Sidor som bilder
[blocks in formation]


OWN in a northern vale wild flowrets grew,

and lent new sweetness to the summer gale ; The Muse there found them all remote from view, Obscur'd with weeds, and scattered o'er the dale.

O Lady, may so Night a gift prevai!,
And at your gracious hands acceptance find ?
Say, may an ancient legendary tale,
Amuse, delight, or move the polish'd mind?

Surely the cares and woes of human kind, Tho' fimply told, will gain each gentle ear : But all for you the Muse her lay design'd, And bade


noble ancestors appear ;

She seeks no other praise, if you commend

great protectress, patroness, and friend.







land, stands very boldly on a neck of land

near the sea-shore, almost surrounded by the river COQUET, (called by our old latin historians Coqueda) which runs with a clear rapid stream, but when swoln with rains becomes violent and dangerous.

About a mile from the Castle, in a deep romantic valley, are the remains of a HERMITAGE; of which the Chapel is ftill intire. This is hollowed with great ele. gance in a cliff near the river ; as are also two adjoining appartments, which probably served for the Sacristy and Veftry, or were appropriated to fome other sacred uses; for the former of these, which runs parallel with the Chapel, appears to have had an Altar in it, at which Mafs was occasionally celebrated, as well as in the Chapel itself.

Each of these apartments is extremely fmall ; for that which was the principal Chapel does not in length exceed eighteen feet; nor is more than seven feet and a half in breadth and height : it is however very beautitifully designed and executed in the solid rock'; and has all the decorations of a complete Gothic Church or Cathedral in minature.


68 ) But what principally distinguishes the Chapel, is a {mall Tomb or Monument, on the south side of the altar ; on the top of which lies' a Female Figure extended in the mariner that effigies are usually exhibited praying on ancient tombs. This figure, which is very delicately designed, some have ignorantly called an image of the Virgin Mary ; though it has not the least resem, blance to the manner in wbich she is represented in the Romish Churches ; who is usually erect, as the object of adoration, and never in a poftrate or recumbent posture. Indeed the real image of the blessed Virgin probably stood in a small nich, ftill visible behind the altar: whereas the figure of a Bull's Head, which is rudely carred at this Lady's feet, the usual place for the Creit in old monuments, plainly proves her to have been a very different personage.

About the tomb are several other Figures ; which, as well as the principal one abovementioned, are cut in the natural rock, in the fame manner as the little Chapel itfelf, with all its Ornaments, and the two adjoining Apartments. What flight traditions are scattered through the country, concerning the origin and foundation of this Hermitage, Tomb, &c. are delivered to the Reader in the following rhimes.

It is universally agreed, that the Founder was one of the Bertrain family, which had once confiderable porsefiions in Northumberland, and were anciently Lords of Bothal Castle, situate about ten mile from Warkworth. He has been thought, to be the same Bertram, that endowed Brinkburn Priory, and built Brenkhaugh Chapel : which both stand in the same winding valley, higher up the river.

But Brinkburn Priory was founded in the reign of K. Henry I.* whereas the form of the Gothic win

* Tanner's Notitia Monaft.

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