bright Phoebus kindles with his purest rays, Snatch from its radiant source the living fire, And light with + Veftal flame your ANDRE'S


* Funeral-scarf.-Our whole Army in America went into mourning for Major Andre, a diftinguish'd tribute to his merit.

+ Veftal flame.-The Vestal fire was kept perpetually burning, and originally kindled from the rays of the Sun.


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