Hudson-Fulton Celebration, September 25 to October 9, 1909: A Brochure for the Use of the Schools of the State

New York State Education Department, 1909 - 64 sidor

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Sida 37 - Soon shall thy arm, unconquered Steam, afar Drag the slow barge, or drive the rapid car ; Or, on wide-waving wings expanded bear The flying chariot through the fields of air...
Sida 30 - River! in this still hour thou hast Too much of heaven on earth to last; Nor long may thy still waters lie, An image of the glorious sky. Thy fate and mine are not repose, And ere another evening close, Thou to thy tides shalt turn again, And I to seek the crowd of men.
Sida 34 - And, lo ! the Catskills print the distant sky, And o'er their airy tops the faint clouds driven, So softly blending, that the cheated eye Forgets or which is earth or which is heaven...
Sida 37 - Having employed much time, money, and zeal, in accomplishing this work, it gives me, as it will give you, great pleasure to see it fully answer my expectations. It will give a cheap and quick conveyance to the merchandise on the Mississippi, Missouri, and other great rivers, which are now laying open their treasures to the enterprise of our countrymen.
Sida 6 - Westward they steered their tiny bark, Westward through weary weeks they sped, Till the cold gray strand of a stranger-land Loomed through the mist ahead. League after league they hugged the coast, And their Captain never left his post: "O Pilot, see you yet the strait that leads to the Eastern Sea?" "I see but the rocks and the barren shore; no strait is there,
Sida 37 - I left New York on Monday at one o'clock, and arrived at Clermont, the seat of Chancellor Livingston, at one o'clock on Tuesday — time, twenty-four hours, distance one hundred and ten miles. On Wednesday I departed from the Chancellor's at nine in the morning, and arrived at Albany at five in the afternoon — distance, forty miles, time, eight hours. The sum is one hundred and fifty miles in thirty-two hours, equal to near five miles an hour.
Sida 37 - ... off againe. Then we borrowed on the banke in the channell, and came aground againe ; while the floud ran we heaved off againe, and anchored all night.* The eighteenth, in the morning, was faire weather, and we rode still. In the after-noone our masters mate went on land with an old savage, a governor of the countrey ;. who carried him to his house, and made him good cheere.
Sida 30 - Loveliest of lovely things are they, On earth, that soonest pass away. The rose that lives its little hour, Is prized beyond the sculptured flower.
Sida 37 - As the success of my experiment gives me great hopes that such boats may be rendered of great importance to my country, to prevent erroneous opinions and give some satisfaction to the friends of useful improvements, you will have the goodness to publish the following statement...
Sida 41 - A Historical Inquiry concerning Henry Hudson, his Friends, Relatives, and Early Life, his Connection with the Muscovy Company, and Discovery of Delaware Bay.

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